Sometimes the speakers don't produce sound. Sometimes means: I happens maybe once or twice a month and once a?

Does anyone happen to know where I could buy the dress Kimbra wears in her music video 'Settle Down'?

What is the story behind Resident Evil?

Have Chelsea got Barcelona in the next round of the CL if they both progress?

What will happen when the Cons take over and discontinue my monthly shipment of cheese? What say you?

You might have to go to work. I know it's scary but lots of conservatives do it everyday

Do liberals not believe in "innocent until proven guilty" in the case of Zimmerman?

What happens in the hunger games mockingjay ?

List of events that happened during The Great Depression?

when you boil orange juice, you denature the enzyme responsible for oxidising vitamin c, whats happens now?

What happened after our Lord Jesus Christ conquered the enemy?

Why were these movements important during the AR?

The happening??

It is about a group of people who realize everyone around the world is killing themselves. I love Night and cant wait to see the movie. Wahlberg is proving himself to be a good leading man. here is the imdb link for a mre detailed description (as detailed as it gets with Night)

What is the best treatment for chronic pain?

What happens if you passed the initial part of SOF like BUD/s?

the happening?

Actually they did show everything in the movie that was on the previews. Thats just the problem though. The previews were better than that "god awful waste of a time movie." Dear M. Night, Please stop making movies that suck. you were on the right path with; the sixth sense, unbreakable, and ill even go so far as signs. But you've lost it. Your'e way too overpaid for putting out junk that a 4th grader can conceive and make into 2 hours of bad acting and horrible plot. You Suck. Your'e movies suck. Get a different job. Oh yeah, "I want my money back, you not talent douc*e bag."

The Happening ?

SPOILERS! SPOILERS! SPOILERS! The couple and child stay at and inside the house. The weird lady ends up wandering around outside and catches the toxin. She kills herself by smashing her head through a window--letting the toxin in the house. Husband retreats to the basement where he can hear his wife and the little girl in the spring house through a pipe. They decide if they are about to die, they want to die together and decide to meet out outside. Upon meeting outside--nothing happens. Enough people have been eliminated so the trees stop producing the toxic. The family ends up back together in Philly and the wife is now pregnant. Meanwhile we are shown news programs where it is being debated whether the "happening" was really the planet trying to punish mankind for polluting the earth or the result of some secret government program. The argument ends with if it was truly the planet, this toxin would be appearing other places. The last scene shows a park in France with two guys having a conversation. One becomes confused, people stop, walk backwards, the toxin has been released in France.

What ever happen to the ancient Egyptians?

Why have I been to able to see 3 planets in the sky for the past month?

What happened to all the clowns who thought Tottenham would finish above Arsenal?

What would happen if Romney attacks the Deep South for being religiously bigoted?

What happens to the colon if you don't expell the air during an air enema/air inflation?

After receiving a forward pass are you allowed to chuck the ball out of bounds?

What happens if I miss the court deadline for a speeding ticket?

What happens if you enter the united states after being in Europe for 2 years without a visa?

What are the chances of congress giving permanent residency to tps holders?

Why are today's celebrities fighting so hard for the gay agenda?

What has happened to the Yahoo Answers spell checker? It's telling me every word in this question, for?

What happens in secert life the episode tonight?

What happens to Jason Bourne after he swims away in the Bourne Ultimatum?

Do dreams reveal what's happening in the subconscious, or do they prepare us for the future?

What happen to the yahoo answers app on andriod?

what happen to the last 2 episodes of "the pretender" tv show?

I don't recall but I remember that show is was so good one of my favourite too bad it ended

Is there a difference in the inner entity who "makes decisions" and "lets things happen"?

Why was the UN building built?

I cannot access my Yahoo emails from the list in my inbox - can anyone help?

Since GAME UK is down What will happen to the money on my gift cards?

What happens when a movies budget is more than the box office?

What are webcam shows for adult that are offered by so many websites on the net?

Why do teen moms get offended at the truth?

How is a prosthetic arm connected to the body?

How does the lens of a tail-lamp filter out light that is not red? What happens to the other wavelengths?

What happened to the politics section on youtube?

The Young and Restless, what do you see happening here?

Why would people create the story of the Holocaust if it didn't happen?

Do you know anything about the possibility of an EMP happening and what are your thoughts...?

Why does my "back" button not work all the time. This has just started happening.?

Was there anything special happening with the moon on 25th of March 2012?

What are significant events happening in the France in regards to politics and economics?

why is it that weight loss doesnt seem to be happening in the stomach area?

What are significant events happening in the US in regards to politics and economics?