It's been confirmed that God helps Tim Tebow win football games?

Why is Tim Tebow getting all the credit for The Broncos success and none of the other players?

What percentage of the R&S community has seen the new Twilight movie?

Does that make DELB Jacob? Ooooeeeoooo.

What's the deal with Tim Tebow making a big show of praying before a game?

Can a public high school prohibit football players from praying together before their game?

It's been confirmed that God helps Tim Tebow win football games?

ha i love this!

Christians: How do you feel about using God as an excuse to break the rules, and then lying about it?

would you actually...?

You just got Tebowed!?

I guess the Jets got Tebowed then

The Tebow kneel? What's it called?

They call it the Tebow. Or the verb would be "Tebowing"

Are people mocking Tim Tebow, with their "T-Bowing"?

He's found an interesting way to hide his homosexuality, that's for sure.

Tebow won throwing the ball not running?

He sure did! Although give him tons of credit for a very nice qb draw on the two point conversion! Tebow made great decisions and his accuracy looked just fine.

Was it funny to you when The Lions were mocking Tebow?

Funny, Yes. As far as "Tebowing" goes it was started as a joke on a QB that really sould not be starting in the NFL. But somehow it has grown to be more. I personally do not like Tebow. He is NOT an NFL QB, and God can not change that for him. The thing that did get me was the picture of a young cancer patient (probably no more than 10 years old) Tebowing in his hospital room because it gave him hope. That is a good thing.

Have you heard about Tebowing?

When is the NHL and NHLPA able to open its discussion about the CBA?

They are discussing it as we speak. They don't want a lock out to happen again. These things just take time as there are a million sides to the story.

what is tebowing mean in NFL football?

Coming into the NFL from college, over-rated. "Man, this guy sucks, yet everyone says he is great, beause he was tipped to be the Number 1 Draft Pick at the start of the year. He is Tebowing into the NFL!"

so how many of you are tebowing out there?

I'm a trend-setter, not a follower. I'm a special snowflake.

do you think "TEBOWING" disrespectful ?

I think it is disrespectful because people are making fun of when he is praying. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and love how he shows his love for the Lord. In my mind, I just think that it is rude that people are doing it. Go Tebow.

Religiously speaking, where have y'all been Tebowing?


Is Tebowing the best thing ever created?

It comes very close to planking. lol @ the section.

Hey Raider fans will you be Tebowing on Nov.11th?

Bronco Fans will need to start "Tebowing" early on November 6th (the Day the Raiders play the Broncos not the 11th Raiders play Chargers November 10th) Tebow will meet Seymore up close and personal in the Black Hole and need to be carried out on a plank.

In NFL football whAT DOES Tim Tebowing mean?

Tim Tebow's signature pray/bow.

Are you a bigger fan of "Tebowing" or "Sanduskying"?


I was caught Tebowing in the shower, what should I do?

What you should do is probably not tell everyone on YA, too late, you already did that.

What is the purpose of Tebowing?

What is tebowing and who does it?

do you live under a rock? I better start tebowing for you

What is the best day and place to do some Tebowing?

Sunday morning on the altar after the pastor has concluded his message

Should the Lions players who mocked Tim Tebow's religion by "Tebowing" be fined and suspended for the year?

yes, they should

Do you guys think that maybe if i start Tebowing i can get into the NFL?

yes, but you can't actually start until the 4th quarter.

did tebowing start from a specific time or just catch on as he kept doing it?

As a Broncos fan, I think I can say it just caught on and keeps going as he keeps doing it.

For those who think that Tebowing is wrong when employed by the opposing team?

Excellent point. (I just 'felt my gun-belt', and then 'prayed')

If the Christian kids are going to start Tebowing in hallways/class, should the Muslim kids roll out the rugs?