So what do you think???

I think Chris likes you too. He seems to like you very much due to his actions that are executed to gage your responses. If you're content with your boyfriend, then I'd suggest making that ridiculously clear to Chris. If you feel that Chris and you could manifest into something more than what you have with your boyfriend - I'd suggest giving Chris a shot before he falls in love with another girl. Lost love stories are always tear jerkers, don't let yourself become a main character in one of those.

Would you read this book? (Need Titles DESPERATELY)?

Hm... I dunno what teh title should be, but it sounds pretty awesome. And I bet I would read it

Please please please help!! need inspiration?

Whatever you do, try to think outside the box.. because there are soo many vampire novels out there, yours really has to stand out and be original for people to like it. Try to just clear your mind, sleep on it, don't think about it for some time. After a day or two, come back to it, and look at it with fresh eyes (and mind) and get back to work =) Hope that helps Good luck! =)

Can you proof read my Paragraph?

David Archuleta was raised in a musical atmosphere. His father plays the jazz trumpet, and his mother is a singer. At age seven*,* David began to sing. As he got older*,* his voice began to sound stronger. At the age of 12*,* he started to sing on the television show, Star Search. He ended up as the *J*unior *V*ocal *C*hampion. A few years after his win, he was put under vocal rest to recover from vocal paralysis. Although he had a paralyzed vocal chord, he did not want to just give up his dream. In the summer of 2007*,* David auditioned for American *I*dol. He got thumbs up from all three judges, and won a ticket to Hollywood. That is when his life changed.

Who is the original songwriter / composer of the song "Crush" by David Archuleta?

Emanuel Kiriakou, David Hodges, and Jess Cates wrote Crush.

For ALL David Archuleta Fans to Answer!!! if your an archie fan, please answer ONLY!?

Melodies Of Christmas is my number one favorite. I love the lyrics (especially "bringing friends & family near/to remind us/of love and kindness"). I also am in love with: 1, What Child Is This- He made me cry with this song. Isn't there supposed to be a curse word on this song as well? I read it on Wikipedia. 2. Pat-A-Pan- he sounds so great in French. I love how it starts off slow and then gets faster. 3. O Holy Night- He sounds just wonderful on this song. That's all I can say 4. Riu Riu Chiu- He sounds amazing in Spanish. I love this song a lot. 5. Silent Night- Another song that made me cry. I've always been a fan of this song, and David makes this song absolutely beautiful.:) 6. Ave Maria- I can't believe he sings in Latin on this song. He sounds super (as always), and he shows off how amazing his range is. 7. The First Noel- I love the beat to this song. Oh, and btw...Daughtry has a new single (it actually comes out October 26th, but just want to tell you) it's called Life After You. Awesome song! Look it up on Youtube.