Why do white people want to start a WET when they already have a CMT?

Does someone know a channel where I can watch the news in Spanish?

In spain, these are the channels: La Primera, La 2, Antena3, Cuatro, Telecinco, LaSexta... and there are more (telemadrid, tvg....) http://www.antena3.com/directo/ http://www.telecinco.es/ http://www.cuatro.com/

What time is Miss Universe 2010 going to be aired?

that would be 7pm in MT

How effective is listening to foreign language TV in learning a language?

It can be very beneficial training the ear to new words and forms of speech, also opens your eyes to culture, history, the people .. Try using your new skills with native and/or fluent speakers and you will notice even more improvement.

Who speaks Spanish and who watches the novels or novelas?

What do you think of Obama's pick for Supreme court thingy?

She isn't a mexican she is a Puerto Rican. She is VERY smart she graduated 2nd in her college that isn't an easy feat i think she was an wise choice.

Why don't White people create WET? Why is it racist for them to have their own channel?

Every channel is WET, genius. That's why they had the need to create BET and Telemundo, smart guy.

What channel will transmit the chivas home games?

all i heard is that telemundo is gonna passing there games .... i saw the commerrrrial and it said that telemundo es la casa de chivas y el tri mexicano

Why do Latin soap operas sensationalize rape?

White soaps have done it in the PAST & gossip Girl is a comedy drama show & in no way classifies as a soap opera. I am also a rape victim & I am GLAD I don't watch Spanish soaps. American soaps have had their share of rape storylines. I think Mexicans are insensitive to what poor women go through after being raped & if it's all men doing the directing & producing they probably don't care about what a sensitive issue rape really is. I wonder if Mexico even has rape crisis centers. They're jerks for "glossing over" rapes. Too bad it happens even more in Mexico than the US or so I am told! Then the police are too lazy & corrupt to do anything about it. This is not a violation . I am answering a question & telling the truth.

Do they charge for ordering things that say free?

Ask this in television section this is dining-=-

Will spanish always be the second most spoken language in the United States?

It will, unless it becomes the first most spoken. But television is not about speaking, it's about understanding. And there are far more people who understand Spanish than speak it fluently. Univision and Telemundo are growing in importance and influence, as are many other cable stations.

What channels are the Mexico games in San Diego, CA?


How do I switch my browser between Spanish and English?

On Explorer go to Tools-Internet option- Languages click on Add and select English. Remove spanish from that box.

Why does the South American ruling elite look almost like scandinavians?

I have always wondered the same. The high class people in every country I have been to in South America have white features. I worked at a preschool of rich children in Colombia and every kid seemed descendant of the europeans: white skin, blue/green eyes, blonde/light hair. Once we had a charity event and they invited some kids from a poor neighborhood to share with them, everybody was black or dark skinned. Once I made a comment about it to my boyfriend and he said it was the "gene of the rich" he mentioned how people were "prettier" in private universities. I only laughed but thought about it deeply and perhaps it's something that comes from the times of Colonization. The rich, ruling class were the spaniards while the poor were the indigenous south americans or black people brought as slaves. Of course there was a mix of races, but probably power somehow has been passed from generation to generation and the white looking people have inherited what belonged to their ancestors, same as for the dark skinned people. I hope you understood what I'm trying to say?

What Mexican Primera Division team should I support?

Just start watching games, and go with your heart. And don't just follow the team that wins all the time either, and don't switch teams just because they are going through a bad moment, stick with them through the good and the bad.

What major TV network has the worst original shows?

CW. I was a 90s 90210 fan, so I gave the new one a chance for a few weeks. I just couldn't jump on permanently.

What channel is the Billboard Latin Music Awards on?

Telemundo channel 446

What's more important: Our economy or legalizing illegals from Mexico?

where can ifind a picture of the teen in victorinos named victorino in the show wen he is 13?

look for his pic on Google Images.

Do Univision and Telemundo show Wrestling?

No. Galavision does.

Which soccer teams do you wish to see play in different Tv channels next season?

Yea I feel it to, televisa is a MONSTER!! First of all univision deportes suck!!! The commentary sucks!!!!!!! They seem boring and dull. Another thing that I didn't like was when El perro bermudez was commentating, he got boring QUICK!!!! IT SEEMED LIKE HE SAID THE SAME THINGS VERY OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!! NO WONDER EVERYBODY SAID THAT HE SHOULDN'T BE COMMENTATING IN FIFA ANYMORE. Yea I have to agree with the teams you said but I would add pachuca because watching their games on telefutura is BORING AS FUÇK!!! Maybe telemundo could change their boring ways ;) But my favorite commentators are Tv Azteca!! I actually find myself laughing at times xD I would rather have TV azteca broadcasting more teams!!!!!!! Like Monterey, Santos, and even low teams like San Luis!!!! & yea I think I would I mean I hear that futbol Argentino is back and forth action soooooooo it'll be bad@SS watching that!! But I would also enjoy watching some Argentinian fans attack each other in the stands xD

How great is it that Faux News is in the nosebleed section?

Well, considering that they are not a real news network (even though they pretend to be), it is understandable that they wouldn't be placed with the real news networks.

Are any Spanish-Language TV channels available in the US broadcasting the 2008 Olympics?

Telemundo. I live in LA and they always have them on. They broadcast en espanol. i DONT blameyou though american broadcasters only glorify American Athletes and make everyone else seem like a second class citizen.

Can anybody help me find the link to the new Modelo Beer Especial commercial?

LOL Well I dont have the answer but I know exactly which commercial your talking about because I myself have been looking for it like crazy ever since I seen it a few days ago while watching my novela La Reina De Sur! I also wanted to respond to you because my name is also Andrea its a crazy coincidence and I had to tell you Hi if I find it i will let you know and if you find it let me know

What countries will you support during the Olympics?

USA , Germany , South Korea (Taekwondo) , Mexico

How do I find Auditions for Modeling or Acting in Miami Florida?

Acting and modeling are entirely different fields, so you won't be able to find a legitimate agent who represents both actors and models. And until you have some professional experience, you probably won't be able to find an agent, since an agent's job is to provide clients with experienced, professional actors or models who can show up to jobs knowing exactly what's expected of them. Photo shoots and film production are incredibly expensive, so fashion directors and TV/movie directors can't afford to work with amateurs, no matter how much promise they show. Most open auditions are publicity stunts to generate interest in an upcoming project. When a new TV show invites the general public to audition for roles, the roles still go to experienced, professional actors. The open audition costs very little to arrange, but will generate many thousands of dollars in publicity. And everyone who attends the audition will be sure to watch the show, as will friends and family members, out of curiosity. If you're serious about modeling, contact the main office of a local or regional (as opposed to national or international) department store that advertises where you live and ask about appearing in print ads. Most models begin their careers that way, doing newspaper and magazine ads for small companies that hire local talent. That enables them to build portfolios they can later take to agencies as evidence they're qualified and experienced and ready to be sent to jobs. At least 90% of people with what's considered model looks are incapable of modeling, since they're not uncommonly photogenic, don't take direction well, or can't overcome their self-consciousness when striking poses that range from unnatural to stupid. And agencies don't have time to meet with everyone who dreams of modeling, but hasn't yet proven she's capable of the work. Having a portfolio of professional work will give you access to legitimate agents. You won't be able to find a legitimate actors' agent until you have some professional credits, either, since agents will only represent professional actors. Just about everyone you see on TV and in movies started out in community theater, since that's about the only place an aspiring actor can learn while gaining the experience required to access other opportunities. If you enroll in classes at a local theater and show that you're talented and committed to learning and mastering the craft of acting, you'll be considered for roles in upcoming productions. Once you've appeared in a few of those, you'll have the experience required to shop for an agent who may be able to find you other work. Most stage actors also work in commercials, TV and movies, so your theater peers will be able to recommend agents when you're ready to take that step. Be careful, since there are more fake agents than legitimate ones. The frauds make fortunes by charging for classes, head shots and other promotional materials that are completely useless, but they have neither the ability nor the intention of finding anyone work. They simply promise shortcuts that don't exist. A legitimate agent will NEVER ask for money up front, since agents work on commission and earn a percentage of what their actors or models are paid for jobs. Because their own reputations and livings are on the line, agents can't afford to represent people who haven't already proven themselves. Just about every young person thinks it would be fun to be a model or actor, but very few of them will actually do what's required to make either career a possibility. Agents know that. If an aspiring model goes to the trouble of doing local ad shoots and building a portfolio, agents will know she's not just a wannabe seeking attention. And if an agent knows an aspiring actor can recreate the same character night after night on stage without her appearances becoming stale and predictable, he'll know she's serious about acting.

what do you think of telemundo broadcasting the soccer games ?

I agree with wolf... Man the commentators from telemundo make the game boring... And whats up when he screams gooooool that nigha sounds like he chocking on d!ck Haha. And the scores that come on every 5 minutes wtf?!

Why do only white-looking people appear on Mexican television?

Most do not look white. Most of the ones on the Mexican media are Castizos, and they have noticeable Amerindian features. Yes, they have many white features, but they don't look fully white. Possessing many white features does not make you look pure white.

What do you think of the novela Flor Salvaje?

I freaking hate Flor, she is so damn stupid, I mean no offense but why does she do all that retarded stuff. Roberto Manrrique is really hot, not the typically hot but still hot. Tony Dalton is so Ugly but OMG I really feel attracted to him like most of the time :)...The Doctor is cute as well :) I don't know I think the novela would be great without that damn Flor :)...just saying*

What is the song on the Muve Phone Cricket Commercial?

i believe the song is from Belanova - Solo para mi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ns8OxIwm4 enjoy!!!

Does every language have different names for countries?

yes of course when u speak a language u say every word in that language, and names of countries are words

What's the episode in third rock from the sun in which they speak spanish?

I searched through all my sources and could not find the answer. * Have a Good Day * ~ Don ~

How would the Latin community respond to the NHL?

Televisa (a Mexican sports tv channel) brocasts every Saturday night home games of the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees (locally known as the "Bees") granted it's only CHL but it's a start .. Two of the Central Hockey League's teams with the most passionate and die-hard fans are in border towns. (McAllen with the Killer Bees, and Laredo (two hours or so west, both in Texas) with the Bucks, the latter of whom are coached by former Blackhawk star Terry Ruskowski) Great link Singh .. I am gonna share that with Desi friends who are big hockey fans !! ps. Gomez's parents were Chicano, therefore I don't think Scott can even spell burrito.

What is the name of a spanish novela about private school kids?

The most popular and recent novela of school girls is Rebelde. Be aware that there was a "sequel" of the novela called Rebelde Way, which had a different story and a completely different cast of actors. An old, but good novela of wealthy students was Amigas y Rivales. The theme of Wealthy students is popular in Mexican novelas.

Where can i watch movies online without downloading and for free in spanish?

The Best website to watch free movies in spanish is the following: Cinetube.es. That's the best one I founded. I always watch movies with my family there in spanish. Its completely free and you don't have to download them. This website is awesome and it's updating every time with new movies. Just when you go to the link scroll down and click "Acepto" (its terms of agreement). Remember to search by letter. They have all saw movies in "s" section. Every movie is there in spanish audio. I think this is the best answer in this question. Check it out!

What is funnier that the lights went out in the Queretaro America game or that?

I could careless if telemundo Lost Toluca and monterrey as long as they don't lose chivas. I like watching chivas in telemundo. Y esos pendejos de Pablo ramirez y jesus bracamontes are anti-chivas. They just like seeing chivas lose. OHh yeah telemundo won the world cup rights and univison, telefutura are butt hurt.

Will Telemundo be going Digital in the Portland, OR area?

So far Comcast has not indicated they are adding Telemundo to the digital package as yet.

How do you get English subtitles on TV when watching a Spanish program?

Not all Telemundo programming has English subtitles and none of their ads. All of their telenovelas are supposed to have this feature on CC3. TV sets older than 5 years may not have CC3 according to the link below. I had trouble coordinating the settings on my TV with those for my cable box. I clowned around and finally got it to work. Tune in for a telenovela and clown around if you have a newer model set.

why did el Cartel de los sapos 2 stop airing on telemundo?

maybe the season is over

Why do the English-to-Spanish movies on that Telemundo channel have the same voices?

I think so because it cannot be that they use the same voice actors for every single movie they translate.

anyone know if telemundo or univsion will ever get their own broadcast station in Omaha Nebraska?

I cant imagine there are too many Latinos in Omaha Nebraska, Telemundo and Univision and Galavision tend to put their local affiliates where they will be seen... as hispanic and latino communities grow across the country , they will add them..

Why cant i download any episode from yahoo telemundo with orbit downloader?

you can just watch them on Youtube, they have the novela from episode 1 to yesterdays episode. Yesterday was the first time I ever watched the novela at airing time, I fell in love with it so I searched for it on youtube and watched every episode, IN HIGH QUALITY. There is a way to download the videos from youtube using Real Player, try searching how to download videos from youtube and I'm sure you will get them.

How do I get rid of yahoo telemundo on my home page?

Try clicking on the "x" on the right side of the Title bar for it. That's how you can delete content from your MyYahoo page. De nada. :)

Why is Telemundo covering all the Mexican soccer games this year?

well i live in north carolina and my dad has the sky from mexico set up in our house some how and we also have direct tv but we use sky for the mexico games

What are the commercials like on Telemundo?

Not really cus we (Spanish people) dnt really advertise american fast food, basically soap operas, soccer, movies, entertainment, and your typical commercials, we do have all those fast food commercials but its not focused all on that.

Why is Telemundo the only Network to ask Obama any real questions?

Why does Telemundo Novelas keep using the same actors?

shortage of cheeseballs?

How do i get information about a news show telecasted on Telemundo Channel?

Contact Univision?

What you all think about Chivas new broadcaster Telemundo?

well man, look univison guys s*ck @ss, they dont know jack about soccer and then they dont even pay attention to the game, they start talking about a guys shoe color or the color of his hair and makes annoying nick names for all the players, he is an idiot, and like i said i dont even know whats going on with the game sometimes because they dont pay attention, i am sick of them, plus they always start playing the game like 40 seconds into it, they never give me a pregame show they dont know who is on the field, they line up pitufo as a defender they put magallon as a striker they are full of sh*t... on telemundo they give you a pregame, they have a guy on the field telling oyu whats up whos warming up etc, and yeah andres cantor is not the best guy out there but atleast he knows about soccer and can give you insight as to whats going on with other leagues and rumors etc he is a smart guy, his sidekick is lame but still better than the other two idiots, plus i dont know that this is a telemundo broadcast, i think its filmed by another company and telemundo just plays it here for us so it might not even be andres cantor it could be other guys, all in all im so glad my chivas will not be on taht horrible network anymore.. and chivas in HD is a dream of mine for the past 2 years, cant wait!!

How come telemundo showing the game tomorrow instead of univision?

Idk pero segun telemundo has the rights for away games and univision for home games.