Where can I find pictures of the actor Terry Crews in the NFL?

look on yahoo images

Manny pacquiao vs terry crews in a street fight?


Does anyone know any funny movies with terry crews in it?

Idiocracy and Get Smart are both really funny and you can buy all of the Ali G episodes on iTunes I believe.

What is the name of the movie where Terry Crews plays president Obama?

Terry Crews never played Obama. In 2012, there was a black president in honor of Obama, but he was played by Danny Glover. Terry Crews did play a president but it was in Idiocracy, which is way off.

Why hasn't Terry Crews had his own feature film yet?

He definitely stole the show in White Chicks!! I would love to see him in his own movie.

Who would win in a fight, Gerard Butler or Terry Crews?

Gerard Butler cause he's a mad Scot

Does anyone know where I can find a Terry Crews jersey when he played for the St. Louis Rams?

hi, friend pls check the website www.takejerseys.com hope this will help you :)

What song did Terry Crews sing in the movie Click?

its the song that goes everybody's working for the weekend

Can anyone help me find videos of Terry Crews playing football in the NFL?

Terry Crews was drafted in the NFL in 1991 as a outside linebacker by the san diego chargers In 1995 Terry Crews played for the NFL Europe team Rhein Fire and lead team in sacks with 5 in there 10 game season. Then after the season the Washington Redskins signed Crews for the 1995-96 season in which he played in every game that season. Terry Crews officially retired from the NFL in 1997 Played college ball at western michigan as an all conference defensive end His career stats in college from 1987-1990 are: 138 tackles 23 tackles for loss 7 sacks

What was the name of the gun Terry Crews had on The Expendables movie?

The best web source for this type of question is IMFDb (the Internet Movie Firearms Database): http://www.imfdb.org/index.php/Expendables,_The These weapons are listed under Shotguns: 4.1 AA-12 -- Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) uses a AA-12 with drum magazine and flashlight attachment. The weapon is loaded with Frag-12 explosive rounds (which he describes in great detail right before the raid). 4.2 Saiga 12 4.3 Serbu Super Shorty