How do remove the entire glovebox in 92 Chrysler New Yorker, need to remove the blower motor?

I would say make a run to the parts store they will sell a repair manual for less than $10 and it will cover step by step removal and installation.

How to dress like a New Yorker in Florida?

Wear black capris and a black top. The capris are cooler than pants and have a more sophisticated look than shorts

How do i take out the whole headliner out of a 82 chrysler new yorker?

Remove the trim holding it in, drop it down, and remove it through a door opening.

Where can I get a specific copy of the New Yorker which dates back to 1997?

You can find copies of New Yorker Magazine cheap on eBay at Most libraries throw out magazines. Some may make copies though..not sure if they do that anymore.

My chrysler new yorker will not work in reverse gear?

sounds like your transmission is going out which means that needs to be taken to a transmission shop to be worked on. getting the transmission worked on is not a drop in the bucket and be prepared to drop some serious money just to get the transmission worked on. this actually had happened to me twice on the same car in just over a year and warranty had just expired but the trans. shop had went ahead and did the repairs as warranty.

chrysler new yorker will not start or turn over after accident?

There is a 'fuel shut-off' switch on the car somewhere. Call your local Chrysler dealer and ask him where it is. It is probably somewhere in the trunk.

What magazines or newspaper accept 1 panel cartoons in the New Yorker style?

Try a book called: Artist's & Graphic Designers Market 2008 (Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market) by Erika Oconnell. It is nothing but a huge book full of places to submit your work, including publications, and their submission requirements and contact info. The book runs about 20 bucks, but well worth the investment. You can always check your local library, they may have a copy :)

How much does a journalist for the New Yorker make a year?

why don't you ground your dream in a bit of realism before you want to know how much you might be making doing grunt work at an intellectually superior publication? grunt work is the same everywhere. the type of writer you are thinking of has a name, has a following, has a contract with the publication that does not just spell out how much s/he is paid, but what the magazine may and may not do to the writing, i.e. editing it. a grunt's work is never done and a grunt's work may be rewritten fifty times before it pleases - and then is spiked because room is needed for the star columnist's lengthier than usual article.

What is the best iterinary for New Yorker to spend a week vacation home?

You can add the Frick Collection with the Met and see all of the Vermeer's in N.Y.C. You can do the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Prospect Park all in on e day and perhaps stop for dinner or drinks in Park Slope or Prospect Heights. You can do a Central Park/Museum of Natural History day and go to a concert at Lincoln Center in the evening. Check out the Lincoln Center 1/2 price ticket atrium on Broadway. You can do the Aquarium/Cyclones Game and the beach at Cony Island. You can do the Tenement Museum and shopping on the LES and then stay for dinner at too hip for its own good restaurant.

How would the average male New Yorker dress like?

The real adult male New Yorker dresses however he wants to and doesn't give a crap what anyone else thinks of it. This is what distinguishes New Yorkers from people who recently moved to New York and are trying to create a stereotype so that they can fit into it. Sorry, but the idea that there's a "uniform" in a city of this size and with this diversity is simply silly, as is the idea that all New Yorkers have the same hobbies. I know people here who are sports fanatics, and people who couldn't even name the city's pro sports teams. I don't know whether that stuff is true of California; maybe it is. That, I suppose would fit the stereotype that I've heard for California, which is that people are superficial, cliquish, and extremely class-conscious. I've always believed that to be just a groundless stereotype, though. Seriously, don't worry about it. NYU has students from all over the world, embrace that and enjoy the city -- which has residents and visitors from all over the world. It's a melting pot, there's no need to conform to any standard.