How do you think the rest world feels about us now that Team America:World Police didn't bring home the gold?

Do you think Hideki Matsui will play a team in Japan, a different team in America, or stay with the Yankees?

The Yanks might keep for his bat but if they can net a real deal on him, they may go for it. He has paid off for them but that is why these players are out there and paid those huge bucks! But in any case, unless he retires altogether, a Japanese team would gladly take him.

In Team America World Police, did anyone else cry when Gary hit rock bottom?

I was worried he would die fo alcohol poisoning, cause after one drink, a puppet has 100% blood alcohol level.

Whats the song in Team America When they are having a cocktail party to celabrate?

Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf love that song.

Do think kim jong ill is angry about the movie team america world police?

Could be. But then again, he's always angry at everything concerning Americans.

South park the movie or team america?

there both pretty sick but i choose south park more original but team america is a good movie also

How many people want a new "America's Team"?

The New Orleans Saints

In Team America, when King Jong Il sings "So Ronery" what is this a parody of?

I think the song is called "I'm so Lonely" or something like that. Sorry for the cruddy answer, it's all I know =/

Do you think Kim Jong Il has seen Team America World Police?

He probably has...and laughed his head off while sipping fine wine and shooting political prisoners. Dictators don't care what you think of them unless you live in their countries.

I want to hire Team America puppets for a party. Any ideas?

funny a s s movie

How do i join Team America?

You have to drive an American car, you have to call French Fries "Freedom Fries", you have to be extremely anti Gay and you have to kill over 100 Al Queda members.

What is your favorite part/scene in Team America: World Police?

A scene from the movie "Team America: World Police" where Gary spews after hearing a rather crude, but genius, description of ... Favorite.

Why are the Cowboys considered America's team?

It was a title given to them in one of Steve Sabol's early NFL Films watch this vid for more info

Who do you think is the best basketball team in America right now?

Celtics! They are a very complete team with virtually no weaknesses. They have beaten most of the elite teams already. They are the most prepared team, I believe. They know they are one of the oldest teams and have no time to joke around, they are all business. They have the best team chemistry in the League, Lakers are up there too. Banner #18, here we come!

who do u think is a good national team apart from america?

DjB---Time for a reality check. Since Bob Bradley took over the US national team our record against European teams is 4-1. January 20, 2007 Denmark 3-1 W August 22, 2007 Sweden 0-1 L October 17, 2007 Switzerland 1-0 W January 19, 2008 Sweden 2-0 W March 26, 2008 Poland 3-0 W Edit: @DjB....You're the one who wrote "anyone from Europe." Last I checked, all those nations are from Europe. As for the question, here is a link to the FIFA rankings:

What are your predictions for America's team, the SF Giants, for 2012?

Willie Bloomquist signed a $3.8M two-deal to return to the Diamondbacks. I read that Sabean offered him more money, same length. Two million a year for a replacement-level player is nuts. I haven't been following the Giants moves over the past couple of years, but if that's the kind of thing Sabean does on a regular basis, the Giants will continue to suck.

What is the best mens college swim team in America?

chelsea is correct, however Auburn is really good won 8th title for men...rankings this year have Stanford and Arizona as 1 and 2.....Georgia is #1 for women....i swam for UVA and is very well as the academic side....

What is the name of the jet from Team America?

What are the name of the actors in Team America? Oh, that's right, none of them are real.

is it true that theres going to be a America team in the MLS?

Well, maybe:

Is Tecos a better team than America and Chivas?

America and Chivas were both a disaster. Sadly some of their fans dont want to admit it. I never seen this 2 teams do so bad. I mean CHIVAS LOST TO INDIOS. 3-1. And America ONLY Won 1 Game in their stadium. So yeah, Tecos was better than this 2 teams in this and the last tournament. But just Watchout. I have a feeling Chivas and America well dominate next tournament DUDE. I SAW THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE YOU POSTED ABOUT CABANAS VS MANCILLA. GREAT VIDEO DUDE.

There was a show a couple years back that was similar to the movie "Team America World Police"?

The puppet style in "Team America" was based on the marionettes used in the show "Thunderbirds". It was also used in few other shows like "Stingray" and "Fireball XL5", but "Thunderbirds" was the most famous.

What is the music playing in Team America when we first see the terrorists in Paris?

"Bu Dunyada Askindan Olmek" by Kubat. I couldn't find that song but I could find it from a different singer. Enjoy! By the way, is this movie really for kids? wtf?

What is a better soccer team Club America or Chivas?

Both clubs are highly talented and have been very successful.

Who thinks they should bring the old players back from the team America back?

They are too old now el cuah is 38 he might make a small difference but nothing to noticeable and the pendejos finished cabañas our best striker and Ochoa needs to be in europe

Who else thinks Mexico's Copa America team is pathetic?

I agree with you on everything. It's because the players that are playing are 22 and under. So that's why there's really no good players. And Uruguay is going to lose horribly in the U-17 team. But Uruguay is going to beat Mexico in the Copa America.

Where can i download the team America theme song?

go: <--

How did you feel about the sex scene in the movie Team America?

I'm sorry, I thought this was the "movies" part of yahoo answers. Not the "only ask questions about movies in the last 3 years" section of yahoo answers. Douche. That being said, I went and saw it in theaters and I laughed my butt off. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are f'ing geniuses. Kim Jong Il was my favorite part of that movie though.

Would my friend from saudi arabia find the movie team america offencive?

after all he/she is ur friend not mine, so u know him/her better than me. its a puppet movie with some violence, sex, terrorism theme. i think ur friend will enjoy it.

Who Has Ever Heard Of The Team America Bobsled Team?

I've heard of them.

What Did Kim-Jong il Think Of Team America?

Word has it that he literally liked it...... but Trey and Matt are such liars and piss off so many people, how can you really believe them.

Dont you think its funny that a movie (team america) aimed at retards makes fun of Matt Damons intellect?

They never actually set out to make matt damon look and act like a tard. the actual reason is they created his puppet with every intention of making him a real normal character but by mistake the doll came out looking like a tard so as it is a comedy spoof they decided to scrap his original roll and make him a retard. FACT!

Why is 'Team America' always the losing team? We can't win a war without dropping nukes?

Iraq and it's government and military fell within a week of the US entering Iraq. We now have the government on our side. We are now fighting a guerilla insurgency. The US military is meant for large-scale conventional/unconventional war. Meaning, our supercarriers are designed to destroy and eliminate another country's infrastructure, naval forces and ports and to block off the country. There is no point in sending 200 ships and subs to a small country which can fall with a few airstrikes. That is why the fallacy of weakness shows. It's like the Georgian-Russian war. People thought Russia became weak because it took them a week to push back georgian troops and that they were using old technology and even lost a few planes. Well, Russia only used about 5% of it's real capability and Georgia crumbled. We have come a long way since Vietnam which we actually could have officially "won" had we not had such inept leadership and troubles at home. We used less than 100 fighter jets in Iraq and yet we have nearly 4200 of them in the US should we need them. We sent barely 200 tanks out of a fleet of 8000 or more. We have won the war, we are now dealing with the insurgents. Much like the Soviets in Afghanistan.

How do they make the puppets blink and speak on Team America?

Tabuler9 is quite correct. The puppets are marionettes, but 'trick' ones. This means they have additional functionality built in whereby a few extra strings operate blinking eyes and a moving mouth. The movie uses the same technique as its inspiration, the TV show "Thunderbirds". The wikipedia link has a really good section under the heading "Production" where it discusses the marionettes in more detail.

How do you propose to get Congress to make a unified decision on any issue and start playing for Team America?

By voting the Party of No out. We need a Congress who is willing to work with the President and not against him.

Did you think Team America was a good movie?

It is very funny. Kind of stupid at some times but it has a sex scene with puppets.... You should watch it just to see that weird part.

How do they make them blink and speak in Team America?

Previously answered here:;_ylt=AnD8uiTqQ1OmQ_HlSJnIiCXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110809093758AAgbn5r If you want more info though, just research "trick marionettes". I believe there's even a free book about how they are made floating around on the internet.

What do you think of the movie Team America?

LOVED IT but South Park is better for sure

is pittsburg steeler the most popular team in america?

nope i think Yahoo Sports came out with something or other on this very subject... the Cowboys are the most popular team.

How far has an America East team gone in the NCAA Tournament?

lqtm As far as Chuck Norris lets them go.

who do u think the best male lacrosse team in America is?

I went to lacrosse camp and my counselor was a buffalo bandits. Go Bandits!

How do you Manckee Doodle Dandies reckon Team America's chances vs. Arsenal in the CL?

It's that English core to the Arsenal side that really shines isn't it? hmm

Why are people feeling the need to call any team America's team?

Because they need something to boost their egos since Alaska entered the Union, and Texas is no longer the largest state. "The Green Bay Packers are Americas team. They are owned by the community. They deserve the title." The Packers are owned by the people of Green Bay, Wisconsin, not the United States. "America's Team" is our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and Firefighters, who put their lives on the line for us, and not for millions of dollars a year. Sarge

Is it possible for a team like America to play a national soccer team?

Atlectio de Madrid played against Mexico once.

Is team america: world police a joke about american patriosm?

Yes it is.

What does the USA soccer national team need to go to play better against european and south america teams?

They are headed in the right direction, dont worry about it. Those are elite football countries that have been doing this forever. Interest is just starting to grow in the USA and hopefully keeps increasing every year. Just need to continue to develop young talent, and make it easier for everyone to be able to join youth academies. Oh yeah and get better coach, cuz dont think Bradley is the answer.

What is the name of the All-America team named during the ESPN Awards Show?

The All-America team your talking about is a compilation of votes from the media and coaches after the end of the season. So in my opinion it is the most fair and just All-America team.

How to join a college soccer team in America?

get in contact with the athletic department of the school you want to go to and talk to the coach to see if you can get a tryout

What is the name of this song from "Team America"?

Magic Carpet Ride? Steppenwolf Listen at about 27 seconds.

How come so many people vote out of spite/party pride? Don't we all belong to the same team--America?

Yes people should get all of the info. Do they always? No. Most people continue to vote "Democrat" or "Republican" because these parties consistantly adhere to their own personal belief about how America should be run.

Team America?

not sure, but they did some fucked up shit with those puppets, and the scene was long .... DIRKA DIRKA MUHOMMED JIHAD so the edit out "shit", and let me type "fucked"