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I love the Beatles. They are my life, my love, my everything. First of all, I think they had adorable personalities when the band first started out. It makes me smile to watch their interviews and see the sly comments that they underhandedly make. I love their hair, their clothes, their music. It's all excellent. My favorite music of theirs was oddly from the early days. I know I am somewhat alone in this, but I am a major sucker for love songs. Not that they didn't have GREAT love songs later on (a prime example is JULIA, I love that one!) but I enjoy the more poppy early songs. From their early standpoint, they were still extraordinary but once they got into their so-called "drug phase" they had some crazy revolutionary stuff. "RAIN", for example (my favorite song) is sort of what started the whole backwards music thing. I love that. It's insane also that the music video for RAIN was sort of the basis for MTV. woah. Watching the careers of later rock and roll bands, it is apparent to me that without the Beatles, they probably wouldn't have existed. Example: the Rolling Stones! Their career was started when the Beatles lent them "I Wanna Be Your Man". That is mind blowing, actually. Another thing I love about them is the way they dressed. They wore such interesting patterns and colors and ideas. It was as if their minds were on the outsides of their bodies as well as on the inside. Pretty rad. The psychedelic clothing is my personal favorite, but I also think their early suits were pretty darn classy. Another thing I love is that they are clearly timeless. Everyone knows and respects the Beatles for the most part. You will get very people who really know music that disagree that the Beatles were the best band of all time. The fact that they and covers of their music are still winning grammys these days is sheer proof of their success. Each of them had (and has, in the case of Ringo and Paul) a winning solo career. They have all achieved many things as far as solo careers go, and they all released pleasing material and good ideas. Their activism is inspiring too. All four boys stood up for what they believed in at all times, it seems. They all fought for radical causes, and were very open-minded for the time period in which they became famous. Paul McCartney's continuing support for PETA, the ONE campaign and the fight to save Canadian seals are all very inspiring. Even though it is unfortunate that the Beatles had addictions to drugs and alcohol, I think it is really cool that they overcame these things and all eventually became faithful husbands and fathers. All of their children have gone on to do great things, and mostly they have been responsible for their own help without their fathers' help. I like the fact that from what I can tell, all four of the boys seemed very personable and down-to-earth. It seems like if you were to approach them, they would not take it lightly. Even reading interviews with Paul McCartney and the people that have met him today, it seems like he is a great guy. Supposedly he'll just strike up conversations with random people, and act like he is your best friend. He traveled the country last summer with his girlfriend and stopped at normal little places and gas stations all along the way, and acted like a normal guy. How cool! Above all, I love that the Beatles aren't perfect. They left the flaws in their music, and in themselves for all the public to observe. I think this is quite inspirational because it goes to show that you can become famous for your talent, despite your flaws. Today, so much music is electronic and can sound perfect no matter how awful it would be without effects. The Beatles were just themselves, and had very minimal "new age" recording equipment. And they are still awesome. I love them. I am sure any other band will never mean so much to me :)

the Beatles???????


the BEATLES...?

As Paul walked off stage at The Staple Center a few years ago, I was on the side of the stage and gave him a thumbs up. He looked right at me and gave me a thumbs up back. Ringo is probably easier to meet than Paul.

The beatles?

I was like you were a few years ago. I didn't think the Beatles were so great, and I didn't know why everyone else did. I bought The White Album about three years ago and I fell in love. Their music is SO much better than what's on the radio today. Most good current bands sight the Beatles as a major influence. All of the albums that I've heard are great. I'd recommend "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", it is their most commercially successful album. My personal favorite is "Rubber Soul". Some people might recommend "1", their greatest hits album, but you don't get the same feeling as you do with an album. I hope that you will learn to enjoy them, they are definitely worth the time. peace, meredith

The Beatles ?

Let it be. All time favorite of mine. I've also been hooked on The End recently too. Revolution #9 always freaks me out...but in a good way. That song is a conspiriter's dream..

the beatles?

Well, "The Beatles 1" would give you a good selection of their #1 hits. Track Listings 1. Love Me Do 2. From Me to You 3. She Loves You 4. I Want to Hold Your Hand 5. Can't Buy Me Love 6. A Hard Day's Night 7. I Feel Fine 8. Eight Days a Week 9. Ticket to Ride 10. Help! 11. Yesterday 12. Day Tripper 13. We Can Work It Out 14. Paperback Writer 15. Yellow Submarine 16. Eleanor Rigby 17. Penny Lane 18. All You Need Is Love 19. Hello Goodbye 20. Lady Madonna 21. Hey Jude 22. Get Back 23. The Ballad of John & Yoko 24. Something 25. Come Together 26. Let It Be 27. The Long and Winding Road But if you want a more classic or "pure" experience, my favorite is Abbey Road, -- what used to be called "the B side" (Tracks 7-17) is an amazing ride... 1. Come Together 2. Something 3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer 4. Oh! Darling 5. Octopus's Garden 6. I Want You (She's So Heavy) 7. Here Comes the Sun 8. Because 9. You Never Give Me Your Money 10. Sun King 11. Mean Mr. Mustard 12. Polythene Pam 13. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window 14. Golden Slumbers 15. Carry That Weight 16. End 17. Her Majesty In truth, you can't go wrong with any CD you choose. Enjoy!

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They are still on the radio at times. I find it hard to believe too that people do not know who they are, especially people who play music who are not familiar with their music. How can you not be?


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