My Year End Celebrity Awards Nominees?

09 Star of the Year: Taylor Swift 09 Song: Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me 09 Movie: Twilight Saga: New Moon 09 TV Show: Secret Life of the American Teenager 09 Music Artist: Taylor Swift 09 Award Show OMG: Eminem & Bruno (MTV Movie Awards) 09 Funny Person: George Lopez 09 Fashion Icon: Lady Gaga 09 Guilty Pleasure: Twilight Saga 09 Shocker: Chris Brown/Rihanna Altercation 09 Most Controversial Star: Chris Brown 09 Twitter: @taylorswift13 (Taylor Swift) 09 Feud: Kanye West vs. Country Music 09 Male Hottie: TAYLOOOOOOOOOORRRR LAUTNERRRRRRRRRRR!! 09 Female Hottie: Megan Fox (that what my guy friends think) 09 Couple: Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift (not exactly) 09 Breakout Star: Lady GaGa 09 Phenomenom: Twilight Saga 09 Worst Star: Balloon Boy's Parents (such idiots!!!)

Choose: Who is your favorite singer/actor/actress ?

None of those. Singer: Michael Jackson Actor: Wylie Hughes Draper Jr.(: Actress: Anne Hatheway

Rate these celebs 1-10.?

Taylor Swift 10 -Miley Cyrus 4 -Selena Gomez 8 -Demi Lovato 5 -Joe Jonas 6 -Nick Jonas 7 -Kevin Jonas 5.5 -Carrie Underwood 6 -Kellie Pickler Never heard of her -Kelly Clarkson -5 -Jesse McCartney 6 -Taylor Lautner 5 -Rob Patinson 0 -Kristen Stewart 0 -Vanessa Hudgens 0 -Zac Efron 1 -Taylor Momsen never heard of him -Chace Crawford ? -Ashley Tisdale 4 she is a better actress then singer -Kellan Lutz never heard of them -Kris Allen never heard of him -David Cook 7 -David Archuleta 7

Poll: Date Or Hate ? ?

1 hate 2 date 3 date 4 hate 5 hate 6 hate 7 hate bonus hate

Who are you going to vote for in the Kids Choice Awards of 2010?

TV Show: Suite Life On Deck TV Actor: Cole Sprouse TV Actress: Miley Cyrus Music Group: Black Eyed Peas Female Singer: Lady Gaga Male Singer: Ne-Yo Song: I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas) Movie: The Twilight Saga: New Moon (SISTER'S CHOICE IS ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS THE SQUEAKUEL) Movie Actor: Taylor Lautner Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock Cartoon: Phineas and Ferb Reality Show: American Idol Female Athlete: Serena Williams Male Athlete: Ryan Sheckler Video Game: Wii Fit Book: Twilight series Animated Movie: Up Voice from an Animated Movie: Jim Carrey (A Christmas Carol)

Who are you voting for in the Kids Choice Awards 2010?

OK, vampire diaries was written 1991 WAY before twilight and stephanie meyer said it was one of her "inspirations" so its her who's copying, get your facts straight before you try to judge something.

who sucks the most??? and why?

Robert Pattinson Because he's a vampire. haha get it? but seriously he's lame

do you think they look cute together?

yeah they actually do.Taylor Swift looks much better than Vanessa Hudgens

Coke or pepsi 2......!!!?

Who are your favorite teen stars?

1.Demi Lovato 2.Ashley Tisdale 3.Nick Jonas 4.Selena Gomez 5.Taylor Swift 6.Vannesa Hudgens 7.Jojo 8.David Archuleta 9.Sabrina Bryan 10.Zac Efrron Sry Zac! We r the real jonas brothers email us visit our myspace visit our NEW twitter account Today at 5pm justin tv/jonas brothers live chat!!! call us on our fan line 818 748 8887

Zac Efron, Adam Lambert, and Ryan Seacrest, Marry one, push one, and be bffs with one.?

marry ryan seacrest push zac efron off a very HIGH cliff be bffs with adam lambert

Answers To Tell Me About Taylor Swift?

Sorry, I don't understand what you're asking, exactly? I'll edit if you explain :)

What's your favorite?

Miley Cyrus The Notebook Romantic Myspace Cotton candy ♥ Nickelodeon Taylor Swift Hilary Clinton.

Who do you think is Cutest/hottest? Boys and Girls?

2 definently because zac efron is so hot and miley is like 1 of my fav singers

What do you think of Teenvogue?

i actually totally agree with everything u said. and i think you feel the same way when i say i'd way rather see teen vogue models on the cover of teen vogue then disney stars who dont even need the cover. one of my favorite covers was the issue with chanel iman, ali michael, and karlie kloss. three beautiful models often in the pages of vogue and other magazines like regular vogue. and THE STYLE its amazing, and ur right-totally unlike any other teen magazine. Its chic sophisticated style for teenagers. I have to stop myself from going on about how much I love that it gives teenagers a twist to the styles you see in Vogue. The topics are great, i remember reading one on alchol and another one on cocain, they both made me never wanna do either ever again (im talking about alchol not cocain, i would never use that) I cant wait for the next issue to come out, I hope they have someone good on the cover. i think you can tell that i too have a passion for this magazine. hahaha I've learned so much from this magazine and would love to be a stylist for that magazine or just in general

Whose your favorite out of??...?

Miley Jonas Brothers Taylor Swift

Who would u rather have sex with?


who is better???????????????????????

Take this crap out of this section!

Should we play a little game? part 2?

ok u answred me ur married ..what do u like most about your husband??

What does this dream mean?

sounds like each celebrity is a symbol of people you know personaly, and what you (or they) may be feeling in the present/past time.

THIS or THAT poll!!! [twilight vs. harry potter, selena vs. miley, chase crawford vs. zac efron]?

twilight miley cyrus chase crawford nick jonas edward!! both!! Both!!! facebook

Check out this youtube channel and the videos they are really good!?

Cool. You have some good vids. You can check out my page if you want. I have no vids on there yet but there should be a few posted here shortly!

Celebrities: Republican or Democratic? What do you think?

Miley and the Jonas Brothers are republicans. Mileys Dad is singing in the freedom concert which is a republican thing and she and the jonas brothers are very religious. Jonas brothers dont really talk about their views but their parents where scene at McCain rallys. Kevin Voted for mccain

Poll: which one of these singers have the nicest voice?

Most of them can't sing. I like David Archuleta, Jesse and Miley. Taylor has nice songs but can't sing.

Not as nice as they look? Taylor swift and Miley!!?

I think they think they are the anti-Jonas squad, out there b*tching about their ex's for dumped girls everywhere - but they're not, they're just caught up over boys who didn't love them. ( Nick said he didn't love her, just watch Kevin's face! And Joe said that a phone call can only last as long as the other person wants to speak to you, so the Taylor Swift breakup was publicized by her to sell her album. Watch Miley butcher what could have been a good performance ( 7 things ( is a song about hate, revenge and not forgiving people, where as Miley insists "The Bible. It's my 'how-to' guide for life." ( also, in that picture she has a massive tongue. I completely agree with you, they do not deserve to be looked up to by young kids. Miley thinks she is the coolest person ever, and that's a quote ( If you saw the VMAs you would have seen how serious Miley was when she said she was going to fight with Taylor and Katy for an award, while Taylor tried to make it a joke (.,,20170110_20224185_20505844,00.html) sorry, couldn't find a video)

Who is your favorite singer who doesnt have any talent?

I feel offended by this ridiculous question.

was there a second breakfast club?

Although there was talk of a sequel to Breakfast Club, it was never discussed in terms of the actors above. The only confirmed star who would have been in it as yet was Emilio Estevez, how ever it was recently released that' [he] will not be starring in a sequel to The Breakfast Club, and as a consequence, there is no longer a project" Sorry!

Vanessa Hudgens or Taylor Swift ?

V Hudg FTW

What sweater is Ellen DeGeneres wearing on her show Tuesday February 21, 2012?


ketchup, hate mustard hmm..arm movie computer inside biking walking basketball volleyball beach blue black dog hotdog, i dont like bergers cell 1 bff high school im a girl so hot guy contacts either pop miley, i guess cause i only like 1 song from taylor brad is hot, but ima go with zac ugh..math..

rate these celebrities on a scale of 1-10. hurry rate before midnight. i will post the averages at 12:05!?

angelina jolie=5 robert pattinson=7 kristen stewart=? shanae grimes=? blake lively=6 taylor momsen=? taylor lautner=8 anne hathaway=8 cory kennedy=? lindsey lohan=0 miley cyrus=9 selena gomez=9 demi lovato=9 jonas brothers=10 luaren conrad=? whitney port=? spencer & heidi=0 britney spears=4 kim kardashian=? victoria beckham=? david beckham=10 sascha privovara=? madonna=0 jennifer aniston=? gwenyth paltrow=? robert downey jr=10 emile hirsch=? james franco=8 samantha ronson=0 chanel iman=?

Disney Channel stars dating....?

Taylor Swift dated Joe, not Kevin. TAYLOR Lautner dated Selena.

Twilight Celebs Survey?

No to all of your questions

What do you think of these celebs?

Miley Cyrus is a horrible example. She's way too popular along with the Jonas brothers. The obsession with twilight is annoying and people only think Rob Pattinson is hot because of the "amazing" character when in reality it looks like he got hit in the face with a bus. I don't think Kristen Stewart is pretty at all but I have nothing against her except for being in the movie. And Zac Efron looks like a wax figure

What is your opinion on each of these celebs?

Kristen Stewart - She doesn't smile too much. I like that. I'm always wary of people who smile too much. Makes me think they've got something to hide. Britney Spears - Her videos are vulgar. Her voice is little-girl-ish. Her songs are lame. Taylor Swift - Meh. Cute. Cute songs. Cute guitar skills. Zac Efron - He played young Simon Tam in an episode of Firefly. Good for him. Let's just forget the other stuff then, shall we? Chris Brown - Don't listen to his music (he's a singer, right?) Saw him in a Larry King interview addressing the domestic abuse issue. Said the word "wow" a lot. Didn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer. Miley Cyrus - Her mannerisms annoy me. Her songs are lame. Jessica Alba - The only movie I've seen her in is Good Luck Chuck. It sucked. Lindsay Lohan - I really liked Parent Trap and Mean Girls. Demi Lovato - I don't know this person. Jonas Brothers - They are a gimmick. Vanessa Hudgens - Is she in HSM with the Zac kid? Haven't seen this movie. Selena Gomez - Cute name. Can't say I know her. Lil Wayne - Don't listen to this type of music. Kelly Clarkson - I liked Walk Away when they played it on the radio lots, a few years ago. Kanye West - The only exposure I have to him is the VMA fiasco. Doesn't really commend him, does it? Jesse McCartney - Oh, is he still around?

Who Is Taylor swift Dating?

So he won't openly admit it but Taylor Lautner said some provakative things in his lastest interview and I quote "You've seen me and Taylor together. To me i find it funny because it seems kinda obvious, so I guess i'll just let you guys decide (laughs)" there you have it Taylor squared :)

what young celebrities are christians?

jonas brothers, jordin sparks, selena gomez, demi lovato, justin bieber... miley cyrus says she's christian but i do not think she is the best example

how can i have a style like these stars?

websites like and always pick the stars' clothing and tell you where to buy them. If not I would cut out pictures you like and create a small look book. Bring it to the mall and find outfits that you like similar. Forever 21 is amazing for designer replicas.

Who to make a website about?

Dakota Fanning. The rest of them have WAY too many websites about them already. Not to say DF doesn't. Also DF is an amazing actress who I'm sure will be one of the greats. I don't know about the rest of these guys/gals.

Does Taylor Swift like hanging out with the Disney stars?

She is more talented and beautiful than them-So they make her feel good

Taylor Swift Album 4.....whats she gonna write about??

TAYLOR IS MAKING ANOTHER ALBUM??? WHAT?/????? I NEVER HEARD OF THIS! Hmm, December Idk!!! But you have it down good. Wouldn't it be interesting/weird (in a cute way) if taylor and zac went out? (wait isnt vanessa still dating zac, or is josh f--erson dating her?) i mean disney meets country pop chick. Lol about the Miley-hates-daddy situation. Hey did u know that Taylors gonna be on Ellen on Monday (Memorial Day) 2011, preforming Mean? Did you watch gaga on gma this morn? lol- we're the biggest taylor stalkers, EVER:)

taylor lautner or zac efron?

Taylor Lautner and Vanessa huggens

What Stars Were Featured in E's THS: Young Hollywood A-Zac?

That's it. It was a 2-hour show, and they gave each of them a 30 minute segment.

taylor swift outfit: help me!!?

She buys a lot of her more casual clothing at Forever21

Is Zac Efron in love with Taylor Swift?????!!!!?

No those are just rumors

is joe jonas and taylor swift still dating and ia zac efron and vanessa hudgens still dating?thanks?

Joe + Taylor = nope Zac + V = yes!

do u think zac efron and taylor swift look cute together ?

Not really

Is anyone out there sick of Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift or Edward Cullen?

If you are getting sick of someone you don't even know, then you need to stop giving a shit about them and get a life.

who's hottest?Chace Crawford,Taylor Swift,Zac Efron or Miley Cyrus?

Zac Efron because he won many award than the others

Who else thinks that Taylor Swift and Zac Efron would look cute as a couple?

Welll. i think they kinda of make a good couple:] it's kinda of hard of imaging it!