Looking for a movie made around 1970's mid to late, don't remember the name.?

Here's one possibility: Von Richthofen and Brown (1971) starring John Phillip Law, Don Stroud, Corin Redgrave, Hurd Hatfield, Stephen McHattie IMDb synopsis: World War I: an allied squadron and a German squadron face off daily in the skies. Manfred von Richtofen, the Red Baron, leads one, and, although one of his decisions cost the life of his predecessor, he expects his men to honor codes of conduct. The allied squad has similar class divisions: its colonel, an aristocrat, laments that men he considers peasants are now fliers, including a cynical and ruthless Canadian, Roy Brown, the squad's ace. As the tactics of both sides break more rules and become more destructive, the Baron must decide if he is a soldier first or part of the ruling class. He and Brown have two aerial battles, trivial in the larger scheme yet tragic. Here's a clip from the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxWHdFAW2jI&feature=PlayList&p=9D55B24BD0B763FA&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=65 Someone already beat me to the others I was going to suggest. I was collecting information for each of these: Aces High (1976) starring Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer, Simon Ward, Peter Firth, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard, Richard Johnson, Ray Milland IMDb synopsis: A naive young officer straight from school arrives on the Western front to fight the air war against the Germans. However, the life expectancy of green pilots is not very good. Someone made a music video with clips from the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAhs9AVWihs "The Blue Max" is an older film than these but also has to do with aerial battles of WWI. I haven't seen this films for such a long time that I can't recall the scenes you describe.

Video project on the great gatsby?

Start with Nick moving to West Egg and make it evident that his cousin is Daisy. You then would want to introduce Gatsby, get the scene where Gatsby meets Daisy at Nick's house, include one of the parties, and show conversations with Nick and Gatsby. You need to include a scene where Daisy goes to Gatsby's by herself and also a scene with her and Tom and their "shallow" friends. Leave it open that he dies at the end of the book - instead show the death of Tom's mistress. You basically want to establish Nick's credibility, his relationship to both Daisy and to Gatsby, to show that Gatsby has dreamed of Daisy all of his life and illustrate Daisy's shallowness and that Gatsby's dream was gone the minute he left Daisy and went off to war. Once he got everything he thought he'd need to win her back, the dream was already gone.

Video project on the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald?

party scene, car speeding scene, gatsby yelling about how he can live in the past whatever that quote is btwn him and nick, and if you have access to caution tape or something you could do a bit of a police scene from the end

How can i watch the Great gatsby?

haha..i'm reading it in class too. We watched a couple parts of the movie in class. Its not that bad. Try youtube, or renting the movie at your library. Its a really really old movie made in like the 1970's so i highly doubt you'll find it anywhere online.

I have a project on The Great Gatsby and I was wondering if anyone knew a really famous scene from the novel?

The car wreck at the end of the novel. I haven't read that book it 4 years, but it that part at least has some action.

Website that has a schedule of trailers being released soon?

IMDb.com it's pretty awesome. heres an exact link to the movie youre referring to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1343092/

The great gatsby !!!!!!?

l think the 1974 version is on parts on youtube, not that great, but Paul Rudd did a verions for TV that was good-but hard to find. l am not thrilled about the new one, Leo no way!!

where can i see movie trailer of 'The Great Gatsby'?

The Great Gatsby (1974) http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1008799-great_gatsby/trailers/10904935 The first film The Great gatsby was on 1949. other movie adaptations: 2000 and 2012, wherein the casts are Leonardo Di Caprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. Or maybe you're talking about Teaching The Great Gatsby (1991) - complete lesson plans and discussion questions and homework assignments. I can't find any trailer of it.

Can someone help me find the official trailer for the Great Gatsby?

not sure which edition your talking about so here is a link from YAHOO MOVIES that lists all the GREAT GATSBY MOVIES MADE with Trailers. Help your self. (there is only like 4 or 5 movies) http://movies.yahoo.com/mv/search?fr=ush-movies&toggle=1&cop=&ei=UTF-8&p=The+Great+Gatsby Hope this helps!

Songs/Soundtracks for The Great Gatsby Trailer?

Are you in Cascio? Lol. i have one....Hanging by the Moment