I am trying to submit screenplays to Jada and Will Smith, but I am having trouble finding their agent ?

i would suggest you try the entertainment compnay part owned by Will - Overbrook Entertainment details of the company and their website in this article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overbrook_Entertainment

will and jada hosting the bet awards?

they will N0T be doin' it this year

has will & jada splitand if so when and why ?

y u no post in celebrities section?

What do you think of 10 year old Jaden Smith (son of Will and Jada) being the new Karate Kid?

I think another scientologist in the making.....out in the public eye getting ready to brainwash all of the little kids that will become his fans.

Does any one else find Will and Jada's kids names corny?

Actually, I think they're kind of cute. At least it's more original than using William Jr and Jade, or something. I like how Jaden is named after his mom and Willow is named after her dad. I think that's pretty creative. Anyway, as for the names themselves, neither is really my personal taste; Willow is a tad hippie for me and Jaden is a bit too trendy for my liking (along with Aiden, Braden, Caden, etc.), but I like that they were kind of named after their parents. PS at least their names are better than Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter), Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee's son) or Moxie CrimeFighter (penn jilette's daughter), or the majority of celebrity baby names that go way beyond corny.

Did Will and Jada Pinkett Smith split up?

No they didn't. That was just a rumor. Trey Smith even denied it on his twitter and Will and Jada's Rep addressed it and said it wasn't true.

where do the rumors of will and jada having an open relationship come from?

Apparently one of them (Jada?) joked in an interview that they'd do anything to make their relationship work, including an open marriage. The media, as usual, took it out of context and started saying they had an open relationship.

Jay-Z & Beyonce or Will & Jada? Which Celebrity Couple Do You Like More?

Will and Jada Jay z and Beyonce's relationship looks staged

Will & Jada let each other have sex with other people?

Will Smith is gay so yeah

Where did Will and Jada Smith shoot their 2008 Essence Magazine photo spread?

Maybe South Africa. I know they have property there.