Im going to the army soon and just found out i have bad debt, will i be kick out?

If you have any type of security clearance, I would recommend telling them about it. As long as you tell them and explain it just showed up, it shouldn't be an issue.

The national us-debt has reached $15 trillion today!?

That is one of the consequences of an economy only growing at 1.5%-2.5% GDP and 9% unemployment. Spending is only half of the equation in a budget deficit. Even if spending remained at the same level, or was reduced, if revenues produced are reduced at a greater rate, it would still result in Treasury needing to issue enough debt, to cover the deficit.

Is there a way for me to transfer debt to another person?

Unless you have a written loan agreement or IOU, you just gifted the money to this person.

Why do Republicans suddenly think the economy is great?

Who exactly are you talking about? The only republican that isn't an idiot is Ron Paul and he has a plan to cut 1 trillion $ in spending in his first year in office and wants to phase out the federal reserve.

Is it common for a child to pay off the debt of a parent?

I have alot of debt. Can I still join the Air Force?

Why doesn't our government do what they should have done all along to solve the debt problem?

What message should America's liberals take from the Greek debt crisis?

What major country has the largest national debt?

GDP is not a measurement of equality. In Japan when the economy is doing badly the people are doing better.

The SOL has passed, can the debt still be resold to collection agencies?

nothing will happen, you have to ask for validation that the debt exist, if you don;t they will keep seling it