Did Ryan O'Neal hit on Tatum O'Neal at Farrah's funeral?

MJ Fans: When Michael Jackson met Tatum O'Neal...?

She looks much older than 12 in the pics and he would have had a big afro if he was 17. She's out of my life was written by Tom Bahler and was written about his relationship with Karen Carpenter. Tatum O'Neal is hardly trustworthy given her past behaviour. I think she is just a nut and embarrased by getting a knock back by Michael.

Do you agree with actor Ryan O'Neal that his daughter Tatum O'Neal most likely caused Farrah Fawcett's cancer?

No. I think he's an asshole for saying this.

From what years, did Michael Jackson date Tatum O'Neal?

it was in 1979. He dated her when she was 16 and he was 21

Tatum O'neal was arrested for purchasing crack cocaine; will she really go down for it?

give me time to buy some crack and find her and then i will let you know if she will go down for it

Does Tatum O'Neal have thin hair and tiny ears?


Did Michael Jackson and Tatum O'neal used to date?

Yes, they did date, I believe she tried to seduce him. Why would he lie about that, most people wouldn't be proud of being afriad of their girlfriend, but he just wasn't ready.

why did michael jackson state tatum o'neal was his first love when they dated in 1979, when he had a?

Jehovah Witness maybe idk

Does anyone know of a way for me to purchase a dvd of the tv show wicked wicked games featuring Tatum O'neal?

It looks like it hasn't ever been released on Dvd. The link below is a great source for when tv shows get released on Dvd.

How did Tatum O'neal and Michael Jackson feel about each other?

Tatum tried to seduce MICHAEL. She almost got him too, but like Michael stated in "Living with michael jackson" he covered his face when she was down to the zipper of his pants and she left.