What is the best tequila for a margarita?

stay away from brown tequilas and reach for a good quality white like patron silver or herradura or my favorite for margaritas...Sauza Hornitos!, not even the most expensive, it just works really well in a margarita.

What is the best tequila to make margaritas with?

The short answer is: any 100% agave blanco or reposado tequila, such as: Cazadores Herradura Don Julio Pura Sangre Centinela Cabo Wabo Arette Dos Lunas The long answer is: As you'll all see from the other answers, the word "best" is quite subjective. It's also based on experience with tequila too, as anyone who knows anything about tequila in any real way would not say Cuervo, unless they were referencing their Tradicional or Reserva de la Familia, which are the only 2 Cuervo-labeled tequilas they make that are any good. Patron too, while good, is often mentioned because they spend more marketing dollars than any other tequila company, and thus when college kids are ready to move up from Cuervo, they often go to Patron as they see it advertised so much, and their exploration stops there. Make no mistake, Patron isn't bad by any means. But you can get better for less. To get the correct tequila experience, don't drink anything that doesn't say 100% agave (like junk like regular Cuervo or Sauza). These are cheap poorly made tequilas designed to sell to college kids to get drunk. They are only 51% real tequila, and the rest are fillers like corn syrup and grain alcohol (and thus the hangover the next day is born). Assuming you get a good tequila, don't junk it up with commercial margarita mixes either. Those are mainly corn syrup and green food coloring and artificial lime juice flavor. They will ruin a good tequila. I recommend the following for a margarita: 2 oz tequila juice of 1 lime, freshly squeezed 1-2 tablespoons of agave nectar or bar syrup (depending on how sweet you like it) 2-4 TBS water depending on how tart the time juice is. Shake it over ice and serve over ice. Add orange liqueur if you like (such as Cointreau or Grand Marnier) but remember those are French in origin and are an American invention in margaritas and are NOT traditional in Mexico (or least weren't before the tourism industry made it such). Also consider how you're going to drink it. I know you said margaritas, but let's review all the different ways to drink it: Slammed shots - go for a blanco. Anything else is a waste of flavor and $$ Sipped shots (how I recommend it) - go for anejo only and savor with no salt and a squeeze of lime. Chilled or on the rocks is good as is straight. Margarita - anejo is a waste, especially if the place isn't using fresh squeezed lime juice. Go for blanco or reposado. The aging has a lot to do with the taste, so try a few to see which style you like best, and then remember how the aging is labeled. Generally speaking, the longer the aging, the more expensive and the better the flavor. Blanco (because it's totally clear) - no aging. Sometimes called silver or white. Reposado - minimally aged at least 2 months, but can be up to 1 year. Sometimes called gold. Anejo - heavily aged, minimally 1 year but less than 3 years.

I heard the Tequila Diet is one of the best ways to lose weight. Any good mix ideas?

Yeah, this diet is great if you need to lose weight quickly to fit into a smaller dress or pant size, etc. for a social event such as a dance, etc. Here is a great mix that I make when my friends and I party at my house: 2 oz apple schnapps 2 oz Jose Cuervo® Especial gold tequila 1/2 oz daiquiri mix fill with 7-Up® soda ice cubes Mix apple schnapps, gold tequila and daiquiri mix in a collins glass filled with ice. Fill to the top with 7-up.

Is tequila different then other types of liquor?

Just derived from a different plant. It does not have any properties that are not present in all other alcohol.

What are some good Tequila distilleries/factories that are good to visit?

The other poster mentioned the tequila express and i can explain a little bit more about it as i have just been on it (i literally went yesterday!) you arrive at the train station 9am and collect your tickets (if you pre-ordered them) then there is about 20-25 mins welcome music by mariachis. Then after boarding the train, the mariachis play and the guide speaks a bit about what to expect from the day. The ride takes about 2 hours (express is a little bit of an exageration!) and you are served with a choice of 3 different tequilas to drink straight, margaritas, beers, pre-mixed tequila drinks in cans (with cola, mango flavour or lemon flavour) which you can drink on the way. You can see the hills with the agave plants and the scenery is quite nice.After arrival, there is a 10 min bus ride to the hacienda herradura (meaning horseshoe as they thought the lucky horseshoe would make the tequila brand successful). Its a real mix of tourists and mexicans, and can be really fun depending on who you're sitting next to! They walk you through the factory showing you the stages of making tequila, then they give you a buffet lunch and some musical/dance performance. then you go back. its basically 9-6. Its very touristy, so if you don't like the whole faux cheer - "are we going to have fun today?!" then maybe its not for you Its a nice day out though probably something you would only do once, and frankly its kind of expensive. i would give it 6/7 out of 10 (but only because i was starting to be a little bit sick of mariachi music nonstop through the day) if you are serious tequila fans you might be better renting a car/taking a bus and trying to arrange to visit different distilleries. some distilleries require appointments to be made i believe. and some you can just visit spontaneously. i think if you want to visit more than one then renting a car would definitely be your best bet the website belows gives a list of tequila tours...but there is nothing to stop you from contacting the distilleries independently and trying to arrange your own itinerary for the day http://tequilasource.com/distillerytours.htm I think most people don't actually stay in tequila, they visit it during the day and return to Guadalajara at night as there are more hotels and nicer ones (in fact I have no idea if there are hotels in tequila itself or not). If you stay in Guadalajara I suggest the historical district where you can walk to a lot of the tourist destinations and museums. i stayed in the hotel morales, which is quite an old hotel. its fairly expensive but they were very friendly. this answer is turning into an essay so im going to stop now!

Which tequila cocktail makes for a good breakfast drink before work?

Wow. Please tell me you're not a pilot or a school bus driver or something. Put the alcohol away for a minute and listen to the faint cries of your liver begging for mercy. If you need tequila when you wake up in the morning, you've got problems. Maybe think about finding a new job, one that doesn't require getting buzzed to be able to tolerate it. Did you put your drink down yet? Try it.

How does blanco tequila taste compared to resposado?

blanco's or silvers as they are commanly known as have less of a bite than reposado's or anejos. Typically reposado's and anejo's are aged for time (which varies by brand) in oak barrells so the tequila picks up flavors of the barrell. Blanco's or Silvers are not usually aged in oak. Definately stick to a 100 percent agave as they will have a cleaner taste than the others. The others are usually called mixto's as the comapnies are adding water,sugars, and artificial flavoring.


Welcome to the world of tequila, you will enjoy it very much as long as you make the right decisions. You mention Patron, which is a good starting point of 100% blue agave tequila, just like 1800 they are commercial, mass-produced, industrial quality tequila. If you want to go higher you should try more of a boutique tequila which is hand made, my two favorites are TESORO and CASA NOBLE, these are tequilas with a lot of tradition, family owned distilleries and made the old fashion way. Both of them are great tasting with a great number of aromas and wonderful taste. Of these two I would say Casa Noble is the best because of its consistency from one bottle to the next but both are excellent Tequilas. If you are going to drink tequila why not start with the best… So you get an idea of Casa Noble Casa Noble ultra premium tequilas begin as carefully selected individual 10 year old plants of Blue Agave. Each one must meet the strict requirements for water and sugar content. We slow-cook them for 38 hours in stone ovens. Then, using only the core and hearts of the agaves, we extract their robust juice. The fermentation process is 100% natural, followed by a triple distillation. The result is a tequila so pure and full of agave flavor that it has elevated the concept of tequila to new levels around the world. Casa Noble Tequila Produced and Bottled in Mexico. 40% Alc/Vol (80 Proof). 100% Blue Agave. www.casanobletequila So you get an idea of Tesoro www.eltesorotequila.com A great place to learn about tequila is www.inachadwick.com , it has all the information on tequila that anyone would want to find. It also has a very active forum with a lot of aficionados that can answer any questions you might have. This site offers a comprehensive look at the Mexican drink called tequila - with individual sections (pages) on tequila's production, history, lore, culture, and more. Just click on the links above to read about some of the myths and legends surrounding tequila; the tequila industry, or to peer into the Mexican home of the spirit: Jalisco state. Along the way you will read personal notes, news, trivia, and production data. I also look at tequila's sister drink, mezcal, as well as its ancestor, pulque, with some asides on other regional Mexican drinks like bacanora and sotol. There are copious references and links to my sources, including links to recipes, drink mixes, margaritas, industry sites, and other tequila fans. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing and researching it. Please email me with corrections, updates and any related news. For up-to-date tequila industry news, see www.tequilaaficionado.com. New: Post your comments, share opinions and ask questions on my new FORUM.


Tequila is just like any other hard liquor - moderation is key. It sounds like you have not had much experience drinking tequila, which is good - because you have no horror stories. Here's a must - stick to the good stuff. When you drink bad tequila, bad things happen. AVOID JOSE CUERVO. That stuff is the McDonalds of tequila. Cuervo only has one type that I would recommend, and that's the Jose Cuervo La Familia Reserve, which is amazing, and it should be for $100 a bottle. Here are the brands that I recommend: Don Julio, Tres Generaciones, Herradura, Corzo, Cabo Wabo or Patron. Any of those are considered top shelf without being overly expensive. One more tidbit: Tequila is a cordial....which means that it's meant to be sipped, not shot or guzzled. I like to enjoy a great cigar with my tequila. I normally pour a double shot on the rocks with Rose's Lime Juice and just sip it that way. Rose's is actually a "Key Lime" flavored juice, so it's much sweeter than fresh lime which is way too bitter. In either case, be safe and enjoy. Remember this - most people that don't like tequila have just never enjoyed tequila the right way:) Salud!

TeQuila !!!?

Tequila has never had a worm in it but some cheap touristy stuff Mescal does. Tequila is only made in Jalisco, MX and Mescal is made in any place else! Here's a nice site to learn :: http://www.itequila.org/ .