what football team first started using the Terrible Towel symbol of team spirit and encouragement?

The Terrible Towel was first started in Pittsburgh by the Steelers long time announcer Myron Cope

Which baseball team hometown has the most team spirit?

St. Louis usually always has a huge following of consistent fans. And most of the time, they have a pretty decent team. Since San Francisco won the World Series, I've noticed more of a following. I go to college in Illinois and I've noticed a lot of Giants stuff, which probably wouldn't be the case if they didn't win.

How is team unity and spirit important in swimming?

Okay having swam year round competition for 15 years and swam in high school swimming four of those years (captain senior year). Let me explain the difference between a team in both the competitive career swimmer and a high school swimmer. Most competition meets last 8-10 hours Sat and Sun (if not longer) and also about four hours Friday evenings. You don't see an entire team no matter how tight they are, out there cheering. Swimmers are focused on themselves, staying rested, getting primed for the next event or BSing with friends. You will find that your immediate circle of friends will be on the end of your lane cheering or cheering from the sidelines depending on the pool set up and rules. Team spirit isn't like it is in a high school. Sure everyone wears their team suit and cap on race day but its not about spirit its about allowing others to identify your team narrowing down who you are. Team unity is key in this type of swimming career. Everyone has one goal, personal bests. You push yourself in workouts with your teammates. You play together you eat together, and you work together. Your teammates are your life. When you spend two plus hours everyday and then at least two weekends a month you go to a meet, there isn't a lot of room for non swimming friends. Your teammates are your competition, but they are also the people you can be you with and enjoy a balance of fun in life. Our team used to rent out a water park (go figure) annually and just hang together. After most meets we would all go to a restraunt together. We stayed at each others houses. It was just the way the world worked. High school swimming is something else entirely different. You are worried about team unity AND spirit because every swimmers win or loss means points to the team. Meaning what school won the meet. You want the swimmers on the team to get along so that they work that much harder to do their best. It's why you do team cheers- to show spirit and to psych out the other team. Every swimmer matters. I was the best on my team, but I was no any more important than the slowest swimmer because if I had an off day I could lose MAJOR team points, but if my slow swimmer had a great day and took fourth she earned way more points than if she was last. Everyone on the team effects the outcome of the meet. Also you find that those meets are much shorter and there is not such a demand on any one swimmer (figure in regular competiion swimming you can usually swim five events a day unless that has changed over the years as i've been out of the loop about 13 years (not including relays), but in high school [and this does depend on where you go to school) you could only see swimming two or three events at most. The bottomline is that year round competition is very individual, you don't care what your team mate does, you care about only you. and in high school, your team mate affects you and your team so being there to root them on really matters to help them be all they can be (no this isn't the army)...

For girls tennis team, what accessories can you make/buy to increase team spirit?

how much team spirit do you have to have to do what man utd does?

As I said on a previous question, no one has really stood out this year, but it's not coincidence that Man Untied are top of the pile. We've shown grit and determination to grind out several 1-0's and if we'd had Antonio Valencia the entire time maybe we would have shown a little more flair and attacking prowess, and scored a significant amount of more goals.

How to show team spirit?

hahah whooa. the school i go to has the lynx mascot. but our colors are maroon and gold. umm just get creative. maybe go get shirts made or something. haha thats what i did. or spray paint your own shirts with the colors. get face paint. thats always fun :)

how can i make a spirit stick for my cheer team?

put tape on one end of a wrapping paper tube, fill it with beans seal the other end then mailing paper around draw team pictures or color it then colored handle bar frillies on each end of the tube. even use toliet paper or paper towel rolls, etc....

Please give an example of what you have done to build a good team spirit when working with others.?

roll up my sleeves and help the team to achieve

How far can a company go in a "team spirit exercise"???

She needs to go to human resources and plead her case to remove the write up because she was part of the exercize. I wonder if the checked the weight limit on the table before they did it. That could have been one *&*^ of a workers comp claim.

In that nirvana song, is it "teen" or "team" spirit?

teen :)

Is American society the most communisitic of all Western countries, with its emphasis on 'team spirit' whereas?

Hardly. Socialism is common in Europe (yes the North countries too) 'Rugged individualism' is one of the core traits of American culture, especially out West. America has a 'welfare state' to some extent, but it's nowhere near what other countries have; haven't you been paying attention to the whole Health Care debate? Pretty much every other Western country has government health care. Where would you get such a silly idea?

What are 3 games or activities that are fun and build team spirit?

Tread carefully with this. Often, "spirit building" activities can backfire because people see through them as phony, which actually decreases spirit and morale.

How can i get in the team spirit modal contest?

First you need to learn to spell. The word is "model" and not "modal." Are you talking about NIKE's "Team Spirit" or something else? Maybe this website will help: http://members.tripod.com/~TIGERPATH/index-24.html If not, try googling it. But remember the search engines only work if you spell the words right (or pretty darn close to right).

Does Swearing at work boosts team spirit?

I think it does. Work is very stressful, you can take a lot of anger out on no-one by using a forceful swearword.

What is the wildest thing u have ever done to show team spirit?...FOOTBALL?

painted half my body blue, half white and on the middle of my stomach I had the Jets logo with crossbones on it when I went to the AFC championship game

Tell me about a time when you had your greatest success in building a team spirit.?

How childish, demeaning to himself, inappropriate and lacking in any team spirit?

Very much but then of course he hates democracy and has been a real down grade to the office of President he not only has a class warfare going on but a war on class as well as he has none

How are sports at the University of Vermont? Are there good teams? Do people go to games and show team spirit?

UVM actually doesn't have a football team. Basketball and hockey are really big, and the teams are really good. Games are usually pretty packed, and the kids are full of catamount spirit.

What is the difference between smells like team spirit and song 2?

listen deeper, track 2 is very punk, smells like teen spirit actually has more to it.

How Do I Boost Team Spirit?

Have things that the fans can do other than watch the game get them involved with t-shirts nights and raffles so they think when ever they go to a game they have a chance to get free stuff

does working togather in social service activities increase team spirit and one ness ?

It may if the concept is presented in a manner that makes the employees feel that they are the ones making the decision to engage in that type of activity. Management can set up the mechanisms and availability of specific social services activities and then let the employees know that the opportunity is there to serve the community. However, any hint of coercion or covert rewards for participation will usually result in apathy and non-participation.

What is a good catchy slogan to convey enthusiasm & pride; emphasize team spirit & positive energy?

"A and B the C of D" Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Give an example of what you have done to build a good team spirit when working with others.?

It depends on your project. But generally, NEVER use negative words, always complement work and ideas. If you have a different idea that you think might be better, don't say "Yes, that's a good idea, but think about this...". 'But' is considered a negative word. It tells the person that they are wrong, which you never want to do. Try 'That's a great idea, very good way to start off. Have you ever considered changing..." Also, it sounds corny, but group games and icebreakers are a wonderful way to get everyone introduced and comfortable, which contributes greatly to everyone's happiness and the success of the group. If two people start fighting within your group, divert their attention. For example, if they're fighting over a certain object, put in your two cents. Say something like 'I can see why you both want that. I really like this, though, one of you should try it. It's different, but easier/more fun/more advanced (etc)" And once you've introduced the new item, change the subject COMPLETELY. Poking friendly jokes at opposing teams is a good way to boost team morale, but don't let anyone get carried away, especially yourself.

What are the suitable cheers for team spirit ?

Go Team Go!

What are some cool activities to do with a bunch of kids to build some team spirit?

Consider planning a scavenger or treasure hunt. You can design one yourself or you can purchase one. Check out http://www.mastersofthehunt.com/buy-a-scavenger-hunt.php. They have a couple of free simple scavenger hunts. They also offer more involved scavenger and treasure for hunts that are professionally designed with cool graphics. They can all be customized for your location, time frame, etc.

How do I increase my school's team spirit?

ummm probulary not gonna happen our school is not spirited join the ASB or go to the student council meetings & tell your ideas

how do you play smells like team spirit on guitar?

You aren't going to succeed if you rely on people telling you how to play things. I'm serious when I say learn it by ear or watch YouTube videos. If you get someone to write down EVERYTHING you're supposed to play, especially in tab form, it's going to dumb you down musically. That being said... www.911tabs.com It's a tab search engine...Don't use it unless you need to.

what are some spirit team names for spongebob?

Super Weenie Hut Jr? Or "The Super Weenie Hut Juniors?" Make it some kind of reference to Spongebob.

Any ideas for team spirit in our field hokcey team?

Get t-shirts in one of your school colors (not white) and have everyone on the team nicely autograph it with a Sharpie or fabric paint. Oh...to go with your jerseys! Sorry! Get pony beads in your school colors and make necklaces. Bracelets, too. Can you wear hats? How about visors in one of your school colors autographed by team members or just decorated. Knee sox? Face paint with small hearts on you cheeks?

What is a good way to raise team spirit?

play on ice

What are creative ways for someone to show team spirit?

Whether at your job or at school, you can all dress in similar colors or where the same kind of shirts. Also, instead of buying a bunch of jerseys, get white t-shirts & if you know someone who can draw or who has good penmanship, you create your own "jerseys". Good luck..

Exciting adventure books that project team spirit?

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

What memorabilia would you tend to purchase to show your team spirit @ the Superbowl game?

i would pay up to 200 dollars...but i'm a packers fan...when it comes to supporting the pack...money is no object to us cheeseheads

Has John Terry affected the team spirit at Chelsea?

Hmmm I don't see how HIM alone has effected the team spirit I mean yes sure the team Bridge team Terry thing - but he got that poor Manchester City match behind him when Chelsea played Stoke in the FA CUP. But I wouldn't bet against Arsenal finishing above Chelsea even though Chelsea have ripped Arsenal apart home and away.

can u give me some points on which i can write a speech on team spirit?

http://ezinearticles.com/?Building-Team-Spirit&id=900484 http://www.ehow.com/how_2047910_build-team-spirit.html http://quotations.about.com/od/teamspiritquotes/Team_Spirit_Quotes_Quotations_on_Teams.htm

Anyone have any ideas to increase team spirit?

Weay your cheer uniforms to school on gameday, that's what the cheerleaders at my school do, but they complain about wearing skirts during basketball season in the winter. Also, do you guys have a rival school? We do and we have t-shirts about beating them, it's pretty cool. If you are interested ask the school if you could make some. Also, during lunch in the cafeteria or quad or wherever you guys eat at lunch you could have contests to see who has the most school spirit on gameday, or you could even do that during halftime at the game, and you could give the winner some candy or something. We also have our leadership take out a couple of amps and play music during lunch, it's pretty fun. That is what gets spirit up at our school, aside frm dances and rallies.

what is a really crunk name for our spirit team for the mart panthers?

a white girl saying crunk? How do you say POSER

Suggest me a team name relates to quality and team spirit?

Team Integrity

what would be a good "team spirit" outfit to wear to a football game?

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=3323833 here you go (: I tried to use your team colors while still making it look cute! For your hair, straighten it and pull it pack in a low or high pony. Then put it a maroon ribbon/bow around the elastic!! So cute! haha. Have some fun at the game!! (:

What is the difference between poms/spirit team and cheerleading?

Find out from the girls (or guys) on the teams. This is also a great way to meet new people & you'll get the best info. from them. G-O-O-D L-U-C-K Good Luck!!!

How to show team spirit in swim meet?

I got an award like that at champs! This is what I did: 1)I wrote our team name in body paint (Waverunners) 2) I died my hair with blue kool-aid (or whatever your team colour is) 3)Wear ALL your team clothing 4) Make a Go Team banner 5)All you can do now is yell and scream and cheer a LOUD AS YOU CAN for your team mates! Good Luck!

Does anyone have any ideas on how to increase team spirit?

You could do something like big sister/little sister. This is where a cheerleader who has been on the squad many years, helps one of the new cheerleaders. As it is getting close to Christmas time, secret santas are nice. Each cheerleader picks out the name of another cheerleader and gets/makes them a little gift each day or week, whatever the squad decides, then right before Christmas break, you get/make a big gift and tell everyone who you got. You could have a dinner at someone's house.

What should I write on my team spirit box?

Here's to write QUESTION: What is your course? ANSWER: Golf course!

How to look like a Hippie for team spirit volleyball?

try stuff with peace signs...maybe likea wristband with peace or something like that. and hearts since hippies are alll about love haha ;D and im pretty sure hippies wore folded up bandanas around their foreheads....and definaaatly the tye die shirt! =)

Where can I find Cheerleading Team Spirit inspired items to decorate my room?

If you want real pom poms go to any store online that sells them. Are you looking for a specific team? God Bless!

How should i design my team spirit stick?


What should I bring/wear to show team spirit for Team Green?

well for the girls i would go for a summer dress or a dress with jeans and a belt around it like this: http://teamsugar.com/group/53605/fabfinds/1660653 http://www.aolcdn.com/kol/jeans-dress-jordin-sparks-400a060807.jpg(but in green) http://www.artofthesteal.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/green-dress.jpg and they could accesorize with green jewellery like this: http://www.twenga.co.uk/offer/0195785457.html http://www.luminousgifts.com/images/blk_M-G-ovals.jpg the guys could wear something like a green t-shirt with khaki shorts or combats they could also wear a green hat like these: http://www.yourdaughterishot.com/t-shirts/greentshirt.jpg http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/stk_img_med/J/L/N/JLN1810A.JPG hope i helped xxxxxx

How to create team spirit and motivate people?

So why do they need team spirit?

How can I motivate people and build better team spirit?

Be motivated yourself and socialize. People are attracted to enthusiastic, happy people and often want to do what they are doing. When you go above and beyond what's expected of you, you'll get noticed and often times people will be motivated to do the same when you invite them to join you.

team spirit!?

cheersss! when you get an ace go.. AHHH ACE SAY WHAT (and pull ur shirts like your trying to be cool) thats what my team does ahahah we're loserss