How do I get certified to teach in Texas?

howdy (not really, I just think ti is hilarious people think everyone is texas talks like that). Our certification exams are different than OK's. (Ours is called TeXes...ever notice how every test in this state looks like a misspelled word? TAKS instead of task, STAAR instead of star. Oh TEA, you will have a lot of fun with those people once you are a teacher...) Anyway, you will take the Texes content exams as you near graduation of college and the TeXes PPR your first year teaching. Don't worry too much, you college will have info for you as you near your junior and senior years so you can get in your stu teaching and the like. In addition to passing the tests, you'll get finger printed and have to pay SBEC for your certification paperwork. It is all pretty standard and nothing you need to worry about until later and by then you will have an adviser who will walk you through the process. PS: you may want to also get certification in OK while you are there. I've heard nothing but great things from my two pals that teach there. Both had taught in TX and when they come back down for a visit, I'm sooo jealous to hear how things are in OK. WAY less bs than we have here. (I blame Perry and the SBEC for what it has done to TEA and all of texas. Our funds have been gutted while the standards have been raised. I hope and pray things get better before you graduate. )

I have a home/mail/bills in Texas, but want to keep a car in California. How do I handle tags/insurance/DL?

You should consider an occasional use short-term lease from a car rental company in California. Under your scenario you would have to license and register and insure the car in Texas. But since it would be sitting unguarded in California...the loss exposure is very, very high and you would pay astronomical rates for comprehensive (which covers stuff like storm loss, burglary, etc.). You would be better off just to keep one car in Texas and when you go to California just get a short term lease. That way you can give it back when you are done and not have to worry about obligations.

How would Texas fare if it actually seceded?

Texas would die by itself. On top of that, people do not realize that if Texas seceded, it wouldn't do business with the US as easily. Treaties btw the two countries would have to be signed, there would be restrictions. And no more subventions from the US government. Basically, Texas would be a very poor country, with basically nothing for it to survive.

How much notice does a Texas Apartment have to give?

I believe in most states it's 30 days notice for any changes made! If you check under the State of Texas you should be able to find tenant - landlord laws and rules and that kind of stuff. Which you might find the proper answer that your looking for. Good luck!

How much does it cost to buy a round-trip airplane ticket from Ohio to Texas?

I fly from Texas to Ohio about 5 times a year. Tickets are about $220-300, check priceline as the other person said or hotwire for cheaper tickets. I'm pretty sure that you have to have parents permission under 16, but you might want to check with the airline that you fly.

How long does it take to drive from central texas to the canadian border?

From Texas to Canada is about 1450 miles. So if you drove 60 mph non-stop it would take you between 24-25 hours.

What are the chances that the Texas teacher retirement system will collapse or go bankrupt in economic crisis?

Collapse? No. Bankrupt? No. What will happen is that Texas may implement an income tax to raise revenues to pay old obligations, such as, the TRS.

How do you become a private investigator in texas?

Most states require you to work under a licensed PI for a number of years before applying for your own license. Most, not all. Go to the Texas state govt. web site, type in licensing, see what they have for requirements for this field. Here in NY it's 3 years under someone else. VA is 5, CA is 3, just depends.

What is the best season finish that can be expected for Texas Longhorns?

They can still win the Big-12. Not likely, but possible. They could still get into a BCS game if they run the table even if they don't win the Big-12. They probably need some of those poser teams like B.C. to lose though. They play Oklahoma State in Stillwater. That is a serious trap game for Texas. OSU can be very tough there and are playing up to their potential after a terrible start to the season.

How do I get Nursing license transferred to Texas? Try to get the info from the Texas Board of nursing site. I am licensed in another state and would like to endorse my license into Texas. What is the procedure and how long does it take? A. For those coming from a non-compact state (list of compact states), you must do the following: 1) To be eligible for licensure by endorsement, you must have graduated from an approved PN/VN or RN program, taken the appropriate US exam, have either worked in nursing or have taken the US NCLEX® exam sometime in the previous four years prior to the application and have no discipline against your license in any other nursing jurisdiction(s). 2) Go to There are two (2) methods for endorsement, complete either the online application or download an Endorsement Application. Online Application: a) Click on "Initial Texas Nursing License by Endorsement" and follow the instructions online. You may pay online via credit card or check. If you are unable to use the online application, print the paper version by following the instructions for Paper Application. b) A Fingerprint Card Packet will be mailed to you within ten working days. c) Mail the photo and the two fingerprint cards to: Licensing Department Board of Nurse Examiners 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460 Austin, Texas 78701 Paper Application: a) Click on forms, then scroll to LVN or RN Endorsement Application; b) Copy the application and instructions; c) You must also request a fingerprint packet by clicking on Fingerprint Card Packet. Highlight endorsement in the drop down box and then provide your name and address. The fingerprint cards will be mailed within ten working days. d) Mail the application, fee, photo and the two fingerprint cards to: Licensing Department Board of Nurse Examiners 333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-460 Austin, Texas 78701 3) Upon receipt of a completed application, fee, photo and the two fingerprint cards, you will receive a temporary permit/license within ten working days if eligible. The temporary permit/license will be valid for 120 days. 4) To receive your permanent license, you will need to follow up with each and every nursing jurisdiction (US state and territories, Provinces and Countries) that you hold or ever held a nursing license. This is the responsibility of the applicant not the BNE. If your US state participates in the national database called NURsys®, you will need to pay one fee to that system by going to or using the form provided in your packet. B. For those applicants coming from compact states (see list of compact states), you cannot apply for a license by endorsement until you actually move to Texas and/or Texas becomes your home state of residence. When this occurs, you can practice on your previous clear and current compact license for up to thirty days while you are going through the endorsement process.

How do I convince my parents that Texas colleges are better for engineering than California colleges?

Lie? UC-Berkeley, CalTech, and Stanford are some of the best engineering schools in the country. None of the ones in Texas even make the top 10 for undergrad programs. UT-Austin is #8 for graduate programs, but those 3 CA schools are #2, 3, and 7. Texas A&M is really good for bio/agriculture engineering and nuclear engineering, an UT is on-par with the CA schools for civil/environmental engineering.

What kind of gun did Walker, Texas Ranger carry on the television show?

Walker Texas Ranger' carried a 6-inch stainless Smith Model 629 .44 Mag in a cross draw holster in the first season. Norris later switched to either a stainless Taurus or Beretta 92. Most street level law enforcement , tex rangers or not, use either 38 revolvers or 9 mm semi-auto as larger or hotter ammo (e.g. 357 mag.) can penetrate too much and endanger bystanders. .bh.

Why are tortillas tossed during Texas Tech Football games? When did the tradition start?

This is what I have came with: It started in 1992 during the Texas A&M game. The week before ESPN commentators made a comment saying that Lubbock only has Tech football and a tortilla factory. The student body decided to protest during the A&M game -via flying tortillas.

Why were women only allowed to vote in the primaries in Texas and Arkansas?

Women in Texas joined Arkansas and don't forget Oklahoma as well when they were first allowed to vote in the South, this was "primary suffrage" in 1918. In Texas, they campaigned for full suffrage in 1919 but it came up short, because it also would have allowed aliens to vote (too much change at once I would say). They made pretty bold "forward thinking" statements in that those 3 along with Tennessee were the only states in all of Dixie to ratify the 19th amendment. There was a number of "arguments" originally used that prevented women from voting, some felt you should have to pay taxes to vote, or there should only be one vote per family - not per person, or simply some said women didn't want to vote, etc... but as was stated it's 2006 and any registered citizen can vote.

How is Texas Tech viewed in the world of engineers?

Somewhat the way a triple-A baseball team is rated as compared to the Major Leagues, good coaches are there, good players are on the team ... the ultimate success of most players will be determined by themselves,. As with most large State Universities, it provides a lot more educational opportunities than any student can take advantage of, and a wide range of competence among its faculty and TAs. The quality of graduates of these programs depend on the student: motivation, class selection, teacher selection, study organization, and self discipline. I graduated from MIT and UC Berkeley, but I have worked with Engineers from Universities like Texas Tech who were as good as any of my classmates, and better than most, without any really heroic measures to force an education from their Alma Maters, only the intelligence and judgment to select the best that was available and integrate it into their capabilities. Texas Tech would be fine, for such people, and I would be proud to work with them.

What are the best schools in Texas to go to to become a vet tech?

Lonestar College in Tomball or Cedar Valley College in Lancaster are some of the best schools in Texas for veterinary technology degrees. You can find a complete list of schools in Texas through the AVMA website:… You should also contact the Texas Assoc. of Registered Veterinary Technicians to get more detailed information on the schools in Texas.

How can a drug felon become a teacher in Texas?

Sadly, what you have been told is correct. In order for you to teach you need to pass a background check. It is very likely that the state will deny you your teaching license due to the felony. You may want to check with the Texas Department of Education and see if there is any flexibility though.

What is a good book to read that incorporates texas government in it?

Twisted Truth by Wendy Schmid-Eastwood A true account of the struggle for justice of a death row inmate. It's not really literary, and to be honest the editing's weak (or possibly non-existent--Wendy self-published it at considerable expense) but it's a disturbing story and goes into some detail about the Texas justice system (and I use the term "justice" loosely).

What will Texas fans do if Oklahoma loses to Missouri and they put USC in the BCS championship?

we would protest, and ask the President of the University of Texas to put us in the SEC. EDIT USC would NOT jump Texas. The BCS point gap between Texas and USC is too great. Pundits are now wondering if the gap is too great between Texas and Florida.

can debt collectors sue in the state of texas or garnish your wages. what are the laws in texas?

They can sue, and can normally withdraw from a bank account upon court award; but they cannot garnish wages for consumer debt in Texas. .

How Is The Weather In The Texas Panhandle During The Winter Season ?

The Texas Panhandle gets cold and the wind is always blowing. The area gets an average of 18 inches of snow each winter. Only a thin strip of Oklahoma Panhandle separates Texas Panhandle from Colorado so it's actually more north than you realize. Bundle up.

What is following is correct from the Texas Constitution of 1876 ?

The answer is C. All the other offices are elected by the people of Texas. When people from other states voted for George W. Bush, some were impressed that he was governor of Texas. Under our state constitution - the Constitution of 1876 - the Texas governor has nearly no power at all. My dog could be Texas governor and not mess things up. Heck, even Rick Perry could do the job!

How long does a student need to stay in Texas in order to receive financial aid from the state?

FASFA is aid from the government, not the state. I'm not sure about Texas but I doubt their education funding comes from state money. Not sure though. You don't need to be a resident in a certain state to receive money through FASFA though.

How do I get my Texas registered truck inspected when I am in California?

you call the texas DVM and ask them what to do.

How do I get new Texas Drivers License due to surcharges?

You should contact authority of Texas Drivers License

How many members of the Texas House did the 1876 Constitution provide for originally?

The US COnstitution would not help, because you're talking specifically about Texas. You'd need to find a copy of the Texas State Constitution of 1876, and look at the section dealing with the organization of the Legislative Branch. (Probably, Article I).

How will Rick Perry campaign on being such a great Governor, when Texas is burnt to the ground?

Texas is the butthole of America. I pity anybody who lives there.

What are the Requierments for a permanent resident to buy guns in the state of texas?

I can't asnwer for Texas' laws, but under federal law you need to be at least 18 to purchase a rifle or shotgun, or 21 to purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer (an "FFL.") You also need to show two forms of identification for the Form 4473. One of thsoe IDs needs to be a government-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or military ID) and both need to show the same physical address (i.e., not a PO box.) You also need to be a legal resident of the US and of your state (i.e., no wetbacks), not have any felony convictions, no domestic violence restraining orders, not a user of/addicted to drugs, never been adjudicated mentally incompetent...basically have a clean criminal record.

Can the state court of Texas overide a ruling by the Supreme court of the United States?

A Texas state court cannot overide a ruling by the US Supreme Court. This is a fact. The US Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States.

What is the weather and temperature like all year in Dallas Texas?

Welcome to Dallas. Hope you like it here. OK.. things you really should know. - Lewisville is OK. Good location, near major highways. It has good and less desirable parts of town. - Lewisville Schools are OK. Not rated as high as nearby Coppell or Flower Mound. - Do not go to Lewisville Hospital. They are completely incompetent. Baylor and Presbyterian Hospitals are the best general hospitals in DFW. - Texas electricity is de-regulated. Think rip-off. I generally stick with the larger companies: Reliant, TXU, Direct Energy and sign a contract for the lowest rate. TXU is raising rates. Reliant just dropped their's. - For nearby entertainment, I would suggest reading and Nearby Grapevine and Southlake is full of activity. - Nearby FlowerMound opened a state of the art Aquatic Center last year. I highly recommend it. - Nearby Coppell has the nicest library you'll find. They will charge you a small fee.

How many times has George Bush dared to leave the state of Texas since January 20th?

I don't think he's scared to go anywhere. He has the secret service still protecting him. If he comes to your part of the country you should try to approach him and ask him why he dared to leave Texas.

How do you transfer your teaching certification from Texas to California?

Info here: see the link listed as: Secondary (Single Subject) Teaching Credentials -- Individuals Prepared Out-of-State its not daunting - as you know it is simply requirements. you had to run through them in Texas, you knew it would be the same. Its not your first rodeo.

How did Texas become part of the United States?

The new Republic of Texas asked to be annexed to the United States as early as 1837. The governments of Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren took no action for two reasons. First, the question of Texas annexation divided the North and South. Up to the 1840s, trans–Mississippi expansion had extended Southern society: Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri were all slave states. Texas would be another, and Northerners who disliked slavery and Southern political power imagined that the Texas territory could become as many as 11 new slave states with 22 new proslavery senators. Annexation of Texas was certain to arouse Northern and antislavery opposition. President John Tyler, who supported the South, tried to annex Texas in 1844 but was defeated by congressional Northerners and by some Southern members of the anti-Jacksonian Whig Party. The second reason for avoiding annexation was that Mexico still considered Texas its own territory. Annexation would create a diplomatic crisis, and perhaps lead to war. In the presidential election of 1844 the Whig Party nominated Henry Clay of Kentucky. Clay refused to take a stand on the annexation of Texas. The Democrats rejected former president Martin Van Buren, who opposed annexation, and nominated James K. Polk of Tennessee. Polk ran on a pro-annexation platform: He would annex Texas, and he would assert American ownership of all of Oregon’s territory disputed with Britain. Polk’s position on Oregon was intended to reassure Northerners that expansion would benefit them as well as the South. This position on Oregon was, however, a radical change from earlier policies. Previously, Americans had not claimed land north of the 49th parallel, the present-day United States–Canada border on the Pacific. Polk claimed all the land up to latitude 54°40’ north, the present southern boundary of Alaska, which at the time was owned by Russia. The British, on the other hand, claimed territory as far south as the Columbia River. After Polk won the election, both sides sought to avoid a serious dispute; they backed down and accepted the boundary that exists today between Washington State and British Columbia. The compromise avoided war, but it convinced Northern expansionists that Polk (and behind him, the Democratic Party) cared more about Southern expansion than about Northern expansion. I War with Mexico There was ample reason for that suspicion. While Polk compromised with Britain on the Oregon boundary, he stood adamant against Mexico on the question of Texas. Mexico warned that it would consider the annexation of Texas by the United States a declaration of war. A Texas convention voted to join the Union on July 4, 1845. Polk and a Congress strongly favoring annexation not only offered to take Texas into the Union, they also set the southern boundary of the new state at the Rio Grande—150 miles south of what most people had agreed was the Texas–Mexico border. The new boundary gave Texas far more Mexican land (including much of present-day New Mexico and Colorado) than the Texas Revolution had given it. Polk knew that the additional territory would provide a gateway to New Mexico and California, territories of northern Mexico that he and other expansionists coveted along with Texas. While annexing Texas, Polk offered to buy New Mexico and California from Mexico for $30 million in late 1845—an offer that the Mexicans angrily refused. Polk then provoked a war with Mexico in which he would win all that he had offered to buy. As Mexico prepared for war, Polk sent troops into the disputed area north of the Rio Grande. Mexico sent troops north of the Rio Grande and in spring 1846 fought a skirmish in which the Americans suffered more than a dozen casualties. Congress declared war on Mexico that May. Near–unanimous congressional support for the declaration hid the fact that most Whigs and many Northern Democrats were deeply suspicious of a Southern war to annex new territory for slavery. In the war the Americans launched a three–pronged offensive. General Zachary Taylor invaded northern Mexico from Texas, capturing the city of Monterrey in September 1846. A second American army under General Stephen Kearny occupied Santa Fe in August of that year. Kearny then sent part of his force to join Taylor at Monterrey and marched the rest of his army west to California, where American settlers had already established an independent “Bear Flag Republic.” At the same time, the U.S. Navy seized California ports. Having lost Texas, California, New Mexico, and large portions of Chihuahua and Sonora in northern Mexico, the Mexicans marched toward Taylor’s army near Monterrey. Taylor held off determined attacks by a Mexican army about three times as large as his own and won the Battle of Buena Vista in February 1847. The next month the third prong of the U.S. offensive was launched when General Winfield Scott landed at Veracruz. Five months later he had fought his way to Mexico City. here is a large part of the info ans istes to link you: As happened in much of the war, the Mexican army was larger and fought bravely, but the Mexican government and high command were divided and often incompetent, and the Americans were better armed and better led. In particular, the Mexicans had no answer to American artillery. After a series of bloody battles in September 1847, Scott’s army occupied Mexico City, and the war was over. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 ceded Texas (with the Rio Grande boundary), California, and New Mexico to the United States, which agreed to pay Mexico $15 million. The Mexican Cession gave the United States present–day west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, most of Colorado, and part of Wyoming. The northern third of Mexico had become the southwestern quarter of the United States. The Mexican War was a straightforward land–grab. The ease with which the United States won and the arrogance with which it behaved created a distrustful and sometimes violent southern border area for the country. More immediately, the lands ceded by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo became the object of contest and resentment between the slave and free states—a conflict that would widen into the American Civil War 13 years later.

What schools in Texas can you go to, to become a physical therapist?

Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches has a major in Kinesiology. Here is the web address: The Texas Workforce Commission probably has labor statistics for the various regions of Texas. That is the place to find out about salaries.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to moving to different parts of Texas?

West Texas is much flatter, drier and does not have as much vegatation. East Texas has the piny woods, is very humid and has a large amount of vegetation. The hill country is pretty much just like it sounds -- hilly and is otherwise sort of the transition area between east and west texas. All 3 have plenty of rural or city areas in which to live: Midland/Odessa, Lubbock, El Paso out West; Tyler/Longview, Nacogdoches/Lufkin, Beaumont/Pt. Arthur or even Houston in the East. The central area down the I-35 corridor is probably the most metropolitan (outside of Houston) with D/FW, Austin & San Antonio.

When was the last time a democratic presidential nominee carried Texas?

LBJ carried Texas in 1964. Hubert Humphrey in 1968. Carter in 1976.

How long do you have to be a resident of Texas for, until you are allowed to pay instate tuition for college?

If you are accepted and designated as out of state for tuition purposes, that is how you will remain until a qualifying event (marriage, purchasing real estate) occurs and then you can petition the school for a change of residency status. Remember though, being a resident of Texas is one thing, being a resident for tuition purposes is another. If you are a dependent on the FAFSA, you will be considered a resident of whatever state your parent's list on their tax returns.

What are the steps to overturning the Gay Marriage Ban in Texas?

Don't get me wrong I am against bans, and bans in general. I believe people should be allowed to do what makes them happy. SO if you want to marry your truck go for it. The issue here is that we live in a wonderful democracy which means its power to the majority vote. You pretty much need to get it back on the Ballot and convince the majority that your views are correct. And being it Texas um have fun with that

How come Texas only produces oil when the price is up?

Now you know Texas!

Is Texas homestead exemption based on who lives at home or who owns it?

In Michigan, it doesn't matter how much each person contributes - if two names are on the deed, one person can claim the exemption. For example, Mr. Jones helps his son purchase a house so Mr. Jones and Mr. Jones Jr. are on the deed. Mr. Jones Jr. lives there and files the Principal Residence Exemption (that is what it is called here) in his name. He is entitled to the entire exemption, not just half. All states are different and you should check into the state law regarding the Homestead Exemption in Texas. As far as the percentage of ownership, is that someplace in writing that the granddaughter owns less than 1%? According to what I can see about the TX homestead law, you will have to put down what percentage each person owns, but unless there is information to the contrary on record, you could put the percentage down as whatever you want. Like I said, I am in Michigan, so you should check with someone in Texas for the finer points of the law.

What the difference between the snow in Texas and the snow up north?

there is no difference snow in texas and snow in north are falling for same reason.....cause its friggin cold. but i live in record high temperatures florida. i think i might go to beach today. just kidding. it is pretty darn warm down here though.

What advantages are there living in Texas versus living in Oklahoma?

Well. as you've probably heard, everything is bigger and better in Texas!!! Just stay out of Houston and Dallas. They are both pretty ugly cities. My suggestion would be to go to the hill country around New Braunfels. It's really pretty up there and the rivers (Guadalupe, Comal) are like right in your back yard.

Is it possible to grow east Texas trees and grass in the deserts of west Texas?

Adding soil to 20 acres would be cost prohibitive. It would be possible to plant some trees that grow in E Texas and grow them in W Texas but you would have to go on a tree to tree basis and see whether they would adapt to the W Texas climate. There are references on the web that will ID the climate zones that any tree can adapt to.

How are mammographer jobs in texas compared to wisconsin?

I hear in Texas they are a handefull-I guess everything really is bigger in Texas.

How does the revised Texas curriculum plan to disprove separation of church and state?

It will be changing historical fact in order to discredit everything by Jefferson, Paine, the federalist papers and instead reinforce the false and misguided ultra right wing notion that this is a Christian nation. Teaching creationism in school, by the way, is not in the plan, but if it is taught, it will be found to be unconstitutional, as has already been found to be true in state courts around the nation. If this foolish idea passes muster, then Texas can rejoin the ranks of the least effective school systems in the nation. Something like what the SBOE proposes will certainly allow Texas to become the worst school system in the nation, dragging down other school systems when they have to replace textbooks with the lies and garbage that the Texas SBOE proposes.

Could Texas turn into a blue state because white people are becoming the minority in Texas?

No - because of some of the reasons that other people said, but also because the whites have an influence on the other minorities. It's not right to simply assume that a minority, especially the Mexicans in Texas, will always be Democratic. Some are Republicans. Maybe give it another 10-15 years, and you might see a slight to moderate change in the voting style. I don't think they'll go significantly blue though...they're just too damn Southern. Those rednecksss

What industries does texas and alaska have besides oil?

Oil is what they call a "common property resource". That means that it belongs to all of us, just like the salmon in the sea and the gold in the ground. Companies are given opportunities and often, incentives, to harvest these resources and to sell them for a profit. But part of the deal is that they have to pay the citizens who own the resource for the privilege of using resources that belong to us all. In addition to the oil industry, Alaska has strong timber, fishing, metal mining, and tourism industries. There are other minor industries, as well. No matter what the average income, there are people in both Alaska and Texas who are very poor. Manufacturing industry is prone to taxes as much as any other industry. As is agriculture, and other parts of our economy. Each state chooses how it will pay for roads, schools, hospitals, etc. and usually taxes profits, or property, or whatever else is available to them in their state. Like mining and the oil industry, manufacturing also uses up limited material resources. There are few industries that I can think of that do not consume materials at a great rate. The ones that come to mind are tourism, which relies on clean air and nice scenery, and intellectual industries such as research and invention. A software developer or medical researcher would be an example. Your question is interesting food for thought.

How are Texas Medical schools different from other Medical schools?

They're in Texas. The others aren't.

Where in Texas can a handsome black ack Canadian cowboy find cowgirls?

Texas is full of 'cowgirl' should have no problem...dude...

Do spouses in Texas have rights to money in each others separate bank accounts?

Community property in Texas applies to federal income taxes. It also applies to debts and assets such as houses, furniture, cars, and so on which are accumulated while you are married. However, your separate bank account belongs to you.