Who is the worst dictator that is friendly with US?

That is dependent on your own political persuasion. Some might say it's the Queen of England. Others might say it's Putin. Neither are dictators - though both would appear to remain heads-of-state until their deaths. I tend to say we are too friendly with Fiji. (The Saudi royals are a monarchy, not a dictatorship - even North Korea has an "elected" head of state).

What's a good wordplay on Caesar the dictator and Caesar Salad?

1. Salad Days are Here Again. 2. Lettuce Have Romaine. (<-like the sound, pun of this fun one) 3. I'll have a salad back. 4. E tu, ready for salad? 5. Don't Use a Knife on this Salad. 6. There's ivy on the top of this salad. Okay, things seem to be getting worse from this side. <- (that's too long) Kidding. Meant to sign off now. Good luck dictating. Watch your back.

What is an example of a dictator who lost his power because of a rebellion or something from his people?

James I (England) Louis XV (France) Getulio Vargas (Brazil) Czar Nicolas II (Russia)

Why are there so many dictator types in the Middle East?


How can I become a Dictator like the Führer?

Try a noose and a ceiling fan. I'm sure they'll help you get there somehow.

What will the US do if an Iraqi dictator overthrows the Iraqi government right after the US leaves Iraq?

Who knows, this all has to voted on by congress before any troop movement can be sanctioned. Given the current state of affairs I'd say it would be no.

Why do I keep seeing different news outlets spelling the Libyan dictator's name differently?

It's because the stylists used Hooked on Phonics. That's right, the media and the governments around the world use their own standard when describing things. It goes beyond Arabic to English, but does include it. A style book, such as the AP Style Book, is a quick way to keep all the reporters and spies in line with the people they work for. Just as the KGB didn't need to use the CIA's style system, one newspaper doesn't have to use the same system as another newspaper.

Is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo good for her country of a dictator on the rise?

Seems to be a feature of Phillipino politics. Someone once made the point that there are a handful of families that have ruled the Phillipines over the years. More or less an ongoing feud. She may or may not wind up as a dictator. She may get run out of office. That seems to happen as well.

Who does George Soros want as the One World Govt Dictator?

I am sure that this is something that George Soros has never given a thought to. Glenn Beck's mental illness has nothing to do with reality. Your willingness to buy into it shows signs of great gullibility. I find no reference to his being "banned" from any country outside the right wing propaganda sites, so I would assume that he is free to travel anywhere he wants. You may have him confused with Dick Cheney who must be very careful as to his foreign travel since several governments are interested in talking to him about his approval of the use of torture when he was the de facto president during the Bush administration.

How does the market undergo corrections if there is a chance that in the depression a dictator can emerge?

It can't its impossible mark k

What is the life expectancy of a dictator?

It really depends on how much the people are willing to take. Like Cuba, they have been under a dictator for a long time. I am sure there are many more.

What is the difference between an emperor and a dictator?

An Emperor's lineage is much like how Western European royal lines work, passed down through the family. The powers they have are defined by the laws of the nation. Some might have absolute power, while others, like HIM Emperor Akihito of Japan is just a figurehead with little real power. A dictator is someone who took power of a nation by force, and rules it by that force with totalitarian power. Lineage is not really defined, because most dictators don't usually want to "pass down" anything. Logically it might go to a family member or trusted subordinate, but after dictatorships fall, the country usually goes to hell anyway.

Is the financial meltdown the result of the Dictator Dumbya Big Lie Iraqi Crusade cash hemmorage?

No, it's not the exorbitant amounts going to Iraq. It was piss poor financials decisions, especially in housing starting with Crater, made worse by CLinton & brought home to roost by Franks, Dodd & a host of other long time democrats seeking to pad their own wallets & their cronies.

In world war 2 Who was the new dictator, and what did he believe was needed?

World War 2 dictators... Axis: Adolf Hitler, German Fuhrer (1933-1945)... committed suicide. Karl Donitz, 2nd German Fuhrer (1945)... surrendered to the Allies. Benito Mussolini, Italian Il Duce (1922-1943)... Removed by King Victor Emmanuel III, German Puppet in Northern Italy (1943-1945)... shot by Italian partisans. Philippe Petian, Vichy French Leader (1940-1944)... deposed by popular uprising and Western Allied liberation of France. Hideki Tojo, Japanese Prime Minister (1941-1944)... hung December 23, 1948 for war crimes. Kuniaki Koiso, Japanese Prime Minister (1944-1945)...died in prison in 1950. Kantro Suzuki, Japanese Prime Minister (1945)... Surrendered to the Allies Allied: Joseph Stalin, Soviet Premier (1922-1953)... died in 1953 Chang Kai-shek, Chinese Nationalist (1930-1975)... died 1975 Mao Zedong, Chinese Communist (1943-1976)... died 1976 Josep Broz Tito, Yugoslav Guerrilla (1941-1945), President of Yugoslavia (1945-1980)... died 1980 Neutral: Francisco Franco, Spanish Fascist (1939-1975)... died 1975.

Is the promise of heaven worth being constantly fearful of a supernatural dictator?

Perfect... I like the way you think. You know I'm gonna steal it and pass it off as my own one day, yeah? Christopher Hitchens compares 'heaven' with a celestial North Korea at 4:02. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0wu6xXZNMI ~

How long does it take a dictator?

a pre-requisite for a dictator to take over is that there be a general state of chaos and unrest in society, so ppl become desperate and turn to their "savior".

What dictator should I do my research paper on?

Barack obama

Anyone else besides me feel that the movie The Dictator is a disgusting & tasteless Movie?

Could America benefit from a dictator for say 10 years or so?

Only if its under the yoke of my tyrannical hooves.

Why is Obama against the Egyptians using Riots to overthrow a dictator?

Because he doesn't want people to be hurt in a violent revolt. Also, I have no idea why they'd listen to Obama.

What are some occasions where the government has gone against the dictator in power?

United States congress in 2010 went against president Obama when Republicans scored a large majority in the House of Representatives.

How much did it cost Americans to buy the newly minted dictator Harper of yes sir?


How long was Julius Caesar dictator of Rome before he died?

Julius Caesar was dictator of Rome for only about a year. He was declared dictator for life in 45 BC and was assassinated in 44 BC. However he was big man on campus for a few years before that so one could make the argument he was dictator for at least 4 or 5 years.

What advantages does a dictator have over democratic governments?

They can act more quickly. They don't have to wait for a vote. Unless they want to, they don't have to wait for discussions or arguments before making a decision. They are not subject to public opinion. This can be good if the public is superstitious and uneducated. This can be bad if the dictator doesn't know any more than the public.

If a dictator is massacring his own people, should the international community respond?

The UN would get involved. Especially if the country is using their military to attack their own people. This is actually what happened in Egypt and the other countries in the middle east. z

What should i go to School for if I dream about being a dictator?

Then become a dictator, you are the master of your dream(s).

How do you get the titles surgical, dictator and perfectionist in Modern Warfare 2 (xbox 360) ?

Its the whole clip, not the whole magazine. Try doing it all stealth-like. Silence your weapon and run around behind the enemy team and put just enough rounds into a person to kill them. Perfectionist is the easiest - do it with the Intervention - only 5 shots.

What is the difference between a dictator and an emperor?

An emperor rules over an empire, a collection of conquered countries, and a dictator usually rules over a country, a la Fidel Castro- though an emperor can be, and mostly is, a dictator. Mostly a matter of size.

How is praising an egomanical dictator for eternity NOT Hell?

Rivers answer was hilarious. I have wondered about this for quite sometime myself. Why ever worship the creature described in the bible? He is a total d-bag. And why would a god need to create people to worship him, how pathetic. But christians would never critically analyze god, that is a automatic trip to hell!

What do you call a person that wants to become a dictator?

What country should I become dictator of?

I believe Somalia is looking for one.

Would the movie "Dark Shadows" be good for a first date?

why do cons call obama a dictator when he has not rammed a bill through congress and has actually tried for?

So he is an incompetent dictator, no excuse.

Why did that fascist dictator Obama change his speech to the students?

Anyone who calls him a fascist in the first place has no idea what the definition is.

Is calling Ahmadinejad a dictator the same as calling him a racial epithet?

NO. don't presume to know what someone else really means.

How come the Libyan dictator is blaming Al-Qaeda for the rebellion?

It's just like after Trotsky was exiled out of the Soviet Union, then Stalin blamed Trotsky or the West or Hitler (whenever it suited) for things that had gone wrong in Russia. The only problem is, this doesn't work nowadays when the media are so prominent even in the most regulated countries. He's getting desperate...

What is the definition of a communist dictator?

an unelected leader of goverment that clings to power and oppresses people with communist ideologies.

If Paris Hilton was the evil dictator in a foreign country threatening the USA, would we survive an attack?

You know what, we might not. She's not as stupid as she seems!

What are the similarities between the Pope and a Dictator?

-They hold supreme power over their people -They can remove anyone who challenges them -They have a tendency to cover up any wrongdoing on their part -They hold power for life -They are usually considered to be a larger-than-life person, despite the fact they are human -They often use religion to spread their agenda (although the pope's agenda IS religion) -They often kill opposing factions that's what I came up with off the top of my head

Where can I find information on Nicaraguan dictator Samosa?

try google,ask,wikipedia.

How does art created for a dictator differ from art created for a freely elected leader?

Art created for a dictator has only one purpose: it is to present the dictator's policies in such a way as to impress or seduce the viewer into accepting them. In a free society, art has many "purposes" (or no purpose at all), self-expression being one of the main ones. Propaganda art is often inferior in artistic values and creativity--look at some of the crap that was produced in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. This is not always the case, as you would see in the revolutionary and Napoleonic paintings of David. But the artistry in these cases is always secondary to the propaganda. Also, you almost never get anything daring and new in propaganda art.

How long before our new dictator allows only one political view point to be expressed?

Yawn. Oh, did you think this was an original idea? Why not follow it up with an "Obama is the Anti-Christ question" and really go for that lack of originality.

Did the Russian revolution replace a dictator with a dictator?

Lenin became the leader after the Russian revolution. Not Stalin. Stalin took over after Lenin died and consolidated his power. But yes, the Bolshevik Revolution was nothing more than a power grab by another group that wanted power. But that is how it is throughout history.

If a dictator today wanted to start a religion by printing 50 copies of a book what would you think?

I think that's what the CEO of Goldman Sachs is doing.

How can you or anyone disarm and remove a dictator from power?

Overwhelming military power.

How do I become a Dictator when I grow up?

Why wait until your grown up?

Who would you consider to be 5 of the most "addicted to power" dictators?

Did you watch "The Dictator" yet?

In the dictator, in the scene with the fake aldeen, who is the girl in the thong?

How much male nudity is there in "the dictator"?