Why is tim tebow not taken seriously to be an nfl quarterback?

Nothings "wrong" with Tim Tebow as a football player. In fact, as just a football player, he's probably the best in the draft. His credentials are strong, but he lacks pro-type experience. At Florida, he only took snaps from the shotgun, but in the NFL you need to be able to take snaps under center. Because of this, he has some faulty footwork. Also, his throwing motion is very long, which is another problem he'll face in the NFL. He hasn't had the benefit in playing in a pro system like Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford. Most people just think his transition will be too much. I personally think he's a good 2nd or 3rd round pick simply because of his ability to just play football, but that's just me.

How come people hate on Tim tebow but not cam newton ?

Why do people hate the good people like Tebow But like the Jerks like Lebron?

LeBron James is a top pro basketball player, and has earned his attitude (somewhat). Tim Tebow may be a nice guy, but is at best a fair quarterback, with zillions of really annoying fans trying to get him listed as the second coming.

Does Jacksonville reaching for Tim Tebow in the first really make sense?

Drafting Tebow will do little good if the Jags don't firm up their protection of the quarterback...otherwise, they'd just be trading seeing Gerrard get repeatedly sacked, hurried and knocked down with seeing Tebow being sacked, hurried and knocked down.

Fantasy Football Should I start Tim Tebow or Matt Ryan?

Tim Tebow will start today for the Broncos. Good choice or bad choice?

He is not a franchise QB anymore and Orton is hurt if you didn't hear. They have no other option but tebow or a player who is worse.

How do you think Tebow will play against the Dolphins?

He will play like he has so far in his short NFL career. He will make a few great plays and some mistakes that look horrible. The Dolphins defense had look putrid, but they have played three tough offenses (Pats, Chargers, Texans) and in their other game kept the Browns offense in check for most of the game. The Dolphins are coming off the bye and should be a tough opponent. Expect Tebow to be something like 10 for 23 for 145 with 1 interception, but add in four runs for 27 yards and a rushing TD.

How do you feel about the Tim Tebow Ad that will air tomorrow during the superbowl?

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How would Broncos fans react to Tebow being benched in the second half?

they would be upset.

tebow ,,,,,,,,,,?

Well I don't think he has an "S" on his chest, or wears a cape or is even the best college QB this year. Colt Brennan is a better QB. Sadly, due to all the east coast politics, he may get the Heisman. Notice I did not say win the Heisman.