How did other woman do on Provera?

I was on the Depo shot for 7 years and had no problems at all with it. However when they tell you it will take a year for you to become pregnant after coming off of it they're not always right. It only took me 6 months. If the discomfort persists I would definitely talk to the doctor and see if there is another alternative. What works for one person doesn't always work for another and you need to be happy with the solution.

I cheated on my wife and now the other woman is pulling a fatal attraction on me?

They always turn into psycho's , you should have thought of that before you stuck your p***s in another woman that is not your wife. I'm Just saying

How can I make my man go crazy for me and not want any other woman?

Every guy is different but for many guys: -the prostate- whether stimulated anally (if he's ok with that) or done my massaging it between the testicles and anus from the outside can be very stimulating to many men. -some guys find playing with their balls to be very stimulating. -some guys find playing with the skin (frenulum) just below the head, on the bottom of the p***s to be stimulating (mostly for cut guys); but overall it depends on the man.

How can a wife make her estranged husband chose to either divorce her or end affair with other woman?

A wife can't force her husband to love her-especially her estranged one. The question should be, why is she even putting up with this unnecessary mess? Let's break it down. He wants to be with the other woman-no if's, and's or but's about it. He won't file for divorce from his wife, or even make the effort to fix his marriage, but if served then he WILL sign. What gives?...He thinks he's a player and is apparently getting his way! He's living the luxury life in his world...He has a wife who after 2yrs of separating hasn't filed for divorce-so he's basically being allowed to have his fun elsewhere, but still has the option to come home if he chooses. He has zero consequences and he's milking it for all its worth. His wife needs to divorce him and fast. She needs to collect on that spousal support and child support. Then she needs to move on with her life, and focus on the well being of the kids. I mean seriously, who's thinking about them? Obviously he doesn't care for his family because a real man would put his family first. If he didn't want to be in the marriage anymore he should've simply divorced his wife, situate the children making sure they would be able to get through their parents divorcing, THEN, have fun on his own terms. Instead, he chose to not only hurt the woman he spent 15 yrs with, but his children, and another female's life because she's dating a man that she'll never have a future with considering he can't even divorce his wife! He's simply an irresponsible man whose priorities are nowhere but onto his own selfish self. He doesn't deserve to be called a father for what he's putting his kids through and he by no means is the ideal example of what a husband or possible husband should be. His ex-wife is only hurting herself and the kids. If it's been this way for 2yrs, there's no way that things can be solved w/out major therapy. If she really needs some hope besides the fact that she's proving to be a strong independant mother by divorcing his ass...I can guarantee once he see's the reality of his actions I'm pretty sure he won't be far from camping outside the house asking for forgiveness.

What is the song where the artist talks about being the other woman?

I think the song you are looking for is called "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" as performed by Zev Boim and Susan Boyle. .

Would a man recognise it if a bunch of other women started emulating one woman in particular?

Well Id notice. I think Id prefer the original as I would know who she is.

Why don't women insult each other's mothers the way guys do? Or do they? How would a woman defend her mother?

I insult people's mother. Males and females alike. My mother is of a questionable moral character, so I can't really say or do alot to defend her. I don't pull hair or bite. I punch people in the throat. Peace.

What does it mean if your husband is going to counseling with the other woman?

They aren't seeing a therapist.........he's still cheating on you with her. I've never heard of anything like that before. And IF they were seeing a therapist together, why aren't you allowed to the sessions to tell both her and your husband how you feel about the affair and how it has effected your marriage? And the therapist would be telling them both how wrong they were for having the affair.

What will you do if your husband really loves other woman?

It's all well and good for me to say to you WELL LEAVE HIM, but I sense your from another country and that women from your country have been brought up with different idea;s about marriage etc, for example as the people of India and eastern countries. If is not the case and your more westernised, then you will have the same sort of beliefs, which mainly is men do not own women. Even if you are from the Western side of the world, it's not really right to tell a person what to do. There's an old fashioned saying which is '' do not judge others until you walk in their shoes'' and if you think about that you will know exactly what it means. Yours is a very sad situation, for he has in your 23 years of married life betrayed you all through these years, and to say he stayed just because of the kids was a very cruel thing to say to you. Men can be so hurtful. Try not to be too hurt about that remark, for the truth it, he did not stay just because of the children, his fancy women were only out for fun, they would not have taken him on. For if he feels a woman is a husbands property, then so does he feel the same way about his kids. It is him that was not good enough, NOT you. As I have already said, we should not tell you what you should do, for if we do, we are going on our own feelings. Part of me wants to say leave him, and get as much money out of him as you can so that your future life can go on in at least financial comfort, but again I am not walking in your shoes. People that have been married for a long time, feel the pain much deeper than those that have only been married a few years. It's not just the pain of the person you love leaving you, its all those years you spent with that person, its the style of living that you have to loose too, all the hopes and dreams you put into that relationship, you feel he has stolen all those years from you, and he has. You have to move, children are involved, life changing things will happen to them too, new schools, losing old friends, things that should not be happening to them. The person that cheats not only hurts his partner dreadfully he hurts others too, namely his own children. I would suggest though that you do not rush or make him rush you into a situation, like telling you to leave the home, Go and get a solicitor or Lawyer and get good advice. You have not broken the marriage vow, so make him pay the price for doing that to you. Start going out with friends, if you have had any that is, I imagine the man pretty much governed all that you were allowed to do. But start at a college for something you would like to do, or something social like that, for then you will start to find new friends. Treat yourself to a totally new image, new hair style, change your style of clothes, all these things will build your confidence up. Don't rush into a new relationship too soon, you may feel that this will never happen because that is not what you want to do, but in time you may well want to settle down again, especially if you meet a man that shows you love and respect. Just take your time, get good advice. You will get over this hurt, but it will take time. Remember there is always light at the end of any tunnel. I wish you well and know eventually you will fine happiness again, which does not mean to say that will be via a man. Women today enjoy their freedom, they may be career minded, and they turn their lives to that. Just be you, enjoy finding the real you. This awful period in your life will not go on for ever - but don't be second best to him, he has treated you very badly. Good Luck !

Why do women get mad at the other woman when their partner is the one who cheated? Misguided Anger perhaps?

I would not get mad at the other woman...and have not all the times my ex-husband went out and about. I normally ended up friends with them just to torment him. Most were misguided and clueless about the fact he had an issue with the p***s. Men also use those lines about the wife being "frigid," "uncaring," "cheating," "bad house-wives," ect. ect. It is kind of cool to sit down with one of these women and discuss what the hubby said.