What exactly is the patriot act, and is it government terrorism?

99% of what you have heard about the Patriot Act comes form people who have never read it for themselves. For example - most of the issues with the Act that people claim are unconstitutiona and 'taking away our freedoms' were nothing more than the application of law enforcement techniques used to fight organized crime being applied to terrorism. And it also removes the distinction between supporting domestic and international terrorism. Now - any act where you are knowingly assisting, providing financial assistance, false documents, or any kind of material resource to anybody planning to commit a terrorist act is illegal - no matter whether or not the act occurs in the US or not. Below is a link to the text of the Act. You should be able to scroll down and find the links to any topic that concerns you and read for yourself what the Act says (then compare this with what the people who are relying on rumor as a basis for their opinions say). It should be fairly easy for you to discover that most of the people criticizing the act have no clue as to what they are talking about.

How many Patriot fans knew the Colts were in the same division before?

I remember it well.... being the laughingstock of the NFL, for so long.... and yes, I recall the Colts being in the same division, before they reorgaized things... that 1-15 season still stings..

Who was the last Patriot to have mulitple 100 yard receiving games in the playoffs and in what season?

Deion Branch had two straight games with 100 receiving yards in the 2005 playoffs. in the AFC championship game at pittsburgh he had 4 rec., 116 yards and a TD. then in the super bowl vs the eagles he had 11 rec.and 133 yards. he had no TD but it was good enough to win him the super bowl MVP.

NFL: Why have the Patriots struggled on D as of the last few seasons?

the patriot ?

the french were on their side. not because they liked the amercans but they wanted revenge on britain. the americans forced the british to the seas at yorktown. the british thought they could escape by sea but the french had the best navy at that time and held the sea so the british had nowhere to run

Why do most Liberals still support Obama when he is the same as Bush?

The honest ones don't. Only the idiotic and the dishonest ones do.

What happened to the Jeep Trailhawk I heard about in 07? Did it ever become some kinda production model?

The Patriot?

He was a dispatch rider(messenger) carrying correspodence between American Generals in the field. He was considered a spy by the Dragoon Col. because he did not recognize the colonial army as an army and therefore although he was unioformed, he was not.

Did the patriot act help capture Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden?

How long was the Patriot Act?