Does anybody Remeber The Care Bears Movie?

yes my cousins have the dvd reminds me of spain

I don't know whether I should study neurosurgery or go to see the care bears movie?

Care Bears all the way.

Which One: The Care Bears Movie or A Troll In Central Park?

i love the care bears movie!!!!! i pick that one.

Care Bears movie....pig character with a peg leg?

Well, in the Care Bears Movie, they find the Care Bear cousins (which are basically other animals like a raccoon and elephant,etc.). One of the care bear cousins was a pig. I think his (or her?) name was True Heart Pig. I know that may not be the answer to your question, but maybe that's what you were thinking of....? Try looking over the Imdb site for the Care Bear movies and try asking on the message boards down at the bottom to see if fans might remember.

Care Bears movie question?

Well, you might want to consider the latest Care bears Movie "Oopsy Does It". Go here to help with your conundrum

Care bears movie/episode? I can't find it!!!! HELP!?

try here:

What would you say if the Care Bears Movie used South Park humor and toilet language and violence?

i'd laugh

When is the new Care Bears movie coming out? Will it be in 3D?

let me get this straight first of all their still making Care Bear movies? Didnt that go off the air in like 1982

What is the name of the Care Bears movie that has the guy who turns into a fox?

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation i think :)

In the 90's there was a Care Bears movie that involved the Care Bears helping a little girl find her place?

The Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland