How is the cheerleading at delaware state university?

They have an amazing cheer program

Will Penn State credits transfer to Temple University? Yea they'll transfer fine. Temple is a National school that accepts regional credits. I go to Temple and meet transfers all the time from as far as California. I think the # of transfers is close to 4000 a year and rarely do I hear problems about credits not being accepted. The main issue I have heard, is what they transfer over as....which is important because of the new Gen Ed program and major req.

How to Transfer to a 4-Year College or University, after being formally dismissed due to poor academics?

There seems to be parts missing in your story. Where you put on probation but failed to improve significantly? Even though you say you are "demotivated" to return to your previous university, that is probably the best option. Take a full-time semester in Community College and get straight As, then reapply.

is it hard to get into temple university japan?

Temple isn't really that selective. The average numbers (which are as close to "eligibility requirements" as you'll find from Temple) is a GPA of 3.3, an ACT of at least 20 or an SAT of 990, and a class standing of at least top 50 percent.

Temple university has my application on hold. What Does that mean?

Thats a clue for you to send your mid year transcript, and inform them of what new things uve been up to ( volunteering, new clubs, awards, merits etc.) Because that means there holding things up til they see who else applies, meaning ur on the fence, make them want u!

What do i put In this college essay for temple I'm confused?

I would write that my education at Temple led to my admission to Harvard Medical School or Harvard Law School, etc. and that I had a job at a top law firm or had finished my medical residency at a top hospital, etc. In would write that I was married to a person who also had a graduate degree and a good job.

What university in the US provides a Theater Design program?

Central Michigan University might...

I have been accepted into Suffolk U and Temple U for accounting. Which school has the better business program?


who needs a roomate at temple university?

Take the luck of the draw, and let the school match you with a roomie. It is a time honoured method that has led to some great friendships.

Does what university you got your undergrad at matter?

I think Temple is a better choice because it has a good business school and its located in a city with better/more internship opportunities. As for whether or not it matters where you got your undergrad, I think it kind of does matter in some fields more than others because it supports the reason why an engineering major from CalTech or MIT is more sought after than somebody from a regular state university (for example) However, it is hard to say for sure and there is more to it that i just dont know about. But between these schools, i'd go with Temple.

How long does it take to order an ipad through a university?

i think it will take at least 1 month

Is anyone in an honors program at their college or university?

Yes, and it's been a great experience. A very large portion of my friends are people I met because of honors program activities, and the program has a great community feel. I don't know what the program is like at Temple University, but I've definitely had a positive experience in mine.

Is it difficult to get into Temple University Dental School ?

It is not easy to get into the Temple Dental School. Admission is very competitive - it is a very good school. The undergraduate part of Temple is not as competitive as a Penn State, but still requires a solid transcript.

What are some tips to going to a university out of the country?

If you wish to come to study in Japan, I would ask you "why Temple?" Temple is a US university, so you can use financial aid. However, it is expensive, and not so highly ranked. There are better universities, Japanese universities, which are much more highly ranked. My own university, Tsukuba (, is ranked 186th in the world (while according to QS, Temple if 500 - 550th), and charges about a third of what Temple does. We even give the first year free for international students. Furthermore, historically, 90% of our students get scholarships! Anyway, I'm not saying you should come to Tsukuba, or that you shouldn't go to Temple - that decision is up to you, but there are other options, some of which you can find here ( Go out and see what looks right for you, and then do that. As I say, I work in a Japanese university. If you have questions, feel free to email me.

Does Temple University accept credits from Lehigh Valley College and Strayer?

CAll up Temple admission office and ask

How do you like Temple University?

I am a junior at Temple and I absolutely love it. Its a great university, and there is always so much stuff to do.

How unsafe is it to roam the area of Temple University (off campus)?

I actually live on Temple Campus... And my own opinion is that the neighborhood is very diverse.. And if anything is going to happen to you it will happen on or off the campus... Just my beliefs tho!!! Good luck

What is the nieghborhood like around Temple University?

I went to Temple, great school, improved neighborhood and lots of people are around all the time. The campus is very safe, outerlying areas can be sketchy and dangerous, but all student housing supplied by the university is well maintained and policed. There is a movie theater and shopping there now, and transportation runs all over the place there; very easy to get around.

Do I have a chance at Temple University ?

I suggest that students with GPA’s under 3.0 attend community college. Community college is a great money saver. After two years you can transfer to a four-year college to complete your Bachelors Degree. That’s what my mother did and she ended up with a BA from UCLA. Estimate your chances of getting accepted at any particular school using the Cappex “What are my chances?” calculator. (Note that only your UNWEIGHTED GPA [max 4.0] is used for college admissions. SAT scores are using the 2400-point three-test system, not the 1600-point two-test SAT.) But keep in mind that the only way to find out for sure is to apply and see what each school says. The admissions process is extremely quirky, and it’s difficult to predict exactly who will get accepted and who won’t. Your chances of getting into any particular school are ZERO…if you don’t send in an application. To find appropriate colleges use (the College Board MyRoad/MyPlan program is well worth joining, even as early as late middle school) Check student reviews of colleges by Googling the words "student reviews" and the names of the schools you are interested in (one at time). Also try Googling just the name of each school by itself. Then click where it says “Google reviews.” Searching for student reviews will lead you to college review websites that also give professional opinions of particular colleges. Also check out: Common applicants are your friends. Use them. For maximum coverage you will need to use both. Learn about professors You can often find out about on-campus housing at (typing the name of the university and the word “dorms” into YouTube sometimes produces interesting results) You can find out about fraternities and sororities at more college admissions info

How to cancel Temple University visit?

The e-mail should have contact information for admissions; if not, you can get it off the website. Just call or e-mail and tell them you're sorry, but your plans have changed and you won't be able to make it.

How difficult are Temple University's honors courses?

It is more difficult but worth the effort. You also tend to obtain better profs in the honors classes./

Where can I apply for a job in Temple University Hospital?

Will Strayer University credits transfer to a school like Temple University?

Strayer University is Regionally Accredited so in principle your credits should transfer to Temple. However you need to remember that is the receiving institution the one that has the sole authority to accept or reject those credits. From Temple University website: Transfer Credit "Generally, Temple accepts academic, college-level courses beyond the developmental level completed with a grade C- or better, from schools with regional accreditation (Middle States, Northwest, North Central, Southern, Western, and the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges)" Strayer qualifies since it is accredited by the Middle States commission and since your courses are general ed you should be OK. I have one recommendation for you: Strayer is a for-profit and expensive institution and unfortunately does not have the best reputation and for about $1500 x class, I don't think it is the best option . You can take your general ed classes from more respected schools and at a much cheaper price. A good example that comes to my mind is Colorado State University - Pueblo where you can take distance learning classes for $450 each and it has a very solid reputation. You can check the link to their course offerings here: Another school that offers affordable tuition online is Fort Hays State University, at about $510 for a 3 credit class you can take all your general education classes as a non-degree seeking student. And last but not the least: Community Colleges are a great and often a pretty inexpensive option. I completely recommend Clovis Community College and Hutchinson Community College where you can complete a full semester taking 15 credits for about $1500 and that could even be reduced with a merit scholarship after your first semester if you achieve a GPA of 3.5+ I hope this helps and good luck with your studies!

Can you get into temple university with a 3.4gpa and a sat score of 1000 not adding the writing section?

The chances are pretty good for you. Temple has quite a few students enrolled there. I'm sure there will be many lovely students there. Go Owls!

I want to know who has a better business school, Temple University Or Penn State?

Here are the Princeton Reviews for both. Temple: Penn State: Personally I would choose Temple as they are one of the highest ranked business programs in the nation.

What are the best/worst parts of Philadelphia? What about Temple University?

I go to a school called Uarts and it is in center city Philadelphia, so I have some experience with Temple. Temple throws pretty good parties but the general area sucks. There really is no central campus and Temple's area is pretty contained. People who go to Temple never leave that area. It is not a nice area, to be perfectly honest and it is known for that. Overall, Temple is a really good school but it is not in a nice part of town.

Do UMBC and Temple University have good education programs?

UMBC is a better school than Temple, so if you're going to choose one, choose UMBC. It's in a safer area too. I have known 2 people (men) who were violently mugged at Temple and it's generally known as an unsafe part of Philly. UMBC is in the suburbs basically, though there's still crime in the area. However, living on campus is very safe. As far as education-centered schools, Towson University has a HUGE education program, and it's known for producing a lot of education graduates. Overall, UMBC is a slightly better school than Towson, but you will get a more specialized approach to Education through Towson and be able to network better there in your field. If you got into UMBC, you'll get in there. Sorry, I'm not sure about the special education double major, but you should check out their website.

Temple University - Are freshmen living on campus allowed to bring cars?

Yes you are. Since Temple is more of a city campus the parking lot is not right next to the dorm. There are allotted parking lots around campus but pretty much a 5 minute walk from most dorms. I think you have to pay 300 bucks yearly though. There are regular parallel parking spaces in front of most dorms but I wouldn't rely on that because they usually fill up. Also, if one of the Philly sports teams win and a riot breaks out chances of your car getting damaged are really high. If you must bring a car then i recommend paying 300 for your parking space at the lot. It has 24 hour security so your car should be safe.

Does Temple University have any sort of chess club?

Temple University Knight Owls Chess Club C/O Leteef Street, Student Activities Box 183, 1755 North 13th Street Room 321, Philadelphia PA 19122-6084 SAC Dining Area: Mondays & Wednesdays 6 - 7 pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12 - 3 pm.

What's the easiest/fastest way to get to Temple University (Philadelphia) from New York City?

Well as A Temple owl Alum, Welcome to town! The Amtrak train from Penn station to 30th st. station here is the simple way. From there you can take a local train (SEPTA) to Temple univ. station,hop the subway, or catch a cab. There are bus services from Port Authority Teriminal in NYC to 30th st. station as well. Main campus is easy to reach Once you get the hang of the SEPTA system. We are north of City hall about 25 blocks On Broad Street. The Broad street Subway will take you to South Phila. all the way to the Stadium complex. Well hope that Helps Class of '96 College of Engineering

Is Tennessee Temple University a good school to attend?

Tiny unranked bible college in Chatanooga. Is this the best you can do? Is it even accredited?

What are my chances of getting into Temple University?

I think your chances are very good if you do not need financial aid. If you do need financial aid, I think life is going to be hard for going to school because of the financial problems we are having as a people.

What is the lowest SAT score to get into computer science at Temple University?

Get above a 3.25 GPA and 1100 SAT to have a decent shot....I would recommend higher stats just to be sure.

can i get into temple university with this SAT score?

Seems like you just need to do well on the SAT, try your hand at the ACT (I personally found it to be easier and performed better on it). Get two teachers/counselors who you have a great relationship to write your recommendation letters and take your time with the essay prompts. In the end, if you've done your best then you have to leave the rest up to the college. I remember when I had to apply to schools two years ago.

How can I get from Penn Station to Temple University?

That is easy as one two three in cheapest way. Step 1: Buy one way $12.50 or Off-Peak Round Trip $21.50 to Trenton Transit Center. Please purchase ticket at window or New Jersey Transit Ticket Vending Machine to avoid $5 Surcharge. Step 2: Take Northeast Corridor to Trenton Transit Center. Step 3: Please go upstair to New Jersey Ticket Vending Machine to purchase $8 SEPTA ticket or roundtrip $15 SEPTA tickets to avoid $2 surcharge by SEPTA because SEPTA Regional Vending Machine at platform is out of service. Step 4: There go to same platform where New Jersey Transit arrive and take SEPTA Regional Rail R7 straight to Temple Uniersity.

Is there something about Temple University that turns people atheist?

I'm an atheist and I went to Villanova. Maybe it's a Big 5 thing.

How good of a school is Temple University?

I went there for nursing. Its on Broad street in North Philadelphia...pretty busy area right in the smack dab of the most dangerous area in the city. Its a wonderful school however and if employers see youve went there, youd get the job. dont worry though, there is TONS of security and the police station is right behind the campus so you wont have to worry. Philadelphia is a wonderful place and nightlife is will be right at center city just about and when you want something to do on a friday or saturday night, theres plenty of artsy things:)

Does Temple University have undergraduate studies for being a Pediatrician?

You can't do an undergraduate degree to become a pediatrician. In order to become a pediatrician, you have to attend medical school first and then specialize in pediatric medicine during your residency. In getting into med school, there is no specific major that you have to be. You just have to fulfill the pre-med requirements including calculus, physics, organic chem, chem, bio, english. And please please please don't say you want to major in 'pre-med' there is no such major and it makes me want to rip my hair out when you ask someone what they are doing in college and they respond 'pre-med'.

Where can I find temple university dad and mom shirts?

You may be able to access the university bookstore online and order them that way.

How are the dorms at Temple university?

I'd assume the dorms and the security is quite good, because some of nearby areas are very bad.

will i be able to transfer from one college to temple university after the first semester?

Depends on how many credits you have completed at the college level. If it is below a certain number, usually sophomore status, transfers between colleges require admission of SAT/ACT scores as well. So, the question is, were you accepted to Temple in the first place? By the way, consider the economics of your potential education. Your choices are two private schools. If you're paying for it yourself, will it be worth it when you're entering your 30's and still in college loan debt?

What can you tell me about Temple University Harrisburg?

tu has a harrisburg campus? i thought i was they had an ambler campus

How is public transportation in Philadelphia near Temple University?

There's plenty and you can get around easily, if you're willing to hop from bus to subway to trolley & train. A monthly pass is reasonable and gives you unlimited rides within a certain zone, so your travels in and around Temple will be cheap enough. However, it's not the safest transit system so keep your ears open and stay alert, no drowsing off by the window seat with your iPod playing!

Are these grades good enough to get into Temple University?

Ultimately when applying for colleges, it's about your highschool gpa and part of your sat score. I would assume having all B's is pretty good for Temple university, but don't set yourself short and just get the A's. Its going to work out better for you in the end when you put all your effort into it. It'll look good on your transcript if they see straight B's but it'll definitely look better if you have some A's in there as well.

Does temple university have a common app or you have to use the given topic?

A temple representative came into my high school today and i went to the meeting. I am planning on going there but with all the things she told me, I am so pumped for it haha. She did tell us that there is no common app and that you do have to write that essay. I know, it's a stupid topic. I have no idea where to start....

Where would i get a cellphone in japan as a Temple university student?

I don't think there is any special cell phone for Temples students. You just go to any cell phone shop and get it. It depends on which phone you buy and which plan you use, how much it will cost. There are so many of them in Japan that I can't answer now.

Is Temple University a good school; what is the tier of Temple University?

Education at the end of the day is what you make it. But you are also asking some valid questions here. I suggest that you log on to the link below to find out what the students think about Temple U. Good luck.

What are my chances of getting into Temple University or PennState?

I'm not sure about Penn State, but I know you should have no problem getting in Temple University.

How safe is the Temple University Hospital area?

It is not in the best neighborhood. But, it is well protected by Philadelphia Police, Temple University Police and Temple Security. It is on main public transit routes that are well lit and heavily traveled (and protected by SEPTA PD). It is busy and lots of people are in and out of the area all of the time. I would see no reason to feel unsafe at the hospital.

Can you double major in theater and film studies at Temple University?

Ask your questions directly at Temple University./