What is the name of the very last song played in the final by Terry Fator in America's got talent?

Roy Orbisons "Crying" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0NxhP9GSeo

Does anyone know the name of the western yodeling song that Terry Fator sings with his puppet Walter?

Pickles and the cucumbers by Henry Dauschford

Ever been to see Terry Fator?

Wonderful show. U will like it!

Is Terry Fator's ventriloquist show OK for Kids?

I have not had the pleasure of seeing his Vegas show myself, but friends have. From friends and many reviews, it's my understanding his show is family friendly (let's say a PG-13 rating.) This, only because the show contains some mild 'sexual innuendos,' but nothing raunchy, etc. He is bringing them in by the droves and reviews have been fantastic. According to most, not only a family friendly show, but one of the best shows in Vegas.

what were the songs terry fator sang at las vegas?


Does everyone get to meet Terry Fator at his meet and greet?

are the side seats in the terry fator theatre okay?

Yes. Have fun!

Does Terry Fator still do Michael Jackson impressions?

Terry doesn't do MJ any more.

Who do u like better Terry Fator or Prince Poppycock?

Terry Fator, but I like prince p too.

What song would you like Terry Fator to sing?

Party In the USA by Miley Cyrus...... that would be hilarious for him to make a miley puppet