Why are feminists so ugly?

They are all harridans and not worth considering .

please edit my paper ASAP!!?

The modeling industry is damaging girls’ body image and promoting eating disorders by allowing unnaturally skinny models to walk in fashion shows and be in magazine ads. Designers in Spain made a bold statement when they announced that they are now placing limits on how skinny a model can be on the catwalk. Notorious for pushing models to be their thinnest, which causes many models to develop eating disorders, the announcement sent shock-waves through the modeling industry. Placing limits on how skinny models can be will help girls understand that being stick thin is not pretty, and being comfortable in your own skin is. when looking at magazines and ads for clothing stores, all you see are these gorgeous skinny models looking really happy standing next to these attractive boys. Young girls are made to believe they should admire that. These stick thin models are idolized by young girls and teens but are setting a bad example. "Young girls aspire to look like the catwalk models. When those models are unhealthily underweight, it pressurizes girls to starve themselves to look the same," stated Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell during an interview durring fashion week in Madrid (CBSnews.com). Having size zero girls everywhere in every magazine is effecting girls' self image and health. As early as first grade, girls feel the pressure to be thin. According to a study on pre-adolescent children, 42% of first-third grade girls want to be thinner (Collins 1991) as a result of our culture placing so much emphasis on being thin. Some girls have the self-esteem to dismiss these pictures in magazines, but not many. Many girls diet and go to extreme lengths such as developing anorexia to look like these models on the catwalk, even though these models are 98% thinner than the average American. The ultra thin look is really unobtainable by most. Self esteem raising ads have started to come out lately in order to combat the rise in eating disorder statistics. Ads for products such as Dove and Hanes have shown average sized women who love their bodies in tv ans print ads. Promoting these healthy images should appear more in magazines and on the runway in order to help girls realize that stick thin is not attractive or glamorous and that being happy and comfortable in your own skin is. If the modeling industry was to stop pressuring models to be extremely thin and more realistic models appeared in print ads, fewer girls would resort to drastic measures with their eating habits. Teens and young girls would stop thinking that they need to lose weight. They would learn to love their bodies and find that they do not need to compare their bodies to anyone else. um...u did want me to do the edits for u, right?...and i didn't want to change ur writing style....

please summarize this 300 words articles into 100 words?

It's YOUR homework, and it's for you own benefit. Instead of waiting for answers on Yahoo, you could've been done with you homework.

Is it sexist that women don't have a wrestling event at the Olympics?

she can do that but how many people will watch those sports? men's sports are always there because people watch them not many will watch the same sports with women.

£400,000 later and that's the best Olympic logo they can come up with?

You are right. They said they wanted this logo because it would appeal to the 'future generation'. What they should have done is open a competition to schools to design the best one. At the end the school with the winner would get maybe £50,000 in resources for the school. That way the schools win (for a much smaller cost) and the 'future generations' get a logo they appreciate. What annoys me more than anything is even though everyone hates it and people have had medical issues as a result of it, they STILL won't change it.

Is Britain becoming a Banana Republic?

Any serious question based on an article from the Daily Mail is totally missing the point. You may as well ask 'Are pedophiles taking over Britain?' or 'Why are all Asylum Seekers in Al-Quaeda'?. Read some real news mate.

Tessa Jowell- Idiot or politician?

So you do serious questions at 3am GMT too, eh :-). The operators will always, en masse, do what they can legally - they'll push as far as they can. If they can't pump in oxygen, you can be sure they'll have a few extra windows open :). If no free drinks, then darn cheap ones.....free mini-bars....and you can take those cans into the gambling hall of course, folks! With re. to my Q, what games do you play?