How did Nikola Tesla created fuel less energy?

IF you would just take a few minutes and read about Mr. Tesla you will find that his final years were spent in unfortunate conditions for a man who had previously demonstrated such brilliance. It was during these later years that his attemps at invention were more fantasy than science. That would include the so-called fuel- less energy concept. Scientists are not beyond mistakes including Tesla and some scientists are not beyond misrepresentations.

How was Nikola Tesla's tower supposed to provide free power to everyone?

If I remember correctly, Tesla believed that there was a natural resonant frequency for the earth and if you transmitted at the right frequency, you could transmit the energy around the world with very little loss. Since there were no wires between generator and receiver, all one would need to do to receive power would be to string a wire and connect it to a load. The power was "free" in the sense that there were no wires going from the generator to your house, so there was no place to install a meter. He was able to light a string of lights, but he also did this out in the middle of nowhere where he didn't have to worry about people being shocked from induced currents.

What did Nicola Tesla really do with his inventions?

he ate them, duh

tesla attempted to show a grand fireworks display for admiral birds expedition.What was the date?

If you're asking if he caused the Tunguska event, it's a fun hypothesis that I enjoy, but no, he didn't. 100 years ago we didn't know much about meteoric interactions with the atmosphere, and wild speculation like this ran around about the cause of the event. We know a lot more now though, and all the evidence matches well with an air burst by a comet or asteroid.

How many of Nikola Tesla's patents were used in the making of the first Television?

How to make a battery powered tesla coil?

I built a battery powered tesla coil myself. One of the hardest parts of working with batteries is their life span. The primary circuit of a tesla coil draws a LOT of current. Batteries are rated in amp-hours, meaning the number of hours they can go if the load is drawing 1 Amp of current. A good battery has about 4-6 amp hours. However, a tesla coil absolutely has to draw more current than 1 amp in order to get anywhere near a respectable current going through the primary current (remember that the primary coil has high current, and the secondary has high voltage). So the batteries will die very quickly. I built my coil using lantern batteries, 2 of them in series (12V), running through a pulse circuit and a car ignition coil to produce high voltage. The ignition coil will output somewhere around a 1-inch spark at a very high frequency. The ignition coil method (which is by far, the most efficient tesla coil you can make with a limited power supply like batteries) works very well. I have used the ignition coil tesla coil method run plasma globes, make Kirlian photos, etc. This is the way that it works: An ignition coil requires a pulsed AC signal in order to continuously output a spark like a tesla coil. Batteries are DC, so you need to find a way to pulse the DC signal. Specifically, you need to make a square wave(a square wave is where it goes on-off-on-off thousands of times per second). There are two ways to do this: 1. Use a relay wired as and electromechanical buzzer. It sounds very diificult, but it is not. It is $2.00 worth of parts and can be assembeled without soldering in less than 5 minutes. This way is the most similar way to the one that Tesla used. 2. Make an integrated circuit. There are a lot of people out there on the web who have used transistors to develop a complicated circuit that will pulse a 555 timer to drive an ignition coil. If you are good at soldering and circuitry, this way probably makes a nicer spark. I answer a lot of tesla coil and Nikola Tesla questions, so you might want to browse thru my profile for more info.

Are there any onlines sites on Tesla's work, especially anything detailing his experiments?

Here's a link to some current work using Tesla data. I'll search around for deeper background and I find some links for the older stuff I'll post them to you. Most of Tesla's papers were confiscated by the government when he died, I recall reading somewhere. Edit: Added some links. I'll see how many more Ms. Yahoo will allow.

What would motivate Tesla to lie about the methods that provided him with scientific breakthrough's?

What would motivate Edison to steal ideas and inventions from those who worked for him, patent them himself, and make money off them without sharing with his employees? I am not aware that there is a single explanation for genius or the working of the human mind to produce new ideas.

How does John Hutchison operates a tesla coil with only 75 watts to levitate a cannon ball?

How it works is, you build Tesla's entire lab by hand, piece by piece and continue the research where Nikola left off. ; )

How much energy Tesla Roadster required to travel one mile?

in 1 mile, it travels 1/220 or 0.0045455 of it's total range, and uses the same proportion of it's total energy. so 55 kw-hr x 0.0045455 = 0.25 kw-hr per mile, or 250 watt-hr per mile. ⬅ just for curiosity, gasoline has an energy density of 36.6 kWh/US gal So the tesla numbers converted to miles per gallon is: 36.6 kWh/gal / 0.25 kw-hr/mile = 146 miles per gallon .