I have a question about Twilight's New Moon?

In The Twilight Saga: New Moon what scenes do the songs play off the soundtrack?

All songs featured in movie from beginning to end..... Parking lot scene: Monster - Hurricane Bells Birthday scene: The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf Edward Driving Bella Home: Satellitle Heart - Anya Marina Break up scene: Roslyn - Bon Iver and St. Vincent Seasons Change/ Bella's Depression scene: Possibility - Lykke Li Bella asks Jessica to movies: I Belong to You - Muse Bella Rides Mortacycles in Port Angeles: Friends - Band of Skulls Bella turns radio off in Jacob’s garage All I Believe In - The Magic Numbers Bella Watches/Helps Jacob fix Moracycles 2nd time: Shooting for the Moon - Ok Go During FacePunch Movie Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnight Bella Goes to Emily's House: Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Mortacycle Victoria Being Chased/ Bella Cliff Diving/ Harry has Heart Attack: Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke Bella Drowns: Slow Life - Grizzly Bear In the elevator with the Volturi Die Fledermaus Being with Edward at the end No Sound but the Wind – Editors Bella & Edward together & theme song: The Meadow - Alexander Desplat Credit 2nd song: White Demon Love Song - The Killers Credit 3rd song: Meet Me in The Equinox - Death Cab For Cutie

The Twilight Saga:New Moon movie scenes/soundtrack match up?

Hearing Damage-Thom Yorke- Hunting the Wolves/Chasing Victoria/ Cliff Diving Possibility -Lykke Li- Months Passing/ Bella sitting in front of the window Monsters: Hurricane Bells- Bella Driving to school for the first time in the movie Shooting the Moon-OK Go- Building the Motorcycles with Jake Violet Hour- Sea Wolf- Bella Birthday Party Roslyn- Bon Iver & St.Vincent- The Breakup scene That's all I know for sure. Hope this helped. Good Luck

What songs were in the Twilight Saga New Moon but didnt appear on the soundtrack?

Soundtrack - Various Artists, The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Year: 2009)

The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack?

I love all the artists that were chosen to be on this soundtrack. The only thing I don't appreciate is all the prepubescent kids that are now going to listen to this music and make it popular. I like the bands I like because they're not mainstream sell-outs or very well known. This soundtrack and the ones that are going to follow it and the one that preceded it are going to present the featured bands with commercial success and therefore put more pressure on them to conform and make a more acceptable sound for their new audience. It's things like this soundtrack that kill good indie bands.

what songs are on the twilight saga new moon soundtrack?

1. Meet Me On The Equinox Death Cab for Cutie 2. Friends Band of Skulls 3. Hearing Damage Thom Yorke 4. Possibility Lykke Li 5. A White Demon Love Song The Killers 6. Satellite Heart Anya Marina 7. I Belong To You [New Moon Remix] Muse 8. Rosyln Bon Iver & St. Vincent 9. Done All Wrong Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 10. Monsters Hurricane Bells 11. The Violet Hour Sea Wolf 12. Shooting The Moon OK Go 13. Slow Life [with Victoria Legrand] Grizzly Bear 14. No Sound But The Wind Editors 15. New Moon [The Meadow] Alexandre Desplat

Songs like the ones on the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack?

oo i didnt kno bon iver had a song on there! :D anyways this is my personal list of songs feist-the water bon iver-skinny love city and colour-sometimes i wish fleet foxes-white winter hymnal revolver-this boy the coral- laughing eyes friendly fires- paris snow patrol- you could be happy matchbox20- bright lights lifehouse-broken anberlin- reclusion anberlin- impossible the fray- cable car paramore- misguided ghost whew done! took awhile remeberin them all but here ya go i hope you like them ^_^

The Twilight Saga:New Moon Soundtrack ?

Here's a list according to how they were played in the movie. (The above answer has all the songs correct, just not in play order) Monsters---Hurricane Bells--Bella driving to school & Edward walking towards her in parking lot. The Violet Hour---Sea Wolf--Bella's birthday party Satellite Heart---Anya Marina--Edward driving Bella home after party Roslyn--Bon Iver & St Vincent--Bella in her room, at school without Edward, & finding Edward in her yard. Possibility---Lykke Li--months passing for Bella I Belong To You(New Moon Remix)---Muse--Bella & Jessica's girls night out Friends---Band of Skulls--Bella on random losers bike All I Believe---The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam--Bella & Jacob fixing motorcycles...song playing when Bella turns off radio Shooting The Moon---Ok Go--Bella & Jacob fixing bikes with pizza toss. Done All Wrong---Bella at Emily's house Hearing Damage---Thom Yorke--Charlie & Harry hunting wolves, wolves chasing Victoria, Bella getting ready to jump Slow Life---Grizzly Bear--Bella drowning No Sound But The Wind---Editors--Edward driving Bella home after the vote A White Demon Love Song---The Killers--End Credits Meet Me On The Equinox---Death Cab For Cutie--End Credits

Where is each song on the Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack in the movie?

When will the offical Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack be released?

The official soundtrack wont be released until November 20 im assuming but you can go to Stephenie Meyer's website and hear the soundtrack that she would like to see in the movie. Here's the website.. http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/nm_playlist.html Hope you like it!