Why does Michele Bachmann read from a teleprompter and actually stare off camera at it?

The difference is that Obama is actually saying something intelligent---prompted or not---he makes SENSE. She, on the other hand, prompted or not, is bats----t crazy.

Will President Obama's teleprompter tell him to tell the American public to declare swine flu a pandemic?

Hopefully it will tell him to move back to Kenya!

How will Obama's teleprompter tell him to respond to massive defeat tomorrow?

They will have a new Bogey Man to blame for everything. GRIDLOCK.

Why does Obama's teleprompter continually tell him to only take 13 questions in press conferences?

He has a list of pre-selected reporters who submit their questions ahead of time. He has a clock telling him how much to stall to not take any more questions than the pre-selected ones. The whole thing is completely scripted.

What is this wierd teleprompter meme from the repubs?

If they can focus on his verbal pauses, they don't actually have to listen to anything he says. These are the same people that point out your spelling mistakes (real or imagined) without actually answering your question.

How does one address a letter to the Office of the Teleprompter of the United States?

Your Most Technologically Advanced Teleprompter...

How hilarious will republican speeches be when they stop using a teleprompter?

They're funny enough with them.

How can I turn my laptop into a teleprompter?

Use PowerPoint. Record auto-timings while doing the script and then run that. Though it might be hard to keep up with it. You might consider using a PowerPoint remote to control the slides moving along. They are small and not particularly noticeable when using.

Whats the difference between using a teleprompter or written notes?

It's not that he's using a teleprompter occasionally, or if he's doing a huge speech. But that he can't speak to small groups in a personal manner, walk away from the teleprompters and podiums and actually speak from his heart without having every word scripted that is the issue. Remember, even BIDEN is teasing about the teleprompter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-BL46iWf4g Admit it. You all can dish it but you can't take it. It's just lighthearted joking. If you can't take a joke about a teleprompter, what can you take a joke about?

How is Obama using a teleprompter any different from Bush using his note cards?

Not much...they are just hating...