when pastor terry jones realises that there is no deal to move the new york mosque, will he go ahead with it?

no he is trying to look like he is all brave and everything he is so stupid like omg he is retarded he knows that if he burns the korans then the next bombing will be at his house if he doesnt know that and carries on allah WILL protect the korans and a horrible thing will come over al of them, you just watch

what do you think about terry jones act to born the koran ?

It's disgusting and inflammatory.... true, the scum who perpetrated 9/11 were Muslims but the VAST majority of Muslims condemned them for it. Burning a book which is sacred to so many innocent Muslims will only give Al Qaeda an excuse to perform more atrocities. Who will bear the brunt of these atrocities??... innocent Americans. It's best to let sleeping dogs lie... not kick them in the teeth.

Do you believe that most Americans agree with Pastor Terry Jones burning the Koran?

as a US citizen i don't think that WE all agree with him...I was raised to respect all faiths because when it's all said and done, who knows they may be right.......I wouldn't to see my book of faith burned so why would I agree with the burning of someone else ....beside the burning of books is, to me, the stupidest thing to do....we were appalled when hitler did so why should we think that this nut case is right?

Should Pastor Terry Jones be turned over to the Muslim Supreme Council for examination?

1. He should never have been given air time, so you have to question the medias motives. 2. Who cares what anyone does with their own property. If these books where bought or freely given too him. They're his property too do what the hell he wants and if you where freezing too death and all you had was the bibles or some other book. Are you expected to die for the sake of some persons belief. Too which they, like Christians can't prove......... 3. When i was a kid we took, two pieces of wood in the shape of a cross. We used elastic and close pegs. Which we then used as CROSS BOWS. Weapons of childish fun and no one said a dam thing. All this garbage is being played out because two groups hate each other and their both looking for an excuse to shout at one an other and today it's writings man wrote and their not the word of god, there the word of man. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE

What is the real motive behind Florida Pastor Terry Jones' threat of burning 200 copies of the Koran?

Attention and donations. @@@

Why are People saying Terry Jones did anything Wrong?

the expression of free speech is frowned upon by the 0bama sheep UNLESS it involves burning the America Flag!!!!

is it true that pastor Terry Jones who intended to burn the Qur'an is dead in a road accident?

Hahahahahaha, may as well be: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/8012737/Pastor-who-threatened-to-burn-Korans-told-to-pay-police-bill.html

What day did terry jones burn the Quran?

He said he was going to, but he didn't

What do you think of Terry Jones' personality that threatens to burn the sacred book of Muslim brotheren?

The USA has this little thing called the First Amendment. You familiar with it? The same Constitutionally protected right that allows YOU to post material defaming Jones allows Jones to burn a book he finds distasteful. The first amendment protects ALL speech, not just speech with which most of the population agrees. Jones is WELL WITHIN his rights to burn the Koran, the Bible the US flag or The Cat in the Hat. All WITHOUT fear of reprisal from his government. Interestingly, the fears about his intended actions have nothing to do with the act itself. They have everything to do with the potential actions of groups who may retaliate against Christians and/or the United States as a whole (e.g., enraged Muslims who slam planes into skyscrapers) . As far as comparing Terry Jones to a mass murderer - well, that's just a bit silly and unnecessarily inflammatory, isn't it? Jones isn't killing his followers, he's setting a fire on his own property and burning some books. It's the media who are turning what would have been a tiny, easily forgettable event into what could well become a worldwide tragedy. ~Dr. B.~

What do you think about Pastor Terry Jones organizing the Quran burning?

He will probably be driven out like he was from Germany.