Why does Ellen DeGeneres keep inviting Kris Allen on her show?

Don't be too mad.......... Ellen also had Adam Lambert on her show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTAweRNHKLo and Adam Lambert will be on her show again December 1st.

American Idol or Glee? Which do you prefer?

I prefer Glee im so over American Idol its just gotten old for me and all the right ppl always get voted off

Who will end up being the big success, David Cook or David Archuleta from Am. Idol?

I think David Archuleta is going to have a better career because he doesn't have to follow whatever the people from AI tell him to do for a year or more and he already signed a contract w/ Sony or something for like a million dollars for now. &&& and he has the AI contract for the tour. So, I think he is goning to have a better career. DAVID COOK MAINSTREAM!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA DAVID ARCHULETA=MASSIVE TEEN HEARTTHROB!!!! P.S. I didn't really care who won, I loved them both.

who are the top twenty nba players of all time?

no pete maravich ?...well..maybe your right..he's the greatest in college,pros is different. kobe is better than walt frazier lebron james is better than havlicheck

Do you think Lee will win American Idol?

If folks vote based on talent - then Crystal will win easily. If there is some other criteria for voting she might not.

Who coordinates WWE's matches??+E.W.A Episode 23 Results and rate!!?

Nice show here lol love the hotel part :D! Hardcoremania should be one hell of a show :D!

My mom is giving me a choice: go to the auditions or go to camp...Which should I go with?

Personally, if it were me, I would chose the military one. You're doing a good thing for other people plus it's something you want to do. If you ever see yourself going into the armed forces (not sure what they're called in Canada) it would be a great thing to do. However, if you don't really want to make that your future, you should do the other one since that would get you a job.

American Idol season 8 commercials?

i've only seen the David Cook, the one with terrible auditions and the Together one. sorry that's all i've seen :(

American Idol: My review of the Top 24 Guys?

I definitely agree that Jason Ledet will make it..he was given a standing ovation and there was a roaring crowd..I have no doubt that Jason will get voted though and that he is the best singer. I do like Colton Dixon and he should make it I like Heejun Han a little bit better and I would put Heejun Han in 2nd place and Colton Dixon in 3rd I love Jermaine Jones he sang this ''Dancing with my father'' wonderfully, he has a rich baritone voice but I wonder if he is a good fit for American Idol...I am absolutely sure he is a great artist but he would be a better choice on the voice or on America got talent and I believe he has a career in singing ahead of him. I do believe Jeremy Rosado is not bad..he has a good voice There were no bad singers at all. Eben for a 15 year old was good and he does not at all sound like Justin Bieber..He looks like a slim version of the boy who plays the kid in ''Two and a half men''. He reminds me of that boy who acts in two and a half men from looking at him..just slimmer and he has a good voice and he can sing..,as can all of them which is why the bar is really set high this year..there are simply no bad performances. Some people will like Deandre but I don't like it when a guy sings like a woman. It is a talent to do what Deandre does and he is a good singer but I like a guy to sing like a guy and a woman to sing like a woman and not sound like a man...but he can carry a tune and he is never out of pitch..so he is good even if it's not my cup of tea to hear high singing like that in a guy... Chase I like him and to me he does look like a young version of Blake Sheldon and not like the guy Steven Tyler looks like and he will be an ok country singer..he is a good looking guy but his performance was not that good..he will not get that many votes..but he could turn into another Blake Sheldon one day if he sang a bit deeper...he reminds me of him look wise..he is tall and he is a country kind of guy.. I believe Reed Grimm is good but for a 26 year old he often acts like a very immature guy when he talks or when he does other things apart from singing...He is an artist and he can play the drums ..and he can sing..he just has to have this weird expression on his face that I don't really care for..but he is definitely a great singer and a good drummer...as I say...nobody there is really bad...they are all good enough to deserve a career in music if they are passionate enough about it..this year those guys set the bar higher than it was last year...for sure and higher than it was for a while! x

Who is your Top 3 for American Idol Season 7?

David A, Michael Johns and after that it really doesn't matter. Maybe David Cook but I don't like his attitude.

Which American Idol winner has the best pure voice?

(Most of these weren't WINNERS) Blake Lewis!!! ♥ Carrie Underwood Kelly Clarkson Josiah (future winner) Chris Daughtry Fantasia Barrino

Laarni Lozada is the PDA Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer?

I like it that laarni won, if only to spite abs-cbn and those elitist and judgmental scholars (like inaki, bea and miguel) for the way they treated laarni the whole time! I have been pitying the girl since so i voted like a hundred times! Here's the honest word however. I dnt think laarni's talent is all that special. she doesn't even have that voice that i can mentally reconstruct in my silence. it's just not distinctive and the quality is just wanting. So she can belt. Big deal! So can most of the existing female singers! And she can't even do it well enough at this time.. Thing is, when she gets better and perfect her belting style, she will just be one of those belting divas whose glory have been short lived and have never figured into lucrative careers. Where is Dessa or Ella Mae Sayson now, for instance? Here's another problem with laarni: she has no star quality. Im not saying she's ugly, but she just doesnt have that star quality charisma that is a requisite of showbiz staying power. Sarah Geronimo is a good contrast, who, albeit not star-pretty, has that undeniable charm oozing off her... My prediction is this: Laarni's glory will last her two years tops for being commercially inviable. And I am being generous at that! Especially that she hasnt really seemed to have earned the liking of those cannibals in the network. Those people who will populate hell for being greedy and condescending. Let's just hope her emotional fits do not furthermore decrease her glory time as i have the impression that she will, in the course of her career, be fond of invoking a profusion of excuses for mistakes and/or poor exercise of discretion she will likely commit, which will of course be further reason for those who dont like her to not like her more. But thank God, she won! Feels like i've physically slapped the pda-abscbn people, and of course those humbug scholars like inaki, bea and miguel, to my visceral satisfaction!