everytime I try to play a game on yahoo..the page closes?

how do i boost the wifi signal on my xbox 360 slim without purchasing extra stuff?

How may I get a High School Record if the School is closed for years ?

Contact the dept of education in NYC. Normally, when a school closes, the records need to be filed elsewhere, and the Dept of Ed can help you locate them. If the records were in a fire, I'm not sure what they can do for you, but it's worth it to ask. If worse comes to worst, she may need to sit for the GED exams. But don't go there yet - try the Dept of Ed first.

If we were 20 miles closer to the sun, would we exist?

I have 1990 Ford F150, and I went out to start it, afterwards I noticed water running from the motor.?

most likly a colent leack maybe one of the hoses

What colleges/universities are on the West Coast close to the ocean? Including Oregon and California.?

why is the "listed price" lower than the closing price?

For Red dragon & Samantha is closer to the Edge: HAPPY BIRTHDAY guys!!?

The closest thing you have to your left will be your weapon against a zombie invassion.?

The little kiddie ding-a-ling zombie categories/forums/websites all went that-a-way <<<---------------------------<<<<<<

Do the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies over pay players? Is the gap on skill closer than the payroll shows?

I believe the skill gap is much narrower among the teams than the payroll gap is. The high payroll teams do often get better players (and sometimes major busts), but they're not teams of supermen who dominate every small market team. That's why it's possible to have post seasons like this one where all the large market teams have been eliminated. It just doesn't happen most of the time. Money can't buy a championship, but it can sure improve the odds a helluva lot.