could the civil war be considered a perfect storm?

How may I view satellite loops in thier entirety of certain storms such as the perfect storm of 91, & katrina?

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Why is hurricane Ida the perfect storm?

Here are some possible explanations:

Was Ashton Kutcher in the helocopter in The Perfect Storm?

What did the movie The Perfect Storm remind you of when you saw the movie for the very first?

It's a true story and when I saw the real families of the real men who died at the movie premiere I cried.

What would be the conditions to form a perfect storm?

That "perfect storm" back in 1991, I think what happened was a low pressure system coming over from the midwest merged with a nor'easter, and that together merged with Hurricane Gloria.

Need help with The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger?

The Perfect Storm Study Guide consists of approx. 63 pages of summaries and analysis on The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger. Browse the literature study guide below:

Compare and contrast the tragedy Oedipus with the movie The Perfect Storm?

Since I don't recall any "Oedipal" relations (incest, love for the mother, wish to kill/killing the father...) in the movie that you could compare the tragedy to, I would assume that your teacher meant the sin of pride. Both Oedipus and the protagonist from the movie attepmt to go against "nature" and by thus, transcend their "rightful" place in the worldly scheme. Both (if I'm not mistaken, so does the protagonist in the movie) get punished for it.

How did the boat " Andrea Gail" from the movie the perfect storm move past the strong waves?

The movie The Perfect Storm is said to be based on a true story. Perhaps but it is the story of a fishing vessel that leaves harbour to never return. How can anyone know what has happened during that time? All we know of the Perfect Storm is that it happened, that a sailboat was rescued by the US Coast Guards and that a fishing vessel never returned to Newfoundland from the Great Banks. It was also registered an exceptional freak wave of, I think, 30 meters on one of the meteorological buoys in the north Atlantic. The fact that the fishing vessel sank in that wave is pure speculation. It might have gone down before that or even be at an entirely different place. I know this from a US Coast Guard helicopter pilot based in Puerto Rico. I even received photos taken from the helicopter of the sailboat named Mistral illustrated in the movie. But Hollywood has never been interested in historical accuracy. In any case, I have been on a French trawler in the Scottish sea in February and we experienced a storm with winds of hurricane force. The only thing to do is to keep the vessel nose in the waves with as little as forward speed as possible and ... wait.

What kind of fish are they catching in the movie The Perfect Storm?