Is it safe to travel on international flights?

Air travel is still very safe in spite of these threats. Airports are getting better at spotting bombs and other material so I would not worry about that when flying.

Did anything major happen in Mid-land Texas during the Cold War?

Ouch Fortunately, Texas escaped being bombed during the Cold War. Some of the Cold War activities that went on in Texas were similar to those that went on in most states. Texas had a couple of SAC bases (Dyess and Carswell) that housed bombers on nuclear alert- the bombers were loaded with nuclear weapons and on constant readiness. In a couple of instances, because of human/computer error, the launch codes were given to the bomber crews, but were cancelled before the bombers were able to take off. Other Cold War activities were to support anti-submarine operations in the Carribean/Gulf of Mexico. Whenever a Soviet sub showed up in those areas, forces based in Texas were amongst those used to "prosecute" the sub and try to drive it out. There were other numerous support/communication/training facilities based throughout Texas that supported the US Cold War efforts.

How come the Military can't beat the insurgents who are equipped with flintstone era weapons?

K-9, oh K-9. Since when is command-detonated bombs, AK-47's, AK-50's, RPD's, RPGs, shoulder-launched SAM's, being FINANCED from and recruiting from other Islamic nations,and hiding among a civilian populace to inflict more casualties on your own countrymen considered stone-age equipment and tactics. The Stone-Age era warriors at least had the courage to face their opponents in battle and protect their clans... but then again, look at what happened to those Neanderthals that used those oh so primitive ideas and weapons...they're extinct! Not a bad idea really if the terrorists would all just use those Flintstone era weapons. PS. I like the way Texas Sweetie expresses herself. If she ever wants to marry an old man like me....well just give me the word. Thanks hon...for your honesty!

Is it normal to get depressed about this?

What are the must see places for a cross country trip?

Great Smoky Mountains NP NC/TN Mommoth Caves NP, Kentucky Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, OH Chicago IL Mall of America, Minneapolis Suburbs Badlands NP, SD Little Big Horn Battle Site WY Grand Teton NP WY Yellowstone NP WY Glacier NP MT Mt Rainier NP WA Seattle Olympic NP WA MT ST Helens, WA Voodoo Donuts in Portland OR Columbia River Gap, OR/WA Crater Lake NP, OR Redwood NP, CA Muir Woods CA Wine Country, Napa Valley, CA San Fransico CA (Alcatraz, Haight Ashbury, Golden Gate Bridge) Yosemite NP, CA Kings canyon/Sequoia NP, Ca Death Valley NP CA La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, Los Angeles CA Disneyland, Anaheim, CA San Diego CA Las Vegas Strip NV Grand Canyon NP AZ Zion NP UT Bryce NP, UT Arches NP, UT Monument Valley AZ Santa Fe NM Los Alomos NM, see where they developed the atom bomb Alamogrodo Space museum, NM Carlsbad Caverns NP, NM Guadalupe NP, TX Big Bend NP, TX Austin TX Johnson Space Center, Houston TX French Quarter, New Orleans LA

How can we be certain that Netanyahu is mentally stable?

How would we feel if Mexico was launching missiles by the dozens daily into California or Texas and saying that they have to give them the land. And if Canada starting building a nuclear arsenal threatening to wipe US off the face of the earth we might have something to say so why is it that another sovereign nation, our ally, doesn't get the same respect?

We moved into an apartment, and we think there are fleas in the carpet. We have no pets. What should we do?

I would call the landlord and tell them about the problem, if your suite has them I'm sure the entire apartment has them too. They should bring in an exterimator to eliminate the problem. You can also vacuum like crazy, they lay there eggs in the carpet. You can also look into a flea bomb. I would avoid any product that Hartz makes, they have killed many pets and I'm sure they have harmed humans as well. Good luck!

What is the best Roach killer available?

If money is not an issue, call in a professional. I lived in Texas years ago in an old apartment and it was infested. I am so scared of roaches. I had nightmares about them. I had an exterminator, but that wasn't enough. These bugs are resistant to many pesticides. You need to make sure after a good extermination to caulk all cracks. I used clear caulk and caulked everthing in site. Also you will want to sprinkle boric and readily available...all over the place. Sprinkle it outside and along the edges of your floor and replace it when it gets wet. put some in the back of your cupboards too, but keep it off of your dishes. If you don't want to pay for an exterminator, do this: Bug bomb and stay with your friend. Come back, clean up and then spray with the gallon of spray with a little pump from any hardware store (home defense I think it's called.) Then caulk, then follow up with boric acid. Forget about the roach motels, use the total assault and good luck.

Why is being politically incorrect such a bad thing?

It may just be a Texas thing, I'm as politically incorrect as they get. God bless you.

If the US set the precedent of WW1 neutrality, would it be better equipped to avoid foreign entangement WW2?

I agree with your general thesis but it raises a number of issues. First, the USA was almost certainly not neutral during the first years of WW1. There is loading evidence from many vessels, including the RMS Lusitania, that large volumes of small-calibre ammunition were sent to France and Britain. I think this could be interpreted as machine-gun ammunition. Also, diplomatic messages to the British government indicated that USA was able and willing to continue to provide foodstuffs and other essential supplies for households. Germany interpreted this as support to France and Britain which was not available to the Central Powers. Germany suspected dirty trick. Second, the population of USA in 1914 comprised about 18 per cent with German and Austrian origins; about 38 per cent with United Kingdom origins [including Ireland at that time]; 12 per cent French; another 15 per cent from different European countries; the remainder being native Americans, Asians or descended from slaves. The Wilson administration really didn't want to go to war with Germany and Austria; but felt overwhelmingly obliged to support the British-origin minority. I think this is why the decision to declare war on Germany was delayed so long after the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 and the arrival of the Zimmermann telegram in January 1917. I don't think the USA could have kept out of the war once 124 American citizens died in the Lusitania sinking. Also, the Zimmermann telegram to Mexico offered them the return of Texas, Arizona and California if Germany were assisted to defeat the USA with an overwhelming victory. Let's be serious: the USA could not possibly have continued in its [claimed but false] neutrality after these threats to its security and international standing. These days, the USA goes to war with much less justification. Finally, you are right about USA engagement. The European powers were all exhausted and already secret talks were under way to bring the war to a ceasefire in May or June 1917. The arrival of USA on the battlefield, with fresh troops and lots of material, prolonged the war for a further 18 months. Otherwise, WW1 would have finished in the summer of 1917; no winners or losers; return to the status quo in Europe; big lessons learned about treaties and allegiances. And therefore no reparations, no abolition of German and Austrian monarchy governments, no civilian starvation and political unrest, no National Socialism, no WW2. The USA abandonment of its claimed neutrality came just at the wrong time. But could it have been avoided; realistically, as above? I agree with you in the main; but these are big questions, and cast doubt upon the veracity and honesty of the Wilson administration from 1914. And don't forget that USA backed out of the League of Nations, leaving the other belligerents to sort themselves out as if it was nothing to do with USA. Not a good diplomatic record. As regards the nuclear attacks on Japan in 1945, ask yourself this question, "If Japan had developed atom bombs and dropped them on Seattle or San Diego to shorten the war; would that have been a war crime?" And again, "If Nazi Germany had dropped atom bombs on Baltimore or Boston to shorten the war; would that have been a war crime?" So will someone explain why it wasn't a war crime for the USA to do it. I know the usual answer: we won and they lost. So we were right. Hmm. Not happy with that logic. NOTE. Some of these answers seem to confuse WW1 and WW2. Justification for entering WW1 was a lot weaker than it was for WW2; so neutrality could have been maintained in 1914 onwards. And I think that's the point you're making.

Why was a concrete bunker 22'L x 4'W x 4' deep put under my house that was built in 1952?

It could still be a sub-standard "Air Raid Shelter". Back in the 50's there was a lot of naivety concerning the "A Bomb" & it's properties. For awhile our governments were telling us that if we saw the flash from a nuclear device that we should duck under a table & fold our arms over our heads. The implication was that would help protect us, but the reality was it would prevent us from witnessing our own deaths. Since concrete does resist radiation, the builder may have been under the impression that 4" of concrete was sufficient.

Are The Giants whooping The Texas Rangers butts?

OMG!!!! 3 run BOMB!!! WHHHOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! There it goes!!!!!

Do Hillary supporters want keep the Wright story going because their candidate's campaign is weak?

Of course they do, and she does!!! SHE started the whole mess, as a dirty campaign trick. Ya' all read that, didn't you? She KNOWS the bomb is about to drop on her and Bill's Election Fraud Trial! LOL, she's a desperate housewife! Easy! Paul is keeping it current, so we all can read the TRUTH. This is a REAL case, people, not a bunch of BS! Obama 08 - Decency For Our Children!

How long for nuclear radiation to drop?

The size of a single bomb capable of "devastating" the whole of the US would be absurd; the calculator suggests 10,000,000 megatons. The total nuclear arsenal of all nations is somewhat less than 5,000 megatons (about 19,000 warheads). A meteorite calculator suggests such an energy release might cause a Richter 10 earthquake (larger than any in recorded history). It would I presume cause huge ecological devastation - nuclear winter etc. - and widespread crop failure and starvation for those that survived the air blast and seismic effects Mos

What if I bomb the Texas A&M Math Assessment?

Been there, done this. Unless things have changed in the last 3 years, you actually don't have to take the math assessment at TAMU (even though it is listed in the summer New Student Conference brochure). If you struggle with math classes, take those classes in the summers at your local community college. Don't take them at A&M. They are weed out classes. Get math done this summer at home if you can. If not, then next summer. You'll be glad you did. Email me if I can help answer more questions. I'm an Aggie mother of 2 students and we "caught" some of the things that help make life more successful there. Congratulations and Gig 'Em! EDIT: Just went to the website and did some research. It seems they now require the test. My suggestion is to find the equivilent math class at your community college and take it this summer. Look at the university wide Core requirments: Different majors require different core math. For example, with your business major you will need to take MATH 141 & 142 (Business Math I & Business Math II). If you live in Texas, your community college is probably a part of the Texas Common Course Numbering System. (TCCNS) If they are, you can take specific classes at the community college level and they meet the requirements for the core class at TAMU. The equivelants: MATH 141 = MATH 1324 MATH 142 = MATH 1325 Math classes are popular at community colleges in the summer, so hopefully your CC will have one of both of these available. You might have to take a math assessement at the CC if your SAT or high school scores aren't at a specific level. But taking the classes beforehand will help you a great deal.

Using Frontline on my dog for months and STILL have a problem with fleas!?

Are yo appling the Frontline directly on the skin? If not, it wont work. Make sure to NOT wash the dog 48hrs before OR after applying the Frontline. If none of this is working, change to another product. Here, in East Texas the fleas have become 'immune' to Frontline since it's a long used product. The vet clinic I work at, has changed to other products. Also, go to your vet and ask for a Capstar. It will only last for about 24hrs, but it starts to work within 30mis to an hour. It will only kill the adults though, so you should change your flea product. Make sure you get it from your vet, the OTC products don't work well. And one last thing, it does take awhile to get rid of fleas, how long have you been trying to get rid of them? Remember, Frontline will NOT repel fleas, it will only kill one if it bites the dog. It takes awhile to get rid of fleas, becuase of the eggs. They are hard to kill, and fleas LOVE to reproduce. SO i'd suggest waiting for a couple of months, then you SHOULD see a decrease or no more fleas at all. Hope this helped. God Bless!

what are careers in history i can get a degree in college for?

I majored in history as an undergrad. I worked as an ESL teacher for some years, then found my way into freelance technical writing. My career in this field would be stronger if I had a degree in technical writing; some universities offer both bachelor's and master's degrees in this discipline. However, I am a collector of old and rare books. This has led me into a master's program in Library and Information Science. I'm specializing in document/manuscript preservation and restoration, which is very similar to curatorship. I'm a student in the MLIS program at SJSU-SLIS, the largest program of its kind in the world. There are many such programs around the country: the Pratt Institute in New York, UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina, UT at Austen in Texas, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, and Indiana University at Bloomington are a few of the most notable. There are many, many career opportunities available to graduates of such programs, both in the public and private spheres. However, if you are not interested in an advanced degree, nor a career in teaching, I would encourage you to pursue a bachelor's in journalism, communication, or techinical writing. All these bachelor's can lead to a rewarding career in writing. The bachelor's in history, without an advanced degree, leads only to teaching or similar work, and that at a great disadvantage next to those with master's or teaching certs. Of course, any degree will help you get to middle-management in a corporation, but to be honest a business degree is better for that. Anyway, I sense that's not where your interests lie. The MLIS is a two-year degree, as is, for instance the MS in technical writing. Entry-level salaries in these fields depends a great deal on where you find a job, but in a state such as CA you can expect 40,000 for both fields with your master's. It'd be lower in poorer states, and those in the middle of their careers tend to see substantial yearly increases with seniority, as well as sigificant security and benefits. Some university librarians even enjoy faculty status, meaning they can achieve tenure (job-security until retirement, barring gross misconduct), depending on the university. Good luck to you! Hope this helps!

We were learning the size of the countries in the middle east I was amazed?

Too bad some country cant send its troops into Texas and shoot up the stupid state especially Crawford, or drop some bombs on it once and for all.

What would Bush do if Cloverfield really happened?

This is what would happen. Bush would have no clue what was going on until after the event had happened because he was hanging out at his ranch in Texas. The following day, Cheney and other members of the cabinet would write a long heroic sounding speech for him to say on the news. The next month, we would invade Iran because they are who to blame for the monster(in Bush's mind) Several YEARS later, FEMA would arrive and help the survivors. yeah, thats basically what would happen.

what do i need to do when taking taking a driving test?

That's a good question but since I don't know where you are from I can tell you that in Texas as long as you do not hit the poles and just bump the curb you will pass...... Safe driving tips to help pass your road test: STEERING Steer smoothly whether you are driving straight ahead, turning or backing up. ACCELERATION Accelerate smoothly and moderately. Don't race the engine or cause it to stall. BRAKING Bring the vehicle to a stop gently. Start braking well before your stopping position to avoid "jerky" stops. Make sure you stop your vehicle in the proper position of the lane. CLUTCH/GEAR Always be sure your vehicle is in the correct gear. With either an automatic or a manual transmission, shift into the proper gear at the right time without "grinding" the gears. SPEED Obey the posted speed limit, of course, but also adjust your speed properly due to weather, road, visibility and traffic conditions. FOLLOWING DISTANCE Keep an adequate space "cushion" between your vehicle and those you are following. Use the "two second rule" described in the Driver's Manual. Be sure to increase your following distance in poor weather or visibility. TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES Know the meanings of signs, signals and pavement markings, and obey them consistently. STOPPING POSITION If a stop is required, stop your vehicle before it reaches an intersecting street. If stop lines or crosswalks are present, stop before crossing them. If your view is blocked after stopping behind the crosswalk, move up until you can clearly see your way, then stop again if necessary. LANE SELECTION AND POSITION Keep your vehicle in the proper traffic lane, especially when preparing to make turns. Don't allow room for another vehicle to pass you on the side that you are turning toward. COMMUNICATION Let other drivers and pedestrians know which way you want to go. Use your directional signals or horn consistently and at the proper times. OBSERVATION Look for and identify potential problems or hazards in the traffic around you - not just straight ahead, but behind you and on either side. Check your mirrors frequently, but be sure to look over your shoulder behind you when changing lanes or backing up. ANTICIPATE & REACT TO OTHERS Anticipate possible driving errors by others and be ready to react safely to make up for their mistakes.

Can your shadow be burned or copied to the ground?

Yes, this happened when the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki towards the end of World War II. The flash was so intense, so direct, and so brief, that it scorched buildings and pavements close to ground zero, except where shadows were cast by other objects such as trees and people. Many of the people simply evaporated in the intense heat, leaving only a shadow. See Section 12 of, for example.

Yesterday I was reading some Texas school books about the Iraq war?

I am sure the textbook did not use your words. The author also probably disagreed with your version of the motive: 'over guns and oil.' In fact there was more than one reason for the invasion (including régime change, strategically breaking up the Ba'ath bloc, establishing a US presence from which intervention elsewhere might be managed and even humanitarian concern for the Iraqi people), but oil did not and could not figure among them. War and occupation make an expensive way of getting oil. Had the USA wanted to monopolise Iraqi oil she could have done what the French got away with: break the embargo and buy it up at cut rates. As it was, the USA did not get the oil - and apparently did not try to. I am not going in to bat for an American text-book which I have not seen. In my experience most history text-books offer a highly partisan, usually PC version of what really happened. However, your version seems to me to be as detached from reality as the one you present and criticise.

What's the best hot sauce you've ever tasted?

Da Bomb, made with 100% Naga Jolokia peppers the hottest ones around, it is a s hot as you can get with out using pure capsicum extract, I also had and America one called Melinda's Red Savina Habernero sauce it is the second hottest made and available more around the country, I am from Canada, and get mine from a club here, I worked abroad as a chef and have eaten many of the hottest ones around, Tabasco is tame compared to these ones.

So some humans are willing to give their children up rather then their guns?

I think it is because mental illness is still taboo in society today. We don't address or help the mentally ill, and then a desperate person takes measures to extreme. It seems odd that we don't do more to help the mentally ill, especially when they are small children and we could have saved them. There is an abortion doctor in Dallas Texas who does abortions on girls that are 9 and 10 years old. We as a society are failing out sacred children, guns or no guns, we are just failing to protect them and get them the help they need. God is certainly weeping over the world these days. Peace be with you.

What is up with this past week? The Bombing in Boston, the Racin with the politicans, and now?

What's the best way to keep out cockroaches?

They are definitely hard to get rid of. Since you are keeping a clean apartment, the problem may be related to the neighbors. Your best bet is to speak with the apartment manager and see if he or she could line up an appointment with a pest control company. Generally speaking, it takes up to three visits by the professionals to get roaches under control. So... if your apartment complex refuses to take care of the problem, you may have to pay out of pocket for the services. Keep in mind however that under most laws - the apartment owner/management should be be held accountable. In Texas you could spend up to 70 dollars a visit - but pest control companies have controlled chemicals that work well. Good luck

Why is fertilzer so deadly? between the explosion in texas and Oklahoma city years back i wonder?

Can people get headaches after earthquakes in another country?

I have been wondering the same thing. I live in New Mexico. I also have had headaches around the same time as the quake. Mine started just prior to the earth quake. And a few of us at work all had the same similar headaches and had to go home from work because it was so bad. Another 5 of my friends had similar feeling headaches- none of us have headaches on a normal basis. I was also wondering the same thing and if the earth shifting- which on the news mentioned "the earth moved up and down and then back to where it was with an amplitude of about 1/2 of an inch...which does not sound like much but is the equivalent of thousands of hydrogen bombs going off in a couple minutes" Perhaps all this energy built up the pressure before the shift occurred caused headaches? I know I usually get pressure headaches before Lo Fronts come through as well- but that is something completely different/ unrelated to the shift in the earth. Before intense thunderstorms or snow storms I get huge headaches. Was wondering if anyone else there felt this? Also check out the link- I think it is interesting how far this quake effected us/ the world.

During the 1990s who where the rightwing terrorist and extremist groups that targeted government facilites?

Mountaineer militia were arrested and convicted for their role in a conspiracy to destroy the FBI fingerprint facility in Clarksburg, W. VA 1998 (2) were arrested and convicted in affiliation with republic of Texas in Brownsville,Tx in a plot to use a biological agent against IRS employees 1997 Klan organization tries to bomb a Southern Law Poverty Center IN Montgomery,ALABAMA Peace*

When would our Navy and Air Force have to be used to full potential?

The Air Force could completely destroy Mexico in all aspects. The Navy could as well but not as much needed because of the huge land border Mexico and the U.S shared. The Navy probably would be used to protect the Gulf of Mexico. The Air Force, with their advanced technology could bomb the shit out of every Mexican troop. The Mexicans are in a time of distress and could not even fend to start an invasion. The Navy could easily protect the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific on the other side, also the Navy having offensive Capabilities, could keep the Mexicans off the coast of Mexico and the U.S. The Marines would be sent in by the Navy, wiping out their ground forces and piercing into Mexican territory after helping reclaim Texas, California, Arizona, ect. This pierce could easily set up huge bases throughout Mexico. The Army would clean up what the Marines left behind and slowly destroy the whole entire Mexican military with their advanced artillery and technology. This would not even be a fight.

How can I rid fleas of my home?

1. Vacuume your home well including cushions, down the sides and back of your furniture, pet bedding areas, any where your pets like to lay, and doorway areas. If they get on the beds vacuume the mattress and box springs, especially near edges and corners where "stuff" seems to collect, and under the bed too. Wash your bedding and pillows-hot water. 2. Treat your yard with something specifically for fleas. Hardware stores sell it. It has nematodes in it that will kill the fleas and their larva. 3. Treat your animals (I use Advantage). Read the package to see how close you retreat. You don't want to make your pets sick. 4. Wait a day after treating to give a bath (again check the package instructions on the Advantage). Give bath with shampoo that kills fleas. I don't like using too much insecticide on my dog and she has sensitive skin so I take the shampoo I use and add about 10 drops of Texas Cedarwood essential oil to the whole bottle. You can get it at the health food store and it does cost a bit but will last you a very long time. 5. While bathing pets also be washing their bedding-hot water and detergent and bleach. Do this every time you bathe the pets. 6. Bathe your pets once a week until you get the flea problem under control. 7. Don't forget to continue to treat the yard as proscribed on the package. Be sure to treat the area around the house well, especially the door for about 1-2 feet out. 8. Keep pets out of the child's room untill the fleas are nolonger a problem. They will bite your child. Best of luck

Are they really going to build a super highway stretching from Mexico to Canada?

Yes, it is true. It is the NAFTA superhighway. Kansas City will be the first place that they will actually inspect the trucks. Which means that a dirty bomb could be set off ANY PLACE in the US because of lack of oversight and stupidity. NAFTA is destroying the US and the people who voted for this have committed nothing short of TREASON when voting for this. Yes, the government have already started down the path of imminent domain to confiscate peoples land. There is nothing wrong with the routes currently used, it is just a way to get more land and to control people even more, while the Corp. get everything that they want. You have already voted for the elected officials who backed NAFTA. That is how much your vote counts.

How far from the couch can you spit a dummy?

I can spit a wildflower to t'other side of that there Mississippi.. My front canines act as a flight controller...My spat wildflower is a smart bomb...!

Abortion and homosexuality - only ways to fight against our ever increasing population?

And there someone goes with this "over-population" myth again. What over-population? There are about 268,581 square miles in Texas. There are about 7 billion people in the world. This means that if everyone in the whole world lived in Texas, they would each have about 1070 square feet. That's the size of an apartment. In other words, everyone in the entire world can fit in Texas. And Texas is a pretty freaking small fraction of the entire square mileage of the world... even without the oceans. The problem is not over-population. The problem is wars and greed and power-hungry leaders that have ended up concentrating people into pathetically small areas. The problem is spoiled, rich continents like North America (I'm an American) hoarding resources and wasting them, while other countries suffer with nothing. Don't you see a problem with the over 50% obesity rate in America, and the rate of death by starvation in India? Something's screwed. We complain about rich celebrities and people with way too much money compared to everyone else... and we haven't even considered that we're part of the rich folk. If you own a pair of shoes, you're in the top 25% richest people in the world. Now work on fixing that, and stop killing people. And if you still insist that there is over-population, maybe you should be noble and consider contributing to the cause by nominating your own self for deletion. Stop being so arrogant as to lord over everyone, being a regular little Dr. Mengele, deciding who should live and who should die and conveniently leaving yourself off the list.

How much destruction would you expect from a Nuclear Bomb in a major city?

First stop being paranoid. It'll be very very very very difficult for a terrorist to get one. It simply is as simple as they make it out in movies. Also, that would depend on the size of the nuke. Some could blow up Houston twice over, others are at a smaller it depends.

Who was everyone who invented the atomic bomb?

The atomic bomb was manufactured at Los Alamos Laboratory. That is where the scientists worked on it. It was a team effort. The U235 was enriched at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. That was used in the first bomb. However, it was an extremely complicated process initially and also very time consuming. The second bomb used Plutonium 239. That was manufactured in reactors at the Hanford works on the Columbia river in Washington state. The manufacture of the Plutonium bomb was extremely more complicated than that of the U-235 bomb but the production of Plutonium was much easier than that of U-235 at the time. All told there were in excess of 100,000 people working on the construction of the first bombs. The man in charge of the project was Major General Leslie Groves.

What effect will passing a law which allows students and professors to carry firearms on campus have on?

The admission numbers will not fall, but knowing human nature, the graduate rate certainly will......... eventually. What is wrong with you Americans. No problem has ever been solved by carrying guns. The gun slinging wild west ended over a century ago. And you're still living it ......Oh boy Can't you see that the ease of which you can obtain weapons is the reason for so many kids being killed in school, and so much violent crime, not letting even more people carry them. You think that if professors and students carry weapons there will never be another slaughter on campus. In the Columbine massacre they had pipe bombs, machine pistols and an assortment of other lethal weapons at their disposal. Next time they'll just need to plan better, and use stun and hand grenades to stop any resistance. In Germany, the father of a kid that went bezirk, killing many teachers and school children, got a prison sentence for not locking up his weapon as required by law. He was charged with involuntry manslaughter, and found guilty on all counts. I believe he got 15 years, and rightly so. In your country you have a right to carry guns, so long as they are seen. That does not stop you being killed if the bullet is on the way. Just a question of who is faster to the trigger, or how observant or lucky you are. As I said.....just like in the wild wild west ! Gun crime in England is just 2% of that in the USA, per thousand population. Doesn't that say something. I have only seen a gun in England one time, and that was being carried by an American serviceman. The normal police are not allowed to carry them, unless they receive special permission. That permission is not often granted. The land of the free, what a farce. Freedom means being able to walk the streets free of fear.

Will the price of Gasoline go down now that Libya can start pumping and belong to OPEC again?

Libya's oil production barely exceeds that of Texas, so the impact of Libyan oil on the market is virtually nothing.

How do you propose to restore the shine and prestige that USA has lost with the rest of the world?

We could stop bombing everybody for one thing.

Will Obama use the crisis in the Middle East to declare Marshall law?

Not sure why he would suspend an election he looks to win by about 100 electoral votes.

i totally bombed my 1st two years of high school. is there still a chance to become validictorian?

Of course there is. Don't listen to people who say you cannot do it. (You know, that is what is wrong with America. People give up before they even begin, and because of that they have have already failed! Okay, don't get me started.) But if you really want this, you are going to have to work your rear end off -- and I mean work. You will probably have to do WAY less with friends and study WAY more. (Actually, studying more is a guarantee!) You'll have to bring your grades up and keep them up. You'll really have to apply yourself and dedicate yourself to being disciplined so you can win. It won't be easy. But you CAN do it because you belive you can do it. And even if you don't become valedictorian, you'll still feel good knowing you are smarter. (And you will also get a way better job!!!) Just remember that people will give you grief about trying -- DON'T LISTEN TO THEM. You can do it if you belive in yourself. Great luck to ya!!!

Has anyone crossed the border at the international bridge from Texas to Mexico at Nuevo Progresso recently?

Just don't drive a fancy newer SUV

Is it illegal to make homemade bombs in texas?

The ATF would like to know about it so would homeland security

Was the highway used to transport atomic bombs during the cold war?

YES... think about WHERE many of the missile sites were located: the rural Northwest (Montana, the Dakotas, etc) Warheads were build mostly in Amarillo, Texas then sent by truck to a train... train to the nearest yard, and then again by truck. The first answerer is correct in that the DoD and the rest of the government are VERY quiet / secretive about the storage, location, and transportation of "special weapons" (as we called them in the 1980's). There HAVE been a number of shows on the History Channel and Discovery about the transport of nuclear weapons and fuel. MOST of the distance though was covered by RAIL... easier to secure, more likely to be running outside of a major city, and far few people around. I DO know that on the West Coast of California... the weapons came into Naval Depots by RAIL and then were stored... ships could pull up to a special pier and load them.

Would the border cross back over Hispanics again in a Texas secession?

States have no rights, nor do most Americans desire states to have any rights. The occupied central government would bomb Texas into oblivion if they dared to secede. Most Americans want the most powerful and centrally controlled government possible and embrace tyranny.

Why are some Conservatives celebrating the Oklahoma City Bombing?

WASHINGTON - They came by the hundreds - armed in Virginia, unarmed in D.C. - to rail against the federal government, convinced their Second Amendment rights to bear arms are in danger under the "socialist" regime currently occupying the White House. Gun activists descended upon the capital region on Monday, speaking of war and revolution at "Restore the Constitution" demonstrations as they assailed not just U.S. President Barack Obama, but also the Republican politicians on Capitol Hill for failing to stop what they perceive as a socialist invasion of their country. "We're in a war," Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, told a crowd at the foot of the iconic Washington Monument. "The other side knows they're at war because they started it. They're coming for our freedom, our money, our kids ... they're coming for everything because they're socialists." Pratt urged the crowd to organize as the November mid-term elections loom, and work to ensure that only pro-gun politicians get elected while those who advocate gun control are shut out. Another protester shouted to the crowd: "Our right to have a gun doesn't come from Barack Obama, it comes from God. We have a right to protect our families." Many of those in attendance on the National Mall carried replica weapons, but across the Potomac River, at a national park in northern Virginia, about 75 to 100 people were packing the real thing - rifles, pistols and rounds of ammunition under the watchful eye of state and park police. Their weapons, however, weren't loaded, and had safety devices in the chambers. "The preamble of the constitution says that the government is to promote the general welfare, not provide it. Promote it," said Tom Fernandez, 32, a legal assistant in the county attorney's office in Sarasota, Fla. Fernandez is also founder of Alarm and Muster, a communications network designed to help people get in touch with each other in the event of "constitutional emergencies." "The enemies to the constitution are not over in Iraq. The enemies to the constitution are not in Afghanistan. The enemies of the constitution are across this river." The protests took place on the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, and the 17th anniversary of the government's 1993 confrontation with Branch Davidian cult members in Waco, Texas. But organizers were insistent the date was selected to commemorate the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, conflicts in Massachusetts that were the first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War. More here... ##

Is there anywhere to find a sample grammar test for State of Texas employment?

Sorry, the State of Texas doesn't show up with practice tests. How about I do the next best thing? I can give you a site that has practice tests for Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Grammar sections. Once, you've mastered those, you should be ready for anything Texas can toss at you. Just scroll down a bit past half way on the page & you'll see them. Viva con Deos, amigo

What if we moved everyone from Texas to Israel?

I've talked to some Israelis who are pretty vengeful. They grow up with parents who are assassinated by snipers and road side bombs. They see tanks regularly in the streets. Many have probably had to deal with bombardment. And some of the teens I've talked to want nothing more than to take vengeance and snipe some Palestinians, and it's very sad to think of how this will just perpetuate the hatred. Not to mention Israel has a very overblown and advanced military for its size. No offence, but I think most of the tough talking Texans are a bunch of yahoos who would just end up shooting each other before they could ever organize against a determined enemy, and who probably wouldn't know how to adapt to the hardships of that environment.

What is a good attack training school for dogs in the Dallas Texas area?

attack.....schools...there are better names than that. however having formerly lived in that area there use to be a rather impressive place that sold and trained dogs in Schutzhund, & bomb sniffing, i know a police officer i babysit for he has a GSD wasnt from working lines or anything but he did have some drive he took the dog their for training because if he was going to have a dog he wanted it trained right. this is not a soft school for bunny huggers. im not going to list it because im not sure if they even are still working, look up "protection k9 training dallas tx" on google

Should Christians be allowed to build a church near the Christian attacks in Waco, Texas or Oklahoma City?

Don't forget Atlanta ... that Christian nut job set off a bomb at Centennial Park during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.