Thirteen Figure Skating Olympic Medalists?

1) Dick Button 1948 & 1952 2) Hayes Alan Jenkins 1956 3) David Jenkins 1960 4) Scott Hamilton 1984 5) Brian Boitano 1988 6) Evan Lysacek 2010 7) Tenlry Albright 1956 8) Carol Heiss 1960 9) Peggy Fleming 1968 10) Dorothy Hamill 1976 11) Kristi Yamaguchi 1992 12) Tara Lipinski 1998 13) Sarah Hughes 2002

What is the age requirement for Olympic figure skating?

three youngest Olympic gold medalists in women's skating history (other than the legendary Sonja Henie, who was 15 in 1928) have all come along in the last 14 years? Oksana Baiul was 16 when she won in 1994, Tara Lipinski was 15 in 1998 and Sarah Hughes was 16 in 2002

olympic skaters?

Johnny Weir started skating at age 12 and went to the Olympics. Christopher Dean, the 1984 gold medalist in ice dancing started when he was 10. I can't think of any women. I think Tara Lipinski started skating at 9, although she had competed as a roller skater since she was 3 before switching to the ice. There are some similarities between roller and ice skating.

Has there ever been a 13 year old female skater that has won senior nationals in the U.S.?

There has never been a 13-year old US National Senior Womens Champion for the US. You are correct that some 13-year old skaters have qualified for that event at US Nationals, but none have won the title thus far. The youngest US Ladies Champion is Tara Lipinski, who won in 1997 at the age of 14. (Lipinski was born in June of 1982. The US National competition was held in February of 1997, thereby making her 14.) Trivia: Lipinski was 15th in the 1996 World Championships at the age of 13. The ISU had changed the minimum age for Worlds to 15 years old, but she was "grandfathered" into the competition after placing third at US Nationals in 1996.

My favorite sport is Figure Skating? Who are your favorite Figure Skaters? Why?

all-time favorite is Katarina Witt others: Sarah Hughes, Nancy Kerrigan, Jenny Kirk, Jennifer Robinson, Nicole Bobek, Tara Lipinski. Also, that Russian girl that lives in NC and skates for the American team, I cant remember her name off hand.

Can you name the past 6 Olympic gold medalists in Women's figure skating?

1. 2002 - Sarah Elizabeth Hughes (USA) @ Salt Lake City 2. 1998 - Tara Lipinski (USA) @ Nagano 3. 1994 - Oksana Baiul (Ukraine) @ Lillehammer 4. 1992 - Kristi Yamaguchi (USA)@ Albertville 5. 1988 - Katarina Witt (GDR)@ Calgary 6. 1984 - Katarina Witt (GDR) @ Sarajevo

Who are some olympic figure skaters that are medalists??/?

Women for the USA 2006 Sasha Cohen-Silver 2002 Sarah Hughes-Gold Michelle Kwan-Bronze 1998 Tara Lipinski-Gold Michelle Kwan-Silver 1994 Nancy Kerrigan-Silver 1992 Kristi Yamaguchi-Gold Nancy Kerrigan-Bronze Men 2002 Timothy Goebel-Bronze 1992 Paul Wylie-Silver

is johnny weir a vampire?

Yeah, he bit Kim Yuna so she got hypnotized to do 'Kiss of the Vampire' program. He also hypnotizes judges before biting them to get better scores. Addition to Katherine's answer: Tara Lipinski is one of those magical fairies. And Sasha Cohen, too.

Thirteen Figure Skating Olympic Medalists?

Dick Button, 1948, 1952 Hayes Jenkins, 1956 Tenley Albright, 1956 David Jenkins, 1960 Carol Heiss Jenkins, 1960 Peggy Fleming, 1968 Dorothy Hamill, 1976 Scott Hamilton, 1984 Brian Boitano, 1988 Kristi Yamaguchi, 1992 Tara Lipinski, 1998 Sarah Hughes, 2002 Evan Lysacek, 2010

How many gold medals did the U.S. women win in the winter Olympics in Japan?

US Women won a total of 4 GOLD MEDALS in 1998 at the Nagano, Japan winter Olympic Games Alpine Skiing (super-G Women) PICABO STREET Figure skating (individual Women) TARA LIPINSKI Freestyle Skiing (aerials Women) NIKKI STONE Ice Hockey (Women's team)

how old was tara lipinski when she became the youngest gold metal winner?

13 works for radio trivia and you don't need to spell it

how old was Tara Lipinski when she became the youngest Gold Medal winner?

15 is the answer for radio trivia:-) dg

Whatever happen to Tara Lipinski (1998 Ladies Figure Skating, 1997 US National/World Champion)?

she never retired oficially, but hasn't skated since 2002 and she's gotten into acting

Whats the movie where a professional hockey player dies and he comes back as a girl and has to figure skate??

As Felicia stated earlier, it was the made-for-TV movie 'Ice Angel' which aired on March 5, 2000. It starred pint-sized figure skating champion Tara Lipinski. US National Team, Captain (Matt Clarke) meets an untimely demise and comes back as figure skater Sarah Bryan The movie was basically a who's who of figure skating...Rosalyn Sumners, Tara Lipinski, Josee Chouinard, Elvis Stojko, Peter Carruthers, and Keyla Ohs

Tara Lipinski Figure skater? has some good info. READ

don't know the title of a movie, any one know?

Ice Angel (2000), made for TV. Starring Nicholle Tom, Aaron Smolinski, and Tara Lipinski. N ot very good. Not available on VHS or DVD, but you can get a bootleg DVD at iOffer:

figure skater is what is lipinski?

Tara? 1998 Gold Medalist?

Who was the female commentator the 2010 Worlds (ladies free skate) on Universal Sports?

The two female commentators for the Worlds coverage on Universal Sports were NBC's Andrea Joyce and Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski.

How to I get Tara Lipinski phone number and address(the ice skater)? There's an address/e-mail address there for her, but I don't know if you would be able to get a phone number for her.

Tara Lipinski (Figure Skater)?

idk, probably one of the greats, but i think she kept on getting hurt so she might have just been like kimmie misner, famous for 15 minutes

Anyone know anyone good in figure skating? (help please)?

my favorites are Kristi Yamaguchi,Tara Lipinski,Surya Bonaly,Kimmie Meissner but since your doing an olympic project why won't you just do shawn johnson or nastia liukin

Who Is The Sexiest Female Figure Skater Ever?

Katarina Witt definitely Honorable mention to Sarah Hughes, Nancy Kerrigan, Jenny Kirk, Tonya Harding, Jennifer Robinson, Tara Lipinski

Can anyone guess what my name means??

Tara Irish, Gaelic: Rocky hill; place name of an Irish hill that served as an ancient seat of kingship. Tara is widely recognized as the name of the O'Hara's plantation in Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind. ; (Sanskrit) star; a goddess of Hindu and Buddhist mythology (English) Taralynn, Tarin; (Gaelic) Teamhair ; Tarrah; Famous Namesakes: Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinski; Star babies: daughter of Johnny Cash, Oliver Stone and Chong Son Chong Based on the 1990 US Census, Tara was ranked the number 203 most popular Girls name in the US.

does tara lipinski have a myspace??

I think I found hers once. You can find a ton of skaters -- or incognito skaters -- if you check the USFSA's myspace page and look through their friends. I've found Caroline Zhang, Nicole Bobek and other skater's pages that way. Some of them are set to private though. :)

I am doing a project on Tara Lipinski's autobiography. I need some help with interactive project ideas.?

You could go out and do a survey. Ask who people think Tara Lipinski is. Dressing up would be good, why is it not good that you live in FL?

what music did TARA LIPINSKI skate to at the 1998 winter olympics?

short program Once Upon a December from Anastasia Movie Soundtrack, long The Rainbow

What ics skater do you like?

Sarah Hughes, Jenny Kirk, Jennifer Robinson, Nancy Kerrigan, Tara Lipinski, but my all-time favorite is Katarina Witt

do you have to be a certaina ge to be in the winter ice skationg olympics?

Tara Lipinski won the gold medal for figure skating at the 1998 Nagono, Japan Winter Olympics, and she was 15 at the time. So, if the minimum age has not been changed in the last 12 years, then it would 15 yrs. old.

Who was the youngest female Olympic figure skater?

Tara Lipinski is the youngest to win a gold medal. She was 15. I'm pretty sure she's the youngest to ever compete in the Olympics as well.

What happened to Terra Lapinski?

Do you mean Tara Lipinski? She toured with Stars on Ice for four seasons. Lipinski suffered a hip injury in 2002 during a Stars on Ice show She participated in rehearsals for a fifth season of the Stars on Ice tour in the fall of 2002, but withdrew from the tour before it began.

What celebrity has the same birthday as you?

Leelee Sobieski, Tara Lipinski, Elizabeth Hurley and Judy Garland all celebrate their birthday on June 10th!!!! Geminis are the greatest folk arent we? And your birthday is only a day before mine so HAPPY PRE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 28th birthday to Tara Lipinski she still skating?

No, she rarely skates now ( but there are rumors she's trying to get into coaching). She mostly does acting and does skating commentary for USA news stations at events. Also she can be found doing a fair bit of charity work. It's highly unlikely she would return to even professional skating. As she's had two hip replacements (maybe three don't quite remember) and the past few years in interveiws has noted she is often in pain from her hips.

how could i listen to tara lipinski olympic program music except youtube?

short program she combined these two songs and she took edited out the parts that had lyrics but she used the lyrics for her exhibition once upon a december journey to the past long program scenes from summer and the rainbow. not sure where to find that

Does anyone know the details of Tara Lipinski's Hip surgery?

shouldn't this be in the celebrity section of entertainment?

Who sings the version of "Let It Snow" in Tara Lipinski's routine in the 1996 Cook's Champagne exhibition? ?

Definitely sounds like Aaron Neville! This guy uses it on his video - and says on his video info that he used Aaron Neville's "Let It Snow". Here's the skating video: Tara Lipinski 1996 Cook's Champagne - Let it Snow It's included in Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas You can listen to a sample of it on Amazon. Hope that helps!

i have no idea what this movie is called?

Seems to be Ice Angel....with Tara Lipinski

what ever happen to tara lipinski?

she had a hip replacement when she was 18. there went her career as an athlete. :-( yeah but she's done a little bit of acting since then.

Does anybody know the names of the russian ice skaters that performed at Christmas On Ice at Busch Gardens?

tara lipinski?

What happened to Tara Lipinski?

she skated at ice shows for a while but retired because of a nagging hip injury. she lives in houston, texas and is a spokesperson for the boys and girls club of america

Can someone give me a website that tells me everything about Tara Lipinski?

Try these:

When did Tara Lipinski win the olympic gold medal?

Tara Lipinski won the olympic gold medal in 1998 at the winter olympic games in Nagano, Japan

Were Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan on the same team in the 1998 Winter Olympics?

yes, 98 Nagano Olympics Tara got Gold Michelle got Silver One of the biggest upsets ever because Michelle Kwan was almost guaranteed Gold but Tara had an amazing final around. Michelle Kwan will never get her gold even though she won world championships in 96, 98 ,00, 01, and 03.

how much hours of skating did tara lipinski and kimmie meissner skate a week.?

If I remember correctly, Tara mentioned in her book that she did between 3-4 45 minute sessions of ice time Monday through Friday (or Saturday?) and also took off-ice classes like ballet and pilates in between the sessions. So, if she's skating 3 sessions a day, 5 days a week, that's 11.25 hours a week on the low end And if she's skating 4 sessions a day, 5 days a week, that's 15 hours a week on the high end. I assume Kimmie Meissner skates a similar schedule.

what about tara lipinski's devotion to St. Therese?

I'm not sure what kind of answer you are looking for . . . but yes, she and her mom find special inspiration in the life of St. Therese of Lisieux. She believes St. Therese has guided her life since 1994. She's been quoted: Over the years, God and St. Therese have kept me going no matter how bad things were. Here's an article about it . . . it gives details how it all started for her and her mom. Perhaps your answer is there. Saint Inspires an Olympic Champion Hope that helps!

Tara Lipinski Movie? Dad is a bad person?

Touched by an Angel (TV series) "On Edge" Synopsis: Tess and Monica are introduced to their next assignment: Bart and Hayley Ewing, a father and daughter con team. The angels follow Bart and Hayley to Salt Lake City, where Bart has promised Hayley she will be able to indulge her favorite hobby, ice skating. Monica works as an employee of the skating rink and is shortchanged by Bart as he pays for Hayley's entry. When Hayley falls down, Andrew, the acting D.J., introduces her to an Olympic hopeful skater, Alex Thorpe, and she agrees to help Hayley learn to skate. Meanwhile, Bart pretends to find some lost money in order to win the trust of Alex's father, Carl, who is the owner of the rink. Carl tells Bart of an upcoming fundraiser to benefit the Silver Blades Skate Team. Bart notices the cash drop bag that Carl is carrying and begins to hatch an idea for a scam. Later that night, Hayley tells her father she wants to do something other than con people, something she can be recognized for. // Guest cast: Tara Lipinski .... Alex Thorpe; Ron Orbach .... Carl Thorpe; Jack Wagner .... Bart Ewing

Who was the youngest person ever to win an Olympic medal?

Tara Kristen Lipinski (born June 10, 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) of Sugar Land, Texas is an accomplished figure skater and media celebrity. She was Olympic Champion in Figure Skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics. At those games, she became the youngest gold medalist (at age 15) in the history of the Olympic Winter Games, a record that still stands. Lipinski first came to national prominence when she won the 1994 U.S. Olympic Festival competition, which at the time was a junior-level competition. Later that season she placed 4th at the 1995 World Junior Championships and 2nd in the junior level at the 1995 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Already, by that time, Lipinski was the subject of a great deal of media attention. In late 1995, after a disappointing 5th-place finish at the 1996 World Junior Championships, Lipinski changed coaches from Jeff Di Gregorio at the University of Delaware to Richard Callaghan in Detroit. Moving up to the senior level, she benefitted from the withdrawal of Nicole Bobek from the 1996 U.S. Championships to place 3rd at that event and qualify for the (senior) World Championships, where she placed 15th. That year, the International Skating Union voted to raise the minimum age for participating at the senior World Championships to 15. Lipinski, who was 13 at the time, and other skaters who had already competed at the World Championships before the new age requirement was introduced were "grandfathered" into remaining eligible for future events. In 1997, Lipinski unexpectedly won both the U.S. and World Championships. She became the youngest person ever to win either of those titles, at the age of 14. At the 1996 U.S. Postal Challenge, Lipinski became the first female skater to land a triple loop/triple loop jump combination, which became her signature element. The following season, Lipinski got off to a shaky start. She lost to Kwan at the fall Skate America event, to Laetitia Hubert at Trophee Lalique, and to Kwan again at the 1998 U.S. Championships. At the 1998 Winter Olympics, both Lipinski and Kwan skated excellent programs, with Lipinski winning a narrow victory. for more information click below..

Important! PLEASE ANSWERRR!!!!!!! Tara Lipinski question.?

You can use wikipedia, but make sure to confirm your facts with another source. Sometimes people put things into wikipedia that aren't correct. Here are several biographies and her autobiography, that you can borrow from the library:

Important! PLEASE ANSWERRR!!!!!!! Tara Lipinski question.?

You can use wikipedia, but make sure to confirm your facts with another source. Sometimes people put things into wikipedia that aren't correct. Here are several biographies and her autobiography, that you can borrow from the library:

Ice skater/figure skater Tara Lipinski?

You can use wikipedia, but make sure to confirm your facts with another source. Sometimes people put things into wikipedia that aren't correct. Here are several biographies and her autobiography, that you can borrow from the library:

Tara Lipinski Article?

Here are a bunch of articles that "mention" Tara Lipinski . . . from The New York Times. Here's her athlete bio from the Official Site of the US Olympic Team. Even though you can't list those "public" based websites as sources, you can still look through them for news article links. If you scroll to the end of Wikipedia, there's usually a list of sources where the person got their info from . . . sometimes they are news articles. Hope that helps!