JAVA - Finding the shortest three-letter-word sequence between these words...?


JAVA - Finding the shortest three-letter-word sequence between these two words...?

I would create a graph with each word a node and the edges connecting the nodes that are only one letter apart. Then, use Djikstra's shortest-path algorithm to find your sequence

JAVA - Finding the shortest three-letter-word sequence between these words...?

Brute force. Traverse the sequences until you try them all. Save the shortest path as you go.

Which Korean singer/band/group do you like?

Baek Ji Young Hwang Bo Brown Eyed Girls Jewelry Miss $ T-ara Kara Girl’s Generation (SNSD) Davichi Gil Me Navi Hwayobi Sori Uhm Jung Hwa Cherry Filter G-Dragon Super Junior SS501 Seo In Young 8eight 2PM Rain SHINee Mighty Mouth Big Bang T-Max Outsider

CD Burning Process Fails at 100%?

have you tried burning at a slower speed? check that there is enough space on the actual disc for all the files.

HELP!! I using nero burning rom 7 and I can't burn a CD... read details for more info...?

power off. , reboot put a brand new dvd-r and do a test write. Also, turn down the max writing speed and see if you can complete it..

Which country will win the 2011 Sudirman Cup?

The Sudirman Cup is an 80 centimeter tall trophy with a solid silver core with 22 carat gold plating on the outside. The trophy looks like a shuttle and is presented to the championship badminton team every two years. To answer your question, I will list here who won the right to host the Sudirman Cup: 2011 - Qingdao, China 2009 - Guangzhou, China 2007 - Glasgow, Scotland 2005 - Beijing, China 2003 - Eindhoven, Netherlands 2001 - Seville, Spain 1999 - Copenhagen, Denmark 1997 - Glasgow, Scotland 1995 - Lausanne, Switzerland 1993 - Birmingham, England 1991 - Copenhagen, Denmark 1989 - Jakarta, Indonesia Although the Sudirman Cup is open to competitors world wide, it has not yet been hosted in North America, South America or Oceania.

please help translate this !!!!?

This is Portuguese. I speak only a little and this is slangy chat-talk so I can't translate word for word but here's the gist of it: "I'm at a loss for words now! A very nice gesture from my boss today! I'm truly touched! He really cares about me!" 1. And Lu are you better? 2. how good friend. Is he going up the tree? 3. No! He already has a girlfriend and that gives him even more merits! He did a nice thing without hidden intentions! ?????? he's a good boy! 4. Li thanks to my boss I'm much better. 5. How good Lu! but what was this nice thing without hidden intentions? I'm curious. ???? because it's hard huh??? 6. He bought the remedy I needed! He cares about my well being! How cute! 7. How good Lu! It's worth it to be filed in a special place. 8. Absolutely. It already is. I'll never forget! I don't know what the rrsrsrsrs is. 'bj' I think stands for "beijo," which means "kiss"

Is 16 too late for martial arts?

two words. HELL NO!! its not to late! my dad is 54 and is a cho dan (black belt). i do tae kwon do and i LOVE it. make sure you go to young brothers if your in PA. best school by far. tkd is AMAZING. it taught me flexabilty, respect, and balance (thanks, kwan jang nim!!!). i HIGHLY reccomend it. -Leah, single yellow stripe.

Please Help me with My Chinese Work?

As usual, this is my edited version: 我住在密西根大学的宿舍里已有七个月了。但我觉得我的房间很小。 它容纳不下一张沙发。 甚至连两张椅子也装不下。跟何况,我的水电费又非常高。 因此,下个学期我要在一栋公寓里租一个单位来住。 从公寓到密西根大学的图书馆,我只需步行五分钟。 尽管公寓的水电费比宿舍的水电费来得高,尺寸对我而言很重要。 所以我觉得房间还是越大越好! Translation I have already been living in one of the hostel in Michigen University for seven months. However I felt that my room is small. It cannot occupite a sofa. Not to even mention about keeping two chairs. Moreover, my utility fees were high. Therefore, I intend to rent a unit from a condo next semester. It's a five mins walk from the condo to the library in Michigan University. Although the utility fees will be higher in the condo than in the hostel, size really matters to me. So I think that the bigger the room, the marrier. 汉语拼音 Wo Zhu Zai Mi Xi Gen Da Xue De Su She Yi You Qi Ge Yue Le. Dan Wo Jue De Wo De Fang Jian Hen Xiao. Ta Rong Na Bu Xia Yi Zhang Sha Fa. Shen Zhi Lian Liang Zhang Yi Zi Ye Zhuan Bu Xia. Gen He Kuang, Wo De Shui Dian Fei You Fei Chang Gao. Yin Ci, Xia Ge Xue Qi Wo Yao Zai Yi Dong Gong Yu Li Zu Yi Ge Dan Wei Lai Zhu. Cong Gong Yu Dao Mi Xi Gen Da Xue De Tu Shu Guan, Wo Zhi Xu Bu Xing Wu Fen Zhong. Jin Guan Gong Yu De Shui Dian Fei Bi Su She De Shui Dian Fei Lai De Gao, Chi Cun Dui Wo Er Yan Heng Zhong Yao. Suo Yi Wo Jue De Fang Jian Hai Shi Yue Da Yue Hao! ________________________________________ I intend to broaden your knowledge in connectors. So I replaced many of your connectors with more difficult ones. You can consider saying: 1) 不要再说了。你使到我很难受。 Bu Yao Zai Shuo Le. Ni Shi Dao Wo Hen Nan Shou. 2) The bathing part is correct. But being uncomfortable should be: '我觉得很不舒服'。Wo Jue De Hen Bu Shu Fu. 3) Use '没上学了' for the last part OR replace the sentence with '我有一星期没到学校去了'。Wo You Yi Xing Qi Mei Dao Xue Xiao Qu Le. 4) It should be: '我当然会怕被淹死啦。但是,我还是愿意陪你去游泳'。 Wo Dang Ran Hui Pa Bei Yan Si La. Dan Shi, Wo Hai Shi Yuan Yi Pei Ni Qu You Yong. Hope these help :)

My Liteon dvd combo burner failed to burn, can anyone help me?

liteon dvd burners suck get a pioneer I would say the dvd burner has died

Hi all, i couldn't seem to burn any thing at all....?

Have you tried using anything else to watch DVDs? VLC has always worked for me. Again, do you have any other burning software you can use? I use Ashampoo and DVDFab. I've used Nero before, for a long time actually, and then it started giving me unexplainable errors (which I was later able to figure out) but now, if I have problems then it's either the file itself or the hardware... or just a bad disc, which tends to happen from time to time.

Nero burning process failed! Please help me?

If I'm reading the log correctly, it looks as though you're trying to burn an ISO file with "Nero Express". To burn ISO files you would need to use "Nero Burning Rom". Once you open this application you will see a tab for ISO.

Hi all, i couldn't seem to burn any thing at all, can any body please explain to me what this error log means?

it looks ok to me.

Which god should I choose?

Diiwica is the one and only God. Choose him or burn in Hell for eternity. On second thought I like the God "A", seems like a nice god.

Christians how can you prove that your god is more true than these gods without the bible?

Woah...... D: I like Zonget and Zorya. :)

Theists, Please Make the Case For or Against Each of These Gods/Demigods?

Why should Monotheists "Make the Case For" Polytheism any more than an Atheist would? Here is a case for the One, True God: Modern Astrophysics has proven the existence of God beyond a reasonable doubt. Newton's Third Law of Motion states "For every action there is equal and opposite reaction." Every action in the universe was caused by a prior equal and opposite reaction. If we logically follow each and every action and reaction back to the beginning then logically there has to be a first action without a prior equal and opposite reaction. Modern astrophysicists call this event the Big Bang. This first action was completely independent of outside forces. This action was God, the un-caused cause, creating the universe. By the way, it was Georges Lemaître (1894–1966), a Belgian Catholic priest and professor of physics and astronomy, who proposed what became known as the Big Bang theory of the origin of the Universe. I also suggest you read Robert Spitzer's new book "New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy" With love in Christ.

Out of all these Gods, which one is the ticket to heaven?

Jesus is. Jesus is God the Son, The Creator of all things, The Supreme Being, YHWH, the one that died for our sins if we only accept Him. Romans 10:9-10 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Spiritually Speaking, Should we do a Yahoo blackout?

If I thought they'd take note, sure. But you know what they'll do instead? They'll suspend your account. They're a bunch of wannabe fascists.

Yahoo blackout group?

A blackout wouldn't work nearly as well as having a mass exodus from Yahoo to Google. That would certainly impact on Yahoo profits and could be the "genesis" of their bankruptcy. I would be willing to do that, but only if Google has the equivalent of Y!A where I can continue annoying religious fundamentalists on R&S. Otherwise, count me out. If you can tell me that there is a Google R&S forum like Yahoo's, pass it on for my consideration. Thanks. By the way, I've noticed that you posted the same question less than an hour ago. Once is not enough?

Chinese to English lyrics translation? XING YUN CAO (幸運草) by Della Ding?

Clover Ringing / ringing Sunny Garden, his face wet with sweat Seventeen-year-old innocence that I miss the boy Liang shook youth took the time to run Ran a nap woke up the noise of the playground He found four-leaf clover He gave me one ten thousandth of the fate Heart-shaped smile more wonderful Floating gently in my palm Clover lost summer he accompanied me Happiness is like a little love at all That burst of heavy rain the whole afternoon while the sun He infiltrated the soil in the sweat of my heart the gift of blooming In a flash, the growth of the scattered He did not end Do you remember the legend Clover hidden in the poem already fuzzy Love is in the tears dry after each has become increasingly clear Bookmarks broken until the demolition of the garden I do not cry There was a boy who knows the heart of my pay

music video clip ideas?

How am i sup post to tell you if i don't know these chinese words??? and im not about to look them up just to answer this question.

Burn prosses fail?

Okay, it says you're trying to burn at 32X which is much too fast for burning a dvd or a cd. The 'slower' you let it burn, the better quality the burn process will be. I wouldn't burn any higher than 16X. You could go to 8X even but that does take a bit longer. I hope this helps, it's the only thing I noticed in the report. It did state that your 'maximum burn speed' was 'false' so the Nero may be set to 32X when your burner can't go that fast or visa versa. Just change this setting in your Nero program and try burning something else and see if it works. If it doesn't, I would uninstall, then re-install the nero. Good Luck :-)

Beautiful restaurant in NYC?

you may find a beautiful one but odds are they serve garbage or what looks like garbage

I need help finding poems?

Song of a Tung Tree and Horse Poem: Birdsong Brook and In the Quiet Night:

Chinese medicine & side effects?

Tao Hong Si Wu Wan might cause a slight change in your bowel movements due to the Tao Ren contained in the formula. However, this action should be very mild. Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan will occasionally cause headaches. If this occurs it would be best to discontinue the formula and consult with the herbalist immediately. All three formulas are used to regulate menstruation, increase fertility, and prepare the uterus for pregnancy. However, ALL THREE formulas are usually discontinued once pregnancy is achieved. Addendum: Alcohol should be eliminated, or severely limited, while you are trying to get pregnant, and, of course, once you are pregnant. One 6oz glass of wine, once a week or less. You may find taking the herbal formulas with food is easier on your digestion, however, I recommend to my patients that they try to take the herbs 2 hours before or after eating if they are able.

Why are you helping the Chinese government to jail dissidents?I'm going to cancel my account if this keeps up!

Because Y! is a business, they must follow the rules of the country they are in to keep operating. I'm sure they don't agree with their politics, but it is all about the all mighty dollar.

comparing south and east asian teachings and terms?

What's an english translation of the lyrics of "Chou Nan Ren (Jerk)" by Huang Yida?

I am the type of person that you girls hated the most The jerk that always deceive women’ feelings I am the one that already have one in the house but still not enough and kept a little woman outside Oh Oh I am the one that do not care about forever The jerk that only care about “had before” I am the one that will stay home at Monday, Wednesday and Friday Not to mention Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday And will peacefully go through Sunday The weird thing in the world is Woman does not fancy the nice guy They want good looking, sensitive and caring This type of guy does not exist anymore I am the one that you do not understand Make you lost direction and feel powerless That is right. That Jerk. Make you scream at the sky and sky will not care I am the one that will make you lose, heartbroken and cry The jerk that make you hate your whole life I am the one that make you could not help yourself Impossible to hope for and unpredictable The jerk that you hated the whole life

Why did Yahoo give to the Chinese government data the led to jailing of a Freedom and Democracy Party member ?

cause they sold out. they want the money china could potentially bring in and they don't want to piss off the gov.

Why did Yahoo China assist the government by turning over all E-mails written by a dissident?

Yahoo! justified providing Tao's personal emails to Chinese police by arguing that it was only following local (Chinese) laws since the emails were stored in servers in China. However, Many ask why Yahoo! uses servers in China knowing that it will be legally obliged to disclose private information of its email service users to the government, which may lead to its email users being jailed as was the case with Mr. Tao. Whether this was morally justified, I leave this for you to judge!

Please name some interesting physics books to read for a novice.?

I also think that the Feynman lectures are a great start. "The Elegant Universe" or "A Brief History of Time" are good, but they might be a bit advanced for a novice. They delve deep into theoretical physics, but there is so much physics out there that you can ponder on a day-to-day basis. My personal recommendation is "The Flying Circus of Physics" by Jearl Walker. It's loaded with conceptual physics problems that you might conceivably run into (unlike Hawking's or Greene's books). Here's an example: if you're driving straight at a brick wall and cannot hope to swerve around it, is your best strategy to slam on the brakes without touching the steering wheel or make a sharp turn without stepping on the gas or brakes or some combination of the two strategies? Walker goes into many deeper phenomena, but I think it's an outstanding book for exposing someone to the breadth and practicality of physics.

Im going to send this envelope to china?

Your letter will go in China to a translation station in the post office and that address will get rewritten in Chinese Characters for the route man. If you can have your Chinese correspondent send you his/her address in Chinese Characters by email, then photocopy it and paste it beside the address you've written which will be used by the local postoffice to get it out of the country. That'll save the translation time.

need help with chinese religious terms?

Can Somebody help me with aphorisms?

Tao-te ching: The Tao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Tao. The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name. (Conceived of as) having no name, it is the Originator of heaven and earth; (conceived of as) having a name, it is the Mother of all things. (ch. 1) * Therefore the sage manages affairs without doing anything, and conveys his instructions without the use of speech. (ch. 2) * Not to value and employ men of superior ability is the way to keep the people from rivalry among themselves; not to prize articles which are difficult to procure is the way to keep them from becoming thieves; not to show them what is likely to excite their desires is the way to keep their minds from disorder. Therefore the sage, in the exercise of his government, empties their minds, fills their bellies, weakens their wills, and strengthens their bones.(ch. 3) * The Tao is (like) the emptiness of a vessel; and in our employment of it we must be on our guard against all fulness. (ch. 4) * Therefore the sage puts his own person last, and yet it is found in the foremost place; he treats his person as if it were foreign to him, and yet that person is preserved. (ch. 7) ***** Confucius: Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes. Confucius Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. Confucius Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses. Confucius He who will not economize will have to agonize. Confucius I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star. Confucius .

Just over, the battle of 4 giants & a dwarf in the 100m butterfly in Beijing. Is it proud to be No.5 ?

I guess no one is more disappointed than she herself. After her sterling performance at the heats, she must be the most disappointed. There goes the $$$. ******

Where can i find a wedding videographer in taiwan?

try your local Taipei/Zhung Li/Tao Yuan web pages

How to pronounce "po sijiu, li sixin" in Chinese?

I dont know whether u can read Pinyin, I've translate these words to Chinese for u, just go to Google Translate, paste them, click the loudspeaker button. hope it helps :D po sijiu, li sixin:破四旧,立四新(pò sì jiù, lì sì xīn) Tao Te Ching:道德经(dào dé jīng) Laozi:老子(lǎo zǐ)

What are the benefits of Chai Li Won Taiwanese green tea and Tao Ti Green Tea?

yes they are very close- both are good you

Just minutes ago, Tao Li of Spore got 3rd in Semi-final and a chance to win an Olympic medal. S'porean HOW?

singapore will win tis game and the final .......singapore is the best forever

Tao Li, will she make it tonight at the Olympic for the next step to a medal?

It's only a disappointment in not getting a medal. However, Tao Li has done Singapore proud by being in the Finals and being the 5th fastest women in the world. For that, she can stand tall and hold her head high. She's put in her best and I'm sure there is none so disappointed than she herself. I, too, wish her the best and cheer her on. ;p

does anyone know how to translate this chinese idiom? tao li bu yan ,xia zi cheng xi?

The chengyu is: 桃李不言,下自成蹊 This is a quote from Shi Ji. The full quote is: 《史记·李将军列传》:“谚曰:‘桃李不言,下自成蹊。’此言 虽小,可以喻大也。” Literally, it means, "The peach tree doesn't speak, but beneath it grows a footpath." What this means is that the peach tree doesn't actively seek after people to walk beneath it. But because the tree has pretty flowers and fruit, people walk back and forth beneath it, such that a footpath is created. This is an allegory for humans; if you are sincere and honest with people, you will create similar attraction in them.