Where is Taylor Lautner filming in Pittsburgh?

The movie filmed a few scenes on the Boulevard of the Allies a few days ago, but since then the signs have come down. Anytime you see signs that say "ABX" on them, that means filming for Abduction is there. It's the coding for the film. Filming has been confirmed to begin at Hampton High School in the North Hills tomorrow, where I believe a great deal of the movie will be filmed. I've heard that a lot of people are planning on showing up there. You can track filming locations for Abduction here: http://www.onlocationvacations.com/2010/07/06/discuss-abduction-filming-locations-in-this-open-thread/

When are they going to show Taylor Lautner on Saturday Night Live again?

I know where you can watch it ONLINE. Go to hulu.com. Here I will send the link to you: This is Taylor Swift: Sadly, They took it away, sorry :( This is Taylor Lautner: http://www.hulu.com/watch/114955/saturday-night-live-taylor-lautner

What will happen to Taylor lautner's fans when new moon movie come out?

That is a good question since that brings up the subject of Team Edward and Team Jacob. I will say it may be an all out war. No really i don't think it will have any effect (sp) on what happens.

Do you agree with taylor lautner postponing and canceling dinners and interviews for a week for this?

acting is his career and passion, but we all have families. he is no different.

How many of you think that taylor lautner is hotter than robert pattison?

I completely agree with this. I'm not sure how many ways to say how much Taylor is more attractive than Robert, but here's one way. TAYLOR=HOT robert=?

Has anyone ever emailed taylor lautner and gotten a response, if so how long did it take for him to respond ?

If you did get a response, I'm sure he has other people do it for him.

What magazine is Taylor Lautner doing the interview and photo shoot for?

The magazine is called 'Interview Magazine' Here's the article: http://tengossip.com/2009/06/02/taylor-lautner-shoots-for-interview-magazine/ And here's the magazine website: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/


articles could be about interviews he has done charts could be about how much money the movies he has been in have made.

taylor lautner???????????

In Eclipse? Yes he is. As for Breaking Dawn..no one knows at the moment due to the fact that they might not even do the movie, *crosses fingers* i hope they do, and get back to me soon saying that they will!!!! lol yes he is very hot.

♥♥♥Taylor Lautner♥♥♥?

Taylor Lautner doesn't have a myspace page anyway. I'm not sure if he has one of those celebrity chat boxes where you can talk to him. Check his website http://www.taylorlautner.com/