Are computers tax free in Austin on tax free weekend?

No they don't qualify for the tax break. In TX it's limited to certain clothing items and backpacks only. Not even school supplies qualify for the break in TX. Oddly enough, adult diapers DO qualify for the tax break. Only in TX!!

Should i go back to school shopping already or wait for tax free weekend?

Wait. But don't go the mall. Go to the outlets. Same clothes - $50.00 - tax = save a bunch of money!

What states are having a tax-free weekend this weekend?

Alabama Conn. D.C., Flordia Georgia Iowa Maryland Mass. N. Carolina S. Carolina Tenn. Texas, Virginia, Mo, N.M.

When is the next tax free weekend for Tennessee ?

They canceled the April tax free weekend in TN.

When is the 2008 Tax Free weekend in Maryland?

According to the MD Comptrollers Office there won't be a tax free week again until 2010. Here's the memo: Tax Free Week – Clothing and Footwear, Excluding Accessory Items Beginning in calendar year 2010, there will be a one week tax-free period for back-to-school shopping in Maryland during which the sales and use tax does not apply to the sale of any items of clothing or footwear, excluding accessory items, if the taxable price of the item of clothing or footwear is $100 or less. This tax-free period will occur the week of August 8, 2010, through August 14, 2010. Accessory items, which are not exempt from the sales and use tax during the tax-free week include jewelry, watches, watchbands, handbags, handkerchiefs, umbrellas, scarves, ties, headbands, and belt buckles. Tax Free Weekend – Energy Star Products Beginning in calendar year 2011, there will be a tax –free three day weekend during which the sales and use tax will not apply to the sale of any Energy Star Product listed below, or solar water heater. This tax-free weekend will occur the weekend of February 19, 2011, through February 21, 2011. Energy Star Product means an air conditioner, clothes washer or dryer, furnace, heat pump, standard size refrigerator, compact fluorescent light bulb, dehumidifier, or programmable thermostat that has been designated as meeting or exceeding the applicable Energy Star Efficiency requirements developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

When is the tax free weekend in California?

These are the states that have a tax free weekend: • Alabama • New Mexico • Connecticut • North Carolina • Florida • South Carolina • Georgia • Tennessee • Iowa • Texas • Maryland • Virginia • Missouri • Washington, D.C. As you can see, California is NOT on the list.

If i purchase something on tax free weekend and put it on layaway will it still be tax free?

Generally no. The sale must be completed during the tax holiday period. A layaway sale is not completed until you make the final payment and pick up the item.

Does the GA tax free weekend apply to online purchases as well?

if i'm not mistaken the last time i buy online i didn't pay tax for my item but i still need to pay those import tax and etc...

Can you buy online during Tax Free Weekend and be exempt?

Technically, yes. The official language from the NC technical tax bulletin is pasted below. However, most online merchants will not be aware of the tax free weekend and I seriously doubt any of them will bother to reprogram their systems to automatically comply with the tax free weekends. If you decide to order a laptop online, I would call and talk to a real person when placing the order. You will most likely need a supervisor to override the sales tax. You have to be careful to make sure the purchase is actually made during the weekend and many online sites do not have live customer service folks available on the weekends. Here's the detail on the policy for NC: Sales by Remote Sellers Sales of eligible items by mail order, telephone, Internet, or other remote means qualify for the exemption. For the purpose of the sales tax holiday, an item is eligible for the exemption if the following occurs during the holiday period: a. The customer orders the item and pays for the item. A customer pays for an item when the seller receives a credit card number, a debit authorization, a check, or a money order. b. The retailer accepts the order and takes an action to fill the order for immediate delivery. The actual delivery can occur after the holiday period. Actions to fill an order include placement of an “in date” stamp on a mail order or assignment of an “order number” to a telephone order. An order is for immediate delivery when the customer does not request delayed shipment. An order is for immediate delivery notwithstanding that the shipment may be delayed because of a backlog of orders or because stock is currently unavailable to, or on back order by, the seller. Most retailers are only able to change their tax application systems for an entire day and not for periods during the day. The time zone of the seller’s location determines the authorized time period for the holiday when the purchaser and seller are located in different time zones.

Does tax free weekend extend to online sales?

Any retailer with a NC nexus, online or otherwise, is required to collect and render NC sales taxes on all taxable goods and services delivered to a NC address. All NC retailers are required to collect and render ONLY the legally due NC sales taxes. Therefore any online retailer with a NC nexus is REQUIRED BY LAW to honor the tax-free holiday rates on taxable sales.