Where are the Texas Wildfires burning? Near the big cities?

In Texas you don't really get news about California. I'm a native Texan that now lives in California. The wildfires we get in California every year are worse than what Texas deals with. They, thankfully, don't have fires every year nor do they have pyromaniacs that set the fires like we do in California. We have sent fire jumpers to help fight the Texas fires. The fires are scattered about the state. Amarillo is the largest town that has been hit by the fires. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin aren't in danger. El Paso is in a very dry part of the state. My parents live in one of the counties that has a wildfire going through it. The website below lists the fires and how many acres have been burned. http://txforestservice.tamu.edu/main/article.aspx?id=12888

Why wouldn't Obama declare the wildfires in Texas a disaster? Is it because 2 Republican senators and?

Obama has no problem with "punishing" his enemies. "We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us"

Why doesn't the EPA just rule the Texas wildfires are a health hazard, problem solved right?

Good point. They haven't thought of it yet. They'll probably fine Texas their $6 billion rainy day fund for exceeding emissions standards. They're here to help.

Why did the Texas wildfires flare up only after Rick Perry's Day of Prayer?

Because maybe there really is a God

Texas wildfires have been burning for months - and only today Obama makes the call to Perry - why now ?

Obama didn't ignore Perry's request for disaster aid last year, he said no. When Obama landed in Austin for a fundraiser he did ignore Perry. Perry was on the tarmac and wanted only to hand deliver a letter. Perry wasn't allowed to approach the anointed one. Now Obama sees Perry as the real threat that he will be in November 2012 and is trying to play politics. (Could it be that this says something about how the administration sees Perry in relation to the rest of the field.) The campaigner-in-chief, like Sheila Jackson-Lee, is only going to do what will enhance the image.

Why hasnt Obama visited or mentioned the tornado or flood ravaged states or the Texas wildfires?

Because Obama hates Texas especially after that reporter made him look like a fool

Does Bachmann think the Texas wildfires are another divine message to Washington?

She does say a lot of wacky things. I think people are starting to realize that she definitely isn't presidential material even her campaign manager left her

Will the Texas Wildfires force seniors & ill people out of the area?

If the Seniors and people with respiratory problems have to evacuate their homes they probably will stay with relatives, friends or the Red Cross might put them up in shelters. Texas is big enough for people to move out of harms way.

How long/if would it take for crops to regrow in south Texas wildfires?

Where I grew up farmers would sometimes burn their own land because fire puts nutrients back in the soil and crops would grow in better and faster. You will be ready for planting next spring.

How are the Texas wildfires starting?

Quite possibly when people driving down the road carelessly toss their cigarettes out the window. Also, people ignore burn bans and light brush fires to clear their land or lit fireworks on new year's eve without considering the danger.