What is the song and artist in Teen Wolf?

this is a link to the sound track http://www.tobiaswinkler.de/newclear/teenwolf/TWost.html you can easily listen to these songs on youtube to find the right one. sorry i could help more.

What are your favorite quotes from Teen Wolf?

In Heart Monitor, when Scott and Allison are in her bedroom. Allison: "Take it off" Scott: "Are you sure?" Allison: "Are you sure?" Scott: (laughs) "You're asking me if I'm okay taking off your clothes?" Allison: (laughs) "That was a stupid question" Scott: "Like, world record stupid" Oh, and the whole scene in Stiles bedroom when Derek is changing and Danny is drooling over him. Danny: "You're a terrible person" Stiles: "I know, it keeps me up at night" And then just about any converstaions between Derek and Stiles (specifically when they are in Stiles's room in the last episode and Derek pins Stiles to the door and Stiles talks back to him) or whenever Stiles is talking to Scott about Allison and Stiles asks if he's thinking about sex or her naked or something and Scott is like "yes" no nonchalantly.

what the name of that song in the teen wolf commerical on mtv?

Sail it slow by Guards (: I was searching for that song too and I finall found it!

Teen Wolf? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥?

Well, this guy gets bit by the alfa wearwolf, and now on the full moon he has to kill with him unless he wants to get killed himself. He ends up not killing with him, so now he has to train so he can kill the alfa. While this is happening, hunters are out to kill them all. Along the way he falls in love with the head huntes daughter, and his best friend is helping him keep himself under control so he does not kill anyone. (They still do not know who the alfa is, so that is a problem) You can watch episodes on MTV.com (Best Answer Please)

Does Jackson from teen wolf turn into a werewolf?

Yes Derek the new alpha bites him

What song is played in 3rd episode of teen wolf?

Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding :) Love that song!

How can i watch Teen Wolf magic bullet ?

It's really not out yet, it's out next Tuesday. The ones are youtube are fake.

Can someone recap the last episode of Teen Wolf?

just watch it on MTV.com

What is the song that plays on the Teen Wolf commerical?

The song is called words I never said by lupe faisco. It's a great song! :)

what happened in the season finale of teen wolf?

After Derek escapes with Scott into the woods and out of where he was trapped and tortured by Kate, he tells Scott that he feels that something is not right. That's exactly when Scott spots Kate with Allison shooting at Derek on his shoulders and feet. Kate shoots Derek without any guilt and is about to shoot Scott while Allison pleads no. Things turn when Allison's dad show up and sticks up for Scott pointing the gun at Kate. The doors of Hale household opens slowly while Scott announces that it is the Alpha. The alpha takes each person down one by one until he grabs Kate's gun out of her arm and drags her into the house. Allison runs on after them and Peter (Alpha) asks her to apologize for all that her family has done to his by burning down all of his family alive. She is on the verge of crying and mumbles out a Sorry. Peter kills Kate anyways as Derek (who is not dead) and Scott approaches. Allison flees the scene. Peter transforms into a huge werewolf that stands on his hind legs. All three (Derek and Scott against the Alpha) fight together until Scott is thrown out of the house and Allison sees him. Stiles and Jackson arrive with potions that erupt into fire when broken. When Stiles throws the potion at Peter he catches it but Allison uses her bow and arrow and shoots it until it erupted into a fire. Jackson throws another potion at it and it ultimately becomes an even larger fire. Peter is being engulfed by the fire until Scott kicks the Peter so that the flames go out and Peter is left a horrible state where he is burned everywhere. Derek leans over at Peter, as Scott begs him not to kill him but Derek does it anyways. Derek claims to be the Alpha. The police find Kate in the Hale household with the necklace. At the hospital, Scott and Stiles figure out that Lydia is not a werewolf and can't decide what she is. Jackson goes back to the Hale household and begs Derek to turn him into a werewolf. The scene fades as Derek opens his mouth and is about to bite Jackson. Allison's mother and father discuss how their life is going to change because the police figured out about Kate who burned down the Hale house. The episode ends with Scott and Allison sharing a cute moment on the roof staring off at the moon.