How much will it cost from Fiumicino Airport to Rome Termini Station?

The Leonardo Express goes straight to Termini but is really too expensive (11 euros!) it is a little a trap for tourists. Taxi is even more expensive (40 euros). The best way is the train FR1 with destination Orte, Fara Sabina or Poggio Mirteto, which makes many stops in Rome (Roma Ostiense, Roma Trastevere, Roma Tuscolana, Roma Tiburtina...) and costs 5,50 euros. Romans usually take it instead of Leonardo Express, it is cheaper, it starts four times an hour (Leonardo twice an hour) and lets to reach more zones of Rome. If you have really to reach Termini, the best way is the FR1 to Roma Ostiense, and then the subway B to Termini.

Any good restaurants favored by locals near Stazione Termini and near Piazza Navona in Rome?

Around the stazione termini, you may find a lot of restaurants where immigrants go and close to piazza navona the restaurants will be full of tourists. If you want to eat real roman food, you have to go anywhere around Testaccio (close to he pyramid). There is "Ne arte, ne parte", "Da bucatino" and "Da Felice", just to name the ones that come to my mind now. Good roman food (carbonara, gricia, amatriciana, scottadito, ...), good wine from the castelli and good ambience.

Is it a bad idea to stay in a hotel near Termini Station?

Hi There When are you going to Rome? No , The area around Termini station is perfectly fine.Keep your money in a money belt out of sight or in your front pocket and walk with purpose and you will have no problems. Always beware of your surroundings. You must be careful in any place in the world. If you plan to use the station, don't hesitate to stay nearby Here are a couple of hotels that I can recommend: St. Moritz Hotel 51 Via Nazionale Rome 00184 Italy Tel.+ 39 06-48-68-90 Fax: +39 06-47-40-097 The Hotel St.Moritz is a 3-star accommodation located in the centre of Rome in a beautiful building dating back to the 19th century Breakfast included Price range 65 Euros to 250 Euros all year around Hotel Italia Via Venezia, 18 Roma, 00184 Tel.+39 06-482-8355 Fax +39 06-745-550 It is situated in the heart of historic Rome. Near the Spanish Steps, Fountain of Trevi, Termini station and the Colosseum. It located 3 blocks from Termini station. Breakfast included Price Range 50 Euros to 200 Euros I personally have stayed at the Hotel St. Moritz and Hotel Italia. I haven't stayed at the Hotel St. Moritz in many years. I like the location of the Hotel Italia and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I have stayed there several times. The hotel is not fancy, but I really enjoyed staying there. ***Some words of advice: Read reviews on the hotels, B&B's etc, where you are thinking of staying. Additional information ***The 110 Bus--This is a good way to get an overview of the city, but don't expect a full blown tour...the attractions are highlighted using a prerecorded message in several different languages (they provide headphones). I would only recommend this bus if you're nervous about getting around the city on your own. I would suggest using this tour on the first day you arrive so you can get an overview of the city and try to get your bearings. You can buy the tickets at Termini station. The cost is about 13 euros for a hop on/hop off tour or 8 euors for a non stop tour. ***It is well worth it. I rode the 110 Bus to get around the city when the distances to walk were too far. It is cheaper than a cab/taxi ride. You can get on and off all day. Timetable April-September: 9:00-20:00 October-March: 10:00-18:00 For info and booking: +39 06 46952252 Helpful link for moving around Rome

I will be staying in Rome (near Termini), for 3,5 days. How should I do things so I maximize my time?

I am from Rome! From Termini to S. Maria Maggiore is 5 minutes, so I say to you: begin your visit with this wonderful church! This is my favourite itinerary (4 days): There is a bus (the 64) that takes you from Termini to Piazza Venezia! So the start is from Piazza Venezia. 1st day: Renaissance and Baroque. Piazza Venezia, Piazza del Campidoglio, Via del Corso, Piazza S. Ignazio, Piazza di Pietra, Pantheon, S. Luigi dei Francesi (with 3 of the most important Caravaggio's masterpieces), S. Agostino (Madonna di Caravaggio inside), Piazza Navona, S. Maria della Pace, Via dei Coronari, Castel S. Angelo, Piazza S. Pietro. 2nd day: Baroque. Piazza Venezia, Fontana di Trevi, Quirinale, S. Andrea al Quirinale, S. Carlo alle quattro fontane (look at the Borromini Cloister!), Palazzo Barberini, Fontana del Tritone (Piazza Barberini), Via Veneto, Villa Borghese, Galleria Borghese. 3rd day: Along Via del Corso & Tridente. Piazza Venezia, Via del Corso, Piazza Colonna, Piazza Montecitorio, Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Piazza di Spagna, Via del Babuino, Via Margutta, Piazza del Popolo, S. Maria del Popolo (two of the most important Caravaggio' masterpieces), Pincio. 4th day: Area Archeologica dei Fori. Piazza Venezia, Colonna Traiana, Piazza del Campidoglio, Musei Capitolini, Foro Romano, Palatino, Colosseo, Arco di Costantino. Rome by night: Via dei Coronari (at six pm!), Gianicolo, Trastevere (pub, pizza, restaurant), Campo de' Fiori (pub, disco), . If you stay another day.... 5th day: Trastevere & Gianicolo. Piazza Venezia, Teatro Marcello, Isola Tiberina, Trastevere, Via della Lungaretta, S. Maria in Trastevere, S. Pietro in Montorio (Tempietto del Bramante), Fontana Acqua Paola, Gianicolo (WONDERFUL!) This is a site for Roma pass card! ENJOY :)))

how long does it take to get to termini station from FCO airport by Leonardo express?

The travel from FCO to termini lasts about 30 minutes. Every half an hour a train leaves from FCO to downtown (go to the italian railways website, if you wanna take a look to the timetable, there's also the english version). Once in Rome i advise you to visit or the Trinità dei monti steps and its neighborhood, or the Coliseum and the palatine hill. Both the monuments are close to the subway, so that you can easily go back to termini. Have a good trip, and sorry for my english...:-) Bye!!!

How to reach to Bandra Terminus from Mulund by local?

The best way to travel fro Mulund to Bandra Comples is to travel from Mulund to Kurla and then take an auto or taxi from Kurla to Bandra. You can get slow trains from Platform No.2 and fast trains from Platform No. 4 of Mulund Station. You can reach Bandra terminus within 45 minutes. You can also travel upto Dadar and then cross over to western railway side and then take borivili bound trains and get down at Bandra.

Are there lockers to rent in the Termini train station in Rome, suitable for storing a suitcase for 5 days?

There are no lockers in Termini, but there is a staffed baggage storage center. I know that in most cities the limit is five days. I don't know how strict they are about you getting back within exactly 120 hours (24 x 5)... you should read the signage at the station and ask someone in line to help you translate (because the type of people who work at baggage storage centers don't usually speak English). I was in Milan recently and they required a photocopy of your ID (passport or driver's license) to store baggage at the station... be prepared for something similar at Termini. By the way, the line is often up to three hours long to drop off AND pick up your bags.

In Italy, does the train go from Rome Fumicino Airport straight to Naples or do I have to go Termini first?

Service to Naples runs through Termini. There is no direct service from Fiumicino. The train/LEONARDO EXPRESS from FCO to Termini runs every 30 mins and leaves at :07 & :37 after the hour. The last train for the night to Termini leaves at 23:37 from the airport. Fiumicino Airport/Leonardo Express timetable- The last train that leaves from Rome Termini for Naples/Napoli Centrale is at 21:45 and is a 1hr/45min trip on the Eurostar train, and it's a direct train. The next train that leaves from Termini the next morning starts at 05:49 (2hr/39min trip). There are other different trains that leave later in the morning - ICplus and Eurostar trains. Trenitalia-

Polypeptides: C-Terminus End and Carboxyl Group?

It has to do with the pH of the surrounding solution. The -COOH terminus can act like a weak acid and donate an H group (ie a proton), in pH neutral to basic conditions.

Transfer from Ciampino airport to termini in Rome to cruise ship dock?

Bus Cotral from Ciampino Airport to Ciamponi FS (train station) – fare €1.00 – journey time 5 minutes 06.40 - 07.20 - 07.40 - 08.00 - 08.10 - 08.20 - 08.40 - 09.00 - 09.20 - 09.30 - 10.00 - 10.20 - 10.40 - 10.50 - 11.40 - 12.10 - 13.20 - 14.00 - 15.10 - 16.00 - 17.20 - 18.15 - 19.20 - 20.15 - 20.40 - 21.20 - 22.40 Local trains from Ciampino FS to Roma Termini – fare €1.30 – journey time 15 minutes 06.52 – 07.09 – 07.30 – 07.35 – 07.48 – 08.03 – 08.16 – 08.43 – 08.53 – 09.11 – 09.14 – 09.43 – 10.08 – 10.56 – 11.10 – 11.14 – 12.17 – 12.22 – 12.31 – 12.51 – 14.00 – 14.14 – 14.22 – 15.22 – 15.31 – 16.14 – 16.22 – 17.35 – 17.51 – 18.22 – 18.31 – 18.51 – 19.31 – 19.51 – 20.22 – 20.43 – 20.51 – 20.59 – 21.31 – 21.43 – 22.47 – 23.09 – 23.20 Alternative: Transfer bus Ciampino Airport – Roma Termini – fare €4.00 – journey time 40 minutes .. Trains from Roma Termini to Civitavecchia EuroStar train – fare €13.50 – journey time 41 minutes – reservation compulsory 06.10 – 08.07 – 12.10 – 14.10 – 18.07 InterCity train – fare €9.50 – journey time 49 minutes – reservation compulsory 09.46 – 15.46 – 19.46 – 23.50 Regional train – fare €4.50 – journey time 59-66 minutes – buy ticket and step on 06.15 – 10.09 – 11.09 – 12.15 – 14.17 – 16.09 – 17.09 – 18.16 – 20.09 – 21.09 Regional train – fare €4.50 – journey time 68-80 minutes – buy ticket and step on 05.26 – 06.39 – 07.39 – 08.15 – 08.39 – 09.09 - 09.39 – 10.39 – 11.39 – 12.39 – 13.09 – 13.39 – 14.45 – 15.09 – 15.39 – 16.39 – 17.14 – 17.39 – 18.28 – 18.45 – 19.09 – 19.39 – 20.39 – 21.39 – 22.09 – 23.22 ..

How do I redeem the Terminus Armor in Mass Effect 2?

Redeem Terminus Armor at You have to sign in with your EA account - make sure its linked to the correct Xbox live account When you are done restart your console, sign in, and run the game. Should be available for download. As to the two EA accounts I have no idea. I did not know you could have two gamertags on one account. If I were you I would double check that I did in fact have two accounts linked, because I'm not sure you do. If you do, I would either remove the other account or just hope.

World's widest glacier terminus? is 65km wide Brüggen Glacier is only about half that width

How do i catch a train from Fiumincino To Termini train station?

When you get to FCO, just follow the signs (Tren) to the train. They're easy to follow even if you don't speak a lick of Italian (like me). They have pictures of a train. ;) Take the Leonardo Express train to Termini. There are only three tracks at FCO, and the cars of that train will be marked with Leonardo Da Vinci, whereas the cars of the other trains will be marked with graffiti on top of more graffiti. The tickets cost roughly 15 Euro for a one-way ticket. You can get them at automated ticket machines that are all over the airport train station and will take credit cards and give you an "English" option. You can also get them at any place with a "Tabacchi" sign (which are sort of like newsstands that sell cigarettes), but those places only take cash. Just trust me; it is very easy and you won't screw it up. Now HERE'S where I'm going to give you the three best tips you're going to get on Yahoo Answers. One: Once you have your ticket, you have to validate it in one of the yellow machines alongside the train tracks. An unvalidated ticket is the same as having no ticket at all. It's easy, just slide it in and it will make a printing sound. Two: When you find the Leonardo train, walk all the way down to the end and sit in one of the cars closest to the front of the train (towards the open air at the end of the train station/towards Rome). This will save you from having to walk this distance at Termini, and Termini is much more crowded and stressful (especially with baggage) than FCO. Three: Sit on the left side of the train. After you cross the Tiber, you will catch glimpses of the ancient Aurelian Walls and the pyramid of Gaius Cestius. It's not much compared to the majesty that you will see elsewhere in Rome, but it's a nice primer. Have a great trip!

is there any public transportation from termini station to the port civitavecchis?

by train 12224 Roma Termini 6.00 Civitavecchia 12226 Roma Termini 6.38 Civitavecchia 12228 Roma Termini 7.40 Civitavecchia 12248 Roma Termini 18.05 Civitavecchia 12250 Roma Termini 18.38 Civitavecchia 12252 Roma Termini 19.38 Civitavecchia

is bandra terminus and bandra local station the same?

NO. But it is only walking distance away. To reach Bandra Terminus, get down at Bandra Local station, get on the east side of the station, at the base of the railway bridge you will find several autorickshaws plying on "share basis". If you want to get down at the Terminus the fare is low than if you want to reach the booking/reservation counters which is at the far end of the Terminus. But as I said, if you do not have lots of luggage you can easily walk to the Terminus - about 7 minutes walk on a straight road ( The Terminus is visible from the bridge)

How To Obtain My Great Grandfathers Birth Certificate From Termini Imerese?

You should be able to find the civil birth record (nascite) for Termini Imerese by ordering a film from a local Family Search Center. The film number is either FHL INTL Film 2014202 or 2014203 if you are certain about the date of birth. If you are not familiar with searching microfilm and reading records hand written in Italian I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Termini site. You pay a reasonable yearly fee to access a database that has been transcribed from thousands of records. Searching the database should make finding your great grandfather and many other relatives easy (if they lived in TI). Once you find them in the database you can order the record from the site for a small fee. It's great that you have a birth date, however, keep in mind that sometimes the actual dates may vary (I've found birth years to be off by a couple years - mostly for female relatives if based on census records). Another helpful piece of information is to know your great grandfather's parents names (This was the crucial link to me finding my great grandfather from TI and it helped me trace back many more generations). You may be surprised to find several people with the same name born around the same date. I know you will be very surprised at how helpful the site is if you give it a try. The other option you have is to write a letter in Italian to the TI Stato Civile Records Office. I'm not sure how successful that option would be and I would guess it may take a long time. If none of these options sound feasible to you, I'm sure you would be able to hire someone to find the record for you. The TI site also has a free mailing list where you can post questions - I've found the group to be very helpful. You are very fortunate to have an ancestor from a town that has a very active family history community. Good Luck!

Has anyone stayed at Hotel Terminus in Amsterdam? Go there for hotel reviews. Here the first 3: Apr 10, 2007 We stayed at the Hotel Terminus over the Easter weekend and the hotel and location was very good. Yes, you are close to the red light district, but just turn left out of the hotel instead of right and you will miss it all. We had booked a superior room through a website and that worked out really well. However I knew beforehand and it can be a problem but there is a cultural centre right opposite the hotel were the bells/carillion go every quarter of an hour. The hotel do supply ear plugs so they recognise the problem and I do urge you to wear them as it can be a problem., especially if the weather was very hot and you need to open windows. Don't miss the Anne Frank house or the Van Gogh Museum, but do get there before opening as the queues build up really quickly and can take forever to get in. Also use the trams to get around as they are really efficient and cheap 1.60 euros per person and that takes you to lots of different areas within the city. Whatever you do take a look at the red light district if only for a laugh. Oh and don't be afraid of the so-called "coffee" shops that are really selling drugs. They are easily recognisable so you won't make an accidental mistake. ENJOY ! Apr 2, 2007 This hotel is ideally located to all of amsterdam's tourist attractions, including the red light district, coffee shops and most major museums. The service is above average with daily maid service and changing of towels etc. Unsuitable for families with children, in my opinion, due to the hotel being adjacent to the red light district. Staff are very friendly and helpful. the only reason I have not given this hotel an excellent rating is because of the noise of the bells, while it is not overwhelmingly loud they can be heard early in the morning. Would highly recommend this hotel and would definitely stay here again if and when I return to Amsterdam. Mar 31, 2007 Hi there ,I stayed at the terminus hotel in amsterdan end of march for a weekend break my daughter recommend this hotel as she works in thomas cook travel agents ,We found it very central to all amenties and very east to find staff very helpful I would recommend this to any one who want a clean and very friendly hotel.

it is easy to get to the Termini terminal in Rome?

To get from the aiport to termini station, you can take: 1) the train (leonardo express), that costs 14 euros and takes 32 minutes to get to termini. It leaves every 30 minutes. You can find the timetable in the site (look for fiumicino aeroporto - stazione termini). You can buy tkts at the automatics machines or at the tikts office, as you get to the terminal. It's easy to find, because, after the glass doors near to the babbage rollers, there are the directions (take the lift) 2) the bus shuttle, that costs 8 euros, and stops at termini and, then, at cavour square, near to the vatican. You can buy tkts on board. Here is the timetable:

What type of glacier would produce a glacial terminus landform?

Is this really a homework question??? Its terrible! Did you transcribe it correctly? I *think* the point of the question is to lead you to understand that glaciers deposit moraines at their terminus. Glaciers are like conveyor belts--they move rocks and sand/gravel/silt/etc from their origin point to a point farther down the glacier. The farthest point to which a glacier reaches is called its 'terminal position.' Therefore, the moraine farthest from where the glacier originates is the 'terminal moraine.' However (to complicate things), glaciers like to "stop" and "start" (not literally!)--so they deposit moraines whenever the terminus of the glacier sits in one position for awhile. These are called recessional moraines--they are left as the glacier is retreating. You will never see advancing moraines (not even sure that's a real term)--they get bulldozed by the glacier as it advances. BOTH types of glaciers (alpine and continental) deposit material at their terminus. The landforms most common at the terminus of a glacier are moraines (or end moraines).

Which terminus is extracellular and which is intracellular?

To answer this question,it will help you to know what trypsin does to proteins. Trypsin splits clusters of cells by degrading the proteins that hold them together. it does so by cleaving peptide chains mainly at the carboxyl side of the amino acids lysine or arginine. A cluster of cells are bound to each other by integral proteins that face extracellularly (Tight junctions) or by integral proteins that face intracellularly (Gap junctions). These proteins that get cleaved when splitting cells are extracellular because Trypsin is too big to enter the cells so intracellular proteins are not affected. now with this knowledge you can see that in the image you provided, the Green/yellow is extremely diminished between (- Trypsin) and (+ Trypsin), while the red stays the same. The questions mentions that YFP is attached to the N-Terminus and CFP is attached to C-terminus. This means that the N-terminus must be outside and is degraded by trypsin. N-Extracellular C-intracelluar

Biology homework help?

The C-terminus (also known as the carboxyl-terminus, carboxy-terminus, C-terminal tail, C-terminal end, or COOH-terminus) is the end of an amino acid chain (protein or polypeptide), terminated by a free carboxyl group (-COOH). When the protein is translated from messenger RNA, it is created from N-terminus to C-terminus. The convention for writing peptide sequences is to put the C-terminal end on the right and write the sequence from N- to C-terminus. The N-terminus (also known as the amino-terminus, NH2-terminus, N-terminal end or amine-terminus) refers to the start of a protein or polypeptide terminated by an amino acid with a free amine group (-NH2). The convention for writing peptide sequences is to put the N-terminus on the left and write the sequence from N- to C-terminus. When the protein is translated from messenger RNA, it is created from N-terminus to C-terminus.

Is the n-terminus or the c-terminus considered "the front"?

N-terminus is the first amino acid in a protein (front) and the C-terminus is the last amino acid (back).

What is best? To stay near Termini at Rome, or outside Central Rome?

Whether or not you always use transportation from the Termini area to the tourist attractions depends on you. It is further from the tourist spots than some other areas of the city, but personally, I've always found it acceptable walking distance. I have made some trips to Rome using the night train to arrive early in the morning and walked to the Colosseum/Palatine Hill/Forum area (about 20 minutes) and have walked from there to the Vatican stoping at the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, etc on the way and walked back to the station for the night train home. Ten to 16 hours of walking with no need for bus, metro, or taxi. Obviously, I take a much more relaxed approach and see the interiors of more places when I stay in Rome more than a day. There are some people that would consider even the 15-20 minutes between Termini and the Colosseum too far to walk though. When I stay in Rome, I usually stay close to the Colosseum or the Pantheon for the convenience. Away from Central Rome can be quieter and cheaper with the obvious disadvantage of also being further to most things you might want to see and do. Basically, it's a tradeoff of cost vs convenience.

What is within walking distance of Termini Station in Rome?

Hello, If you have 24 you can see almost everything in Rome. If you are on a budget then walking will be the best thing for you, but, be aware that the metro is cheap and quick. From the termini station you can pick up either line and go to or very near all the major sites Rome has to offer. You can buy a 1 day ticket for less than 10 euros. By walking you can get to the Baths of Diocletian (right next to the termini). This is a wonderful church and museum that used to be the Baths complex. You must pay to get into the museum but the church is free. You can also walk down Via Cavour to the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Wonderful church that contains fragments of the manger from Christ. Continueing on, you can reach the St. Peter in Chains church, this church contains the chains that helds Sts. Peter and Paul. From there you can continue on to the colosseum. This will take about 25 minutes from the termini to the colosseum without stopping at the churches. From the colosseum you are right next to all the forums, the palatine hill, the capitolini hill and museum. You must pay to get into the colosseum and palatine hill but they are a combo ticket and I believe they are still only 12 euros. From this area you can continue on to the circus maximus and the baths of caracalla (another pay site). Then you can swing over to the mouth of truth in the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church. You can see this whole area in 3 or 4 hours depending on how fast you walk and how much you want time you want to spend in the forums and colosseum. From here continue on to the Teatre of Marcello and then on to the Largo Argentina. From here go to the Pantheon, and piazza navona. At this point you can pop across the river to see the castel san angelo ( a pay site) or just continue on to the spanish steps and trevi fountain. The farthest site from the termini station is the vatican. It will take the better part of an hour to walk there or you can catch the metro there. To get to piazza navona will probably take 45 minutes straight walking. Just take you time, use a good map and see what you can in the short time you have in this wonderful city. Donna

is the terminus of a river upstream?

I guess it be the end. "Terminus is a Latin word that literally means boundary stone. It may also be used to describe the end of a road."

why we do n and c terminus identification in proteins?

Hello It always depends on the situation. When you have isolated an unknown protein, it is a first step towards the characterization of the protein. For example, when you find only one amino acid for n- and c-termini, it may indicate, that the protein is pure, and not degraded. Or, given that you want to find the coding dna sequences of this protein, you need to know the n- and the c- termini of the protein. The protein sequence is always the most important first basis for a further characterization. And the amino- and the c-termini are a first step towards the full sequence of the protein. Regards

In AmE, does terminus mean either end of a route?

Terminus is actually Latin for end, so in the sense that both stations are the ends of routes then, yes,you could say that. However I think it would round better and less confusing to use the words starting place and destination.

Is Roma Termini zone, in Rome - Italy, safe at night?

Roma Termini has a number of good hotels on the “quiet” side ( Right facing the Station - via Cavour to via Nazionale and beyond; Left facing the Station: Piazza Indipendenza to via XX Settembre and beyond). Avoid the side going to and including Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 2. It is not “dangerous”, but peopled by a high number of vagrants, hawkers and night owls. It is not a nice place to bring your family after hours. On average Rome is very safe, Italy has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe (1,23 homicide index compared to 5,9 US and an average of 2,5 in Europe) but certain areas are better left to locals, who know how to move around.

What Facilities in Bandra Terminus?

BDTS ( Bandra Terminus) has a Waiting room where you can have Bath, Toilet, etc. BDTS has all the facilities a Railways station need .

best b&b rome termini?

If you can, stay a little away from Termini. The area is a magnet to all sorts of undesirables at night.

Is there a taxi rank at Termini?

It's not difficult at all to find a taxi at the Roma Termini train station. When I go to Rome, I usually walk everywhere from Roma Termini, but I usually just go for day trips and don't have anything to carry other than a camera. It's not a short walk, especially if you've got luggage; take the cab.

Night bust service from Termini (Centro) to Fiumicino!!! ?

Roma Tiburtina – Roma Termini - Fiumicino APT Orario annuale feriale e festivo (Timetable 7/7 days) Partenze da / Departures from Roma Tiburtina transito a Termini circa 5 minuti dopo will be at Termini about 5 minutes later 00.30 01.15 02.30 03.45 09.30 10.30 12.35 17.30 Partenze da / Departures from Fiumicino Aeroporto 01.15 02.15 03.30 05.00 10.55 12.00 15.30 19.05 * Time of bus ride (about) 1 hour Fare One way € 4,50 No integrated tickets On bus ticket increased price 7,00 €

Is neighborhood around Termini Train for tourists?

Termini is not the best area, but it is not worse. I know that is not a great answer. It is not like the area near the Spanish Steps, but it is nice. I have stayed near Termini.

Do u know if the train stations in Rome,such as Termini or Spagna station, can keep baggages for a few hours?

Termini- Yes Spagna-No However many hotels have a luggage rooms free of charge. Additionally if there is space available the hotel will let you check in early. Your best bet is to go to the hotel and ask if there is a possibility to check in early. If not, ask if you can leave your luggage. Depends on the day of week you arrive. If you are arriving on a Wednesday I would suggest going to see the Papal Audience in St. Peters Square. It is every Wednesday starting at about 10:30am, and you will get a chance to see the Pope speak. However Its best to get there early. Typically you need ticket, which are free, but you must reserve in advance with the Vatican. Sometimes you can get in without a ticket or stand outside the square, the view is the same either way. Otherwise why not visit the vatican museum, and get that out of the way. The museum opens around nine and the line begins to que up early. So get there as early as possible to avoid lines. Once inside you can expect to take about 3 hours for the museum, sistine chapel and church. That will kill time and free up the rest of your time in Rome. If you enjoy wine I would suggest going to Frascati, where you will find some of the best white wine that Lazio produces. Frascati is super easy to get to from termini station. Trains leave every 40 minutes and and one way ticket cost around 3 euro. It is only a 29 minute train ride and once you arrive in Frascati you can walk every where, its a small town. There is a wine tasting room around the corner from the train station, and a few cute cafes for lunch. If you want to take it easy, during the summer there are plenty of "beach Clubs" that are open along the banks of the river. For around 7 euro you can have a lounge chair and a pool to dip into! Hope some you find some of these ideas useful!

what is the definition of co-terminus?

I'm not sure what you mean. Amino acids have two ends an amino end (NH2), and carboxyl end (COOH). Two or more amino acids link together to form peptide bonds using these 2 ends. This forms peptides or proteins. In a protein (chain of amino acids), there is still one free amino group (N-terminus) and one free carboxyl group (C-terminus).

What does "bus terminus" mean?

Derived from a latin word, 'terminus' means the point where the buses finally stop, and then turn around on the return journey. [Terminate, terminal, etc] arealso derived from the same word. Similar latin words are circus, radius, etc. Bus terminus is a general word. Yes, you can say 'Starting terminus' and ' finishing terminus'.When the bus starts the return journey, the finishing terminus will now become the starting terminus!

Mass Effect 2 Terminus DLC?

if i'm not mistaken, i think the terminus armor was a pre order may be out of luck...try the message boards on

Terminus Hotel Amstersam?

Location-wise it is one street from the Red Light District - some people wouldn't want this, but personally I don't think it's a bad location (although could be a little noisy at nights depending on which side your room is facing) I have just checked the reviews on Tripadvisor and the ratings again seem mixed depending on perceptions vs actual (which is why it's always good to read reviews before booking!). There are comments about the noise - again it depends on the room and if this is an issue for you You can read the reviews to see what you think here

Is the N-terminus on the 5' end or the 3' end of RNA after transcription?

Well, a polypeptide chain is always described or named by starting at the N-terminus and going to the C-terminus... and DNA sequences are always written from 5'-->3'. So, I can only assume that the N-terminus is analogous to the 5' end of DNA, or mRNA.

I wanna go to Termini station?

Depending on the train it takes about 50 min to 1 hr 10 min from the Anagni-Fiuggi train station to Roma Termini. The ticket costs 3.60 euro. You can check specific schedules here: Some smaller cities here share a train station which will have the name of both towns. This is the case with Anagni and Fiuggi which are not far from Rome. There's a map on the Fiuggi website: The train station is actually not in either town. It's west of the E45 autostrada - the station is near the autostrada exit on the map and is marked as stazione di Anagni if you're zoomed in enough on the map to see it. There's bus service from the stations to the towns. You might also find this site interesting since Anagni is a nice place to visit:

Cheapest way from Fiumicino Airport to Termini?

There is a train station at Fiumicino airport. The direct train from the airport to Termini, the Leonardo Express, costs 14 euro and takes about 32 minutes for the trip. You could also take the regional train from the airport that goes to the Tiburtina station for 8 euro. If you take that train to the Roma Ost station, a train from there to Roma Termini costs 0.90 euro for a total cost of 8.90 euro. the travel time from the airport to Roma Ost is 30 min and it's another 12 minutes to Roma Termini plus the waiting time between trains. (use Fiumicino aero for the airport station)

How safe is it to stay near Termini in Rome?

Termini area is fine and perfectly safe. There is very little crime in Italy beyond petty theft. Keep your money in a front pocket and walk with purpose and you will have no problems. I've walked from Termini to the hotels south of there at all hours and it's perfectly safe. I carry a lot of cash and never worry. Tourists who act like a tourist will have trouble anywhere they go. If you plan to use the station, don't hesitate to stay nearby. A very nice three star hotel is Hotel Sonya at Via Viminale 58 I was just there last week and paid 75 Euro tax and breakfast included. Should cost about 150-190 Euro. Buono Vacaza!

Rome hotel, navona or termini?

If you were spending all three days in Rome, I would recommend Piazza Navona, but Termini may be more convenient for what you propose. Are you planning on flying to Venice or taking the night train? If you're planning on taking the night train, note that it leaves and arrives at the Roma Tiburtina station and not Termini. However, the two are well connected.

wanna go to Termini station?

Depending on the train it takes about 50 min to 1 hr 10 min from the Anagni-Fiuggi train station to Roma Termini. The ticket costs 3.60 euro. You can check specific schedules here:

Hotel Recommendation near Rome Termini Station?

This is good: If you stay near Termini, remember to visit S. Maria Maggiore and S. Prassede! enjoy :)))

Rome Termini Station to Ciampino Airport?

Taxi will be €30.00 .. .. First bus to leave 04:30 and to arrive 05:10 ..

bed & breakfasts near termini station in ROME ?

Termini is not really the B&B kind of area-- but I suggest Fawlty Towers on Via Magenta--1 block away from termini exit--not too far to drag a bag--even with bumpy roads--and they have an elevator! Big plus-- It is considered a Hostel but they have nice clean private rooms-- If you want to spend a bit more--look for an Albergo--and splurge for a taxi to get away from the train station--it is so ugly there.--Oh--there is a great company near there called, "Enjoy Rome"--look them up for some advice--all english speakers. good luck!

Termini Hotel in Rome?

I'd suggest you this 3 star Termini Hotel, located few minutes far from Piazza della Repubblica and Termini Train Station.

Rome Termini to Vatican City?

A 5 hour transit really isn't all that much time. It takes a half hour on the train each way between Roma Termini and Fiumicino. You'll have to get back to the airport in time to get through security and get to your gate in time for boarding for the train. You will not really have much time to see the Vatican and the lines to get into the Vatican museum to see the Sistine Chapel will likely be too long to get in. If you specifically want to see the Vatican, a taxi is the best bet. A taxi from Roma Termini to the Vatican will cost 15 to 20 euro. You'll have more time, if you take a taxi directly to and from the airport, but it will cost more. You can also take the hop-on, hop-off bus from Roma Termini and go past a lot of the tourist attractions like the Colosseum and Forum, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, ..., and get back to the train station in time to head back to the airport.


That sounds like a device called a 'Time Domain Reflectometer' - TDR. It's a fairly common type of device, they are used for finding faults in such as telephone and network cables, and also for analysing such as coaxial cables for transmitting aerials. Ping is generic term for sending a signal and seeing a return, from the old war films with submarines using Sonar to 'ping' targets. Terminus is used a bit out of context, possibly in error or possibly as it's easier to understand in the context of a bus or train terminus. The proper name for a cable end load is a Termination (eg. 'Terminating Resistor'). A TDR sends a pulse down a transmission-line type cable. At any point there is a change in the characteristic impedance of the cable, some energy is reflected back (such as a bad joint). At the final end of the cable, there will also be some reflection *IF* it's not perfectly matched to it's load termination. With an oscilloscope display to see the signal return you can 'see' the impedance variations along the cable - and from speed-of-light and velocity factor calculations, you can work out the distance along the cable to each disturbance or the end. (Signals travel slower in plastic-insulated cables than they do in a vacuum - roughly 0.66 the speed of light). To visualise it, imagine sending a ripple down a canal that has mostly-perfect walls. Any bad joints or steps in the wall will cause bits of the ripple to bounce back, and a sudden end will cause a big reflection. By watching the return ripples and knowing the speed they travel, you can tell how bad each error is and how far away it is. [Electronics designer & programmer for 30+ years].