anybody knows where teyana taylor shops??

She seems like a Kidrobt kind of gal.

Marvins room;drakee [teyana taylor version]?

lauren hill - ex factor

Where can i listen to "Color Me pink" by Teyana Taylor? - for some songs & & type n her name!!

Teyana taylor measurements?

Which measurement you're referring to? If it's the bust size, no idea. As for the height, 157 cm or 5'2.

are teyana taylor and lil wayne dating?

No, they are not dating

Has anyone heard of that yung chic from Harlem Teyana Taylor?

yeah she's signed to Pharrell's StarTrak label. She looks good, only 16 aswell

how to get a body like TEYANA TAYLOR'S?

To get abs you have to do cardio to burn the layer of fat that is on your tummy and then you have to do workouts for your abs. I've been doing 8 min abs twice a day for a couple of months.. and my abs are starting to look good. I also run 10 miles a day. Also.. you should eat protein.. such as peanut butter.. it helps you build muscle.

how do i get style like teyana taylor?


how to get hair like TEYANA TAYLOR ?

extensions and a perm

is teyana taylor a lesbian cuz i have been wondering?

No he's actually a gay drag queen. 0_o

is teyana taylor goin out wit chris brown?

Who is the little girl in teyana taylor's 'google me' video?

just a little video girl I have never seen before

Is Chris Brown was/is dating Teyana Taylor?

truth be told i would be scared to date him if she is i give her credit

Who are Teyana Taylor Parents (my super sweet sixteen)?

I read somewhere that he father was the founder of the clothing line Fubu and also Heatherette (the clothing she wore to her party) and also multiple other clothing lines. I keep thinking I have seen her mother somewere. Like doing an interview about celebrities. I feel like she may be a celebrity stylist or something like that. I just can't remember were I saw her. I hope I didn't waste your time. I have been trying to find info on Teyana myself. shes pretty cool. she has a myspace

how many records did Teyana Taylor sell?

uhm.2 the other persOn i think she means a cd but nOne yet it dOesnt cOme Out till i think august;Or sumtime arOund then

Does Teyana Taylor have a crush on me?

she has a weird looking face like someone slapped her with a frozen turkey or something

where can i find Teyana Taylor's "Dope Lips" Lip Gloss? She isn't coming out with the lip gloss anymore. I was looking for it too!

Who are some new young female hip hop/ r&b artist like Teyana Taylor?

I don't know about like but I do like nicki minaj music

what are some stores Teyana Taylor shops at?

She wears a lot of Jeremy Scott and Heatherette

Are there any other known black or mixed tomboys (who sometimes dress like the boy look) like Teyana Taylor,?

Fefe Dobson... kind of, but she is more punk.

where is a store in Cincinnati,Ohio where I can find a dress like Teyana Taylor's?

she had it made by heatherette in ny so it was a special one of a kind dress...richie rains (club kid...if u know about them) and traveler rains...theri site is kind of dress is specially made...but betsy johnson sells dresses like that...there arent n e stores in cinci tho that sell her but in ohio there are...i travel to cinci often. but u can find a bunch of stuff like heatherettes and hells bellz at ...their store is in boston...i think that girl is pharell's sister too...

so im looking for a cheap ($60-100) unique colorfull dress(teyana taylor lookin) for homecomming.?

How about Urban Outfitters? Hope that helps and good luck

so im looking for a cheap unique colorfull dress(teyana taylor lookin)?

Depends on how much time you have. If you have a month or more it would be ok to look online, sometimes its worth it to find the dress you really want and risk having to return it. Stores like Nordstroms can be good, I got mine online from there once because you can always return or exchange in Store as well and they have a larger selection online. But like, just be creative and careful where you look. Online will also lower the risk of getting the same dress someone else does. If you have less time, then used clothing stores, even thrift stores can sometimes work too. Those are all about luck though, but it most likely will then be unique. Just know your measurements well. And remember finding the perfect or even near perfect dress for a good price can sometimes be hard and will take some time. Don't over look the small stores, check clearance racks and ask around. Its funny because sometimes you can ask clerks at stores you visit what places they suggest because they over hear other people talking about where to shop and have there own opinions too. And use yellow pages and make phone calls to stores about what they have in stock too. Take a friend and good luck : )

How old is teyana Taylor?

She is 20 years old ...

who do you guys think dance better?....lil mama or teyana taylor?

You forgot someone from your list: TONY MANERO!!!! Disco Dancer, Great Hair, Great Looks

Twitter and teyana taylor?

help!!i really need da lyrics for TEYANA TAYLOR's song google me!!?

check her myspace

Weave like Teyana Taylor?

look like what?

Teyana Taylor's BBC Ice Cream sweatshirt (grey)?

you got money for bbc? anyways allot of that stuff is exclusive

were can i find these jeans? teyana taylor.?

It looks like Ed Hardy but it probably is high eye beverly hills boutique or something. Sorry Good Luck.

I would like to know what weave I should get to have the same style like Teyana Taylor's curly hair? ?

a deep curly or kinky curly weave in 16-18in of hair

anybody know the lyrics of goggle me by TEYANA TAYLOR!!?

try here

how did teyana taylor become famous?

when is teyana taylor making a video?

I don't know her eder! LOL!!!!!

what kind of hair teyana taylor rocks most of the time?

What Website can i find weave or a wig that looks like teyana taylor's hair?


Curly afro like Teyana Taylor?

You do know that's not her real hair, right? I've seen a picture of her real hair and it's not nearly that thick, long, or curly - I think she's relaxed. You can try rod sets to see if that works. Roller sets are another option. I'd have to see a picture to know exactly what you're talking about.

Where to find weave similar to Teyana Taylor's?

Extensions Plus in Custom Kinky. (You have to call them though, they don't do online orders). Another is Nature girl 3c kinky Lastly, bohyme brazilian, many give you the look to hoping for. Hoped that helped! ♥

what weave do teyana taylor use?

Indique - this kind Also, you can double check because she's on their "Celebrity" page

Where can I get clothes like Rihanna and Teyana Taylor?

most high street shops have clothing that looks similar to many celebrities. There is always pictures of Pixie Lott, Rhianna in magazines and then showing the clothes for cheaper in lets say.. new look or something like that. Most clothing retailers know that people like to have the same/similar clothing to celebs. therefore most high street clothing shops will have what you're looking for.

How can i get my hair to look like Teyana Taylor?

do you want the afro or the curly look?

where can I find a similar tutu dress that teyana taylor had on in super 16?

You can MAKE a tutu EASY, no sewing... but if you want it exactly like hers, you're gonna have to take a picture to a seamstress and have it made... (see links below)

Where can I find how to learn the step by step choreography from Teyana Taylor's Drop It Low Routine?

If you are unable to get any information on this, I can offer a suggestion at the very least. You could download the video off of youtube, put it on a video player or editor that lets you watch the video in a mirrored mode so you can pause-play-rewind and learn it that way.

Is Teyana Taylor's hair real? And wear can I find a weave like that?

Salons can do that. But I think for alot of things, she might use extensions. She's gorgeous in my opinion. I think that's her natural hair aswell, maybe if you take a picture of her into the salon they can figure out for you.

I want puffy hair like Kelis use 2 have or like Teyana Taylor does anyone know wat type of hair it is?

Actually BOTH Teyana and Kelis hair was natural!! I watched Sweet 16 when Teyana was on there and that is her natural hair.

How can achieve hair like Teyana Taylor using weave?

ive seen weave like that. check the hair store. and look for weave that looks like black ppl hair. lol. or ask your hair stylist.

How to get hair like teyana taylor?

ya maybe

I heard a song on Hair Battle Spectacular by Teyana Taylor called Rockstar. Where can I find it?

The cinema rockstar is a indian cinema it taken in hindi language you can download that song from and search their

How would i get my hair to grow out like teyana taylor or gerren taylor?

teyana aint hers its a lace wig .... and black ppl have hair like that... its all in how u take care of it and gerren is a weave i know ppl that know her ... stop worry about others hair ... learn to love urs . and theyre full black with $$$$$ ...

Teyana Taylor...........?