Whose a better QB Terrelle Pryor or Vince Young?

Vince Young was one of the best college players ever!Terrelle Pryor has done nothing!

both terrelle pryor and malcolm jenkins are #2 on ohio state?

One dude puts on his #2 jersey, the other puts on his #2 jersey. What's the problem???????

Should Terrelle Pryor even think about what school to go to?

I agree with you. The only problem I see is that Penn. is pretty far from Austin. No other school could suit him better, also UT is a consistent Tourney team in Basketball to help him there. Warchant- He would most likely sit at a few of the schools on him list: Florida, Penn State, Texas. Notre Dame has Clausen so probably would put Pryor ahead. If you could go to Texas, Florida or, Michigan why would you want to go to West Virginia??? p.s. I am horns fan but that's the way I see it. Hook'em Horns!!!

Poll: Do you think Terrelle Pryor will be a first round draft pick if he stays another season?

yes, i do.

How bad of a decision is it now for Terrelle Pryor to stay in school now that Andrew Luck is staying put?

No effect. Pryor isn't the top QB on the board for ability reasons, not because he didn't enter. He has mechanical flaws in his throwing motion and suspect decision making (on and off the field).

Different reasons to be disappointed in Terrelle Pryor and the other Buckeyes.?

Yes this shows that they don't care about their accomplishments and is horrible for team morale. There are so many people who would kill to have and do what Terrelle Pryor has and has done.

terrelle pryor!!!!!!!?

pryor was a good basketball player in high school, he won a state championship and was getting recruited to play college basketball, if u can learn anything from him to apply to basketball, is agility and quickness, which is use to blow past defenders in a game as far as being nervous when a game is on the line, just believe u can will your team to victory, basketball is mostly mental, so have confidence in yourself and u will succeed

Is terrelle pryor the real deal when it comes to best highschool football player in country?

Its mostly between Ohio State and Michigan. Most people say michigan will be the best fit because they run the Spread Option that he likes. However, the experts are picking him to go to OSU. OSU will imploy different types of offenses to help him succeed to go to the pros and thats what he wants. He is best friends with many of OSU's commits and he likes Tressel alot. As far if he is the real deal, he has all the potential. Hes 6'6 240 ish and runs a 4.4 forty. People compare him to Vince Young and we all know what he did in college.

How many games will Terrelle Pryor of Ohio State be banished from?

It is still in the appeals process. I can imagine they'll get the suspension reduced to 3 games. You never know about the NCAA because they are so inconsistent and all about the money if it benefits them. RT

Terrelle Pryor?

Hopefully Michigan. As soon as Coach Rod announced he was leaving WV, Pryor immediately "put Michigan on his list". With the talent he showed in the Army game, I think things may get tweaked to take advantage of his arm. Everyone is making a big deal with the zone read offense and it mainly being a run first and pass little, but I wouldn't have EVER believed Carr and DeBord would install a spread offense the way they did against Florida. So anythings possible.