What's the song that plays immediately after the Matrix reloaded ends? Right when the credits role?

Calm like a bomb http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YVYoTHSbJQ

How many people think the Matrix Reloaded and Revolution were unneccessary?

I totally agree with you, i loved the first one, and after that it all went down hill !!!!!!

In Matrix Reloaded, what song is being played when Neo fights off the army of agents with the pole?

Just off the top of my head, i think it might be by the Propellerheads... cant remember track name though.

Why did the end of Matrix Reloaded say "To be concluded" instead of Revolutions?

Dude, are you Stoned ? you kinda answered ur self !! Revolutions is the last one that's why reloaded said " to be concluded " !

In The Matrix Reloaded why does the architect create multiple versions of the matrix and the one?

The one is not a creation of the architect. He is a statistical anomaly occurring naturally within the Matrix that has the potential, as we can see in Neo, to be a significant threat to The Matrix and the machines. Understanding that this statistical anomaly is destined to cycle through the Matrix endlessly, possibly destroying it eventually, the machines create a scenario that allows for the existence of the anomaly, even nurturing its existence to an extent, by perpetuating the prophecy through each cycle of the Matrix. When the One selects his twenty-three people to start anew, the prophecy is handed down and the resistance carries it through until the next 'One' is discovered and awoken to lead the resistance and so on. Repeating the process over and over is, I think, best described as a necessary evil for the machines, making order within the Matrix possible.

Why does Smith want to kill Neo in Matrix Reloaded?

Because Neo is "The One" ----------------------------------

What is the name of the song playing during Matrix: Reloaded, during the car chasing scene on the freeway?

Mona Lisa Overdrive by Juno Reactor/Don Davis

Where can I find the full Matrix Reloaded movie?

dude thepiratebay.com get any movie enjoy

What car was driven by Morpheus during the freeway scene from matrix reloaded?

The only car that Morpheous is in during the entire scene is a Cadillac CTS, I believe is the model but definitely sure it is a Cadillac but he doesn't drive it he rides in the passenger seat.

In matrix reloaded what is the background music when Neo fights with the agent clones?

Hello, http://www.allthelyrics.com/lyrics/matrix_soundtrack/