What is the Amazing Spider-Man Shipping Cycle?

It should take about 1-3 days comics from spiderman..etc come from marvel hq thats in newyork and the days it should come on monday,wednesday,and friday can i plz have the 48 hr trial send me it in a message

how often does "the amazing spider man" come out?

1 per 3 week

What Is the difference between The Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man

I think ultimate spider-man is the new series of spider-man and the Amazing spider-man is just old school spider-man.

does anyone know where i can find the amazing spider-man comics?

thats alotta comic books ebay?

Is the Amazing Spider-man comic book series still thrice monthly?

Yes it is. I'm not sure why you dislike the 3 times a month format, I think it's great. But in any case, #600 is a stand alone issue, so you're not under any obligation to buy beyond that.

Will an unabridged copy of the amazing spider-man issue one gain any value?

What do you mean by "unabridged?" Only the original issue from 1963 is worth any serious money. The one you got is probably worth $5.

What's the difference between the new "The Amazing Spider-Man" reboot and 2002's "Spider-Man"?

Essentially the reboot will be closer to the comics. 1. The reboot will have mechanical web shooters like in the comics. 2002's had organic webshooters. 2. Mary Jane won't be in the reboot. Instead Peter's love interest will be Gwen Stacy, his first love interest, and who after Uncle Ben probably had the biggest effect on his crime fighting career. 3. It doesn't appear to have Harry Osborn in it either 4. Villain will be The Lizard. His alter ego appeared in Spider-man 2. 5. J Jonah Jameson isn't in the film either. Jonathan the remake will not be made by Disney, it will be made by Sony like the others. While Marvel may be owned by Disney these days, they do not have the film rights to Spider-man. On top of that Disney does not make the movies themselves, Marvel Studios does.

How long to you think it would take for me to finish amazing spider-man?

Im in the same spot as you :D I'm trying to catch up to issue 544. Currently I'm on issue 36. I read about 2 issues a day so it should take me about 254 days to finish. You don't have to read all of them to know what goes on in the issues being published now. If you start with issue 525 which is right before Civil War, then you should be caught up with things that have happened over the last 5 and a half years.But if you are a hardcore fan like me then read every issue.

What should I get into Amazing Spider-Man or Red Robin?

Red Robin. You can read the backstory about Tim Drake on wikipedia. When you read Spider-Man, it's about Peter Parker and he will always be Peter Parker and he will always be Spider-Man. Red Robin, on the other hand, started out as Batman's sidekick Robin, he is now his own hero and one day he will become Batman. In fact, he may even become the best Batman there ever was or will be. Even Bruce Wayne/Batman has said this.

What is the easiest way to read all the amazing spider-man comics?

You could go to wikipedia if you just want to know the big parts of a characters history and attributes; however, wiki can sometimes have wrong information because anyone can add to it. It would also be a bad idea if you actually want to read the stories. Given this, I would suggest getting an online subscription that would allow you to read whatever you want for a decent fee; though, I'm not sure where you would find that. Also keep in mind that graphic novels often put together compilations of the more important issues for a specific character or story line. Try the Essential Spider-Man volumes if you go this route. It's every issue from start to finish.