How do i use tanning lotion without looking like i have a sock tan?

moisturise before you self tan!and make sure you apply the tan quite thin as it always looks quite dark on feet!make sure to moisturise elbows and knees etc !xxxxx

How does a typical tanning bed place work?

Sure, but you'd have to put sunscreen on the part of your arms that's already dark, or it'll still look slightly uneven for the first couple of sessions. You buy blocks of minutes (like $30 for 200 minutes or something along those lines), and use them in increments of 10 or 15 minutes each -- depending on how well or quickly you tan, you might want choose the shorter session. Spread your sessions out over a long period -- don't go every single day or you'll come out looking ridiculous. Go once every three or four days. Also, ASK before you even get assigned a bed if the bulbs are new or not. NEW bulbs will burn you faster than bulbs that have been in use for a while. You'll need to purchase goggles to protect your eyes -- they'll sell them at the tanning salon. DO NOT ATTEMPT to get away with going under those lights WITHOUT eye protection. I've got the type of goggles that are actually just two little "cups" that you set over your eyes once you lay down. I have very fair skin and I only take two or three 10-minute sessions, spread out over a week, to put enough color onto my bod to not look like a zombie.

What effect does sunless tanner have on the tanning bed?

Well I did that last summer and I didnt have any problems..My only issue is that I have to use self tanner on my feet and hands because they are the only parts that get NO color...I usually put self tanner (a mild one) on in the morning after my shower. Then i go tanning like 8 hours later..I never seem to have a problem but you can ask a tanning salon for sure.

What tanning lotion works fast and makes you really really dark?

This stuff is awesome! It's a self tanner but it looks very natural. Good luck (:

How much color do you get after tanning once?

Honestly, i only buy packages because one tan never does anyhting to me. I have VERY pale skin so if ur a little darker perhaps it would help a little. Theres not use in not trying but try not to be dissapointed and dont expect to look very dark, it usually takes at least 3 or 4 times.

What is the best outdoor tanning lotion for people with base tans?

I use Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil and it gets me super dark.. I never burn using it and it smells great Banana boat also makes a dark tanning lotion that works wonders too. If you want it to be lotion Hawaiian Tropic makes the Dark tanning Lotion with spf4 that also works great. Always remember to drink lots of water and to always put lotion on after showering to preserve your tan! Happy Tanning

What tanning bed lotion is the best of the cheapest?

i've found that european gold is really nice. cheap too. check walmart for sure though

What are the effects of tanning regularly in a tanning bed on the skin of your body?

My neighbor had a tanning bed, she looked like a big piece of leather from tanning all the time. You also have to worry about skin cancer.

How to lie in a tanning bed for beginners?

What tanning lotion is good for the face and body?

clarins has the best sun tan lotion ever.. you can use it for both face and body.

If I start tanning in a tanning bed, how long will it take until I get darker?

It will probably take a month for you to get a dark tan. Yeah, you'll want to wear lotion. They help you tan quicker and keep some of the UV rays from burning your skin. If you lay on your back side be sure to apply extra just for that reason. Your tanning salon should have plenty for you to buy from. Ask the people that work there which lotions would be best for someone to start with. You can wear make up.

What is the best sunless tanning lotion these days?

St Moritz is a good one that I used for ages, the tan doesnt last that long though which is the only downside! Im currently using Joliese though at the moment and its great! I have before and after pictures so you can see for yourself how good it is!

Can i tan in a tanning bed after getting a spray tan?

Spray Tan is totaly different to a sunbed tan, a spray tan will offer no protection against UVA rays & will not give you any increased risk of skin cancer. If they are free just stick with the spray tans as they are safer.

What is a good outdoor tanning lotion to use?

i love banana boat! it comes in a bunch of different SPF's and it smells really good and works great! you can buy it at wal-mart or any store like that and its pretty cheap

What spray tanning booths do you recommend?

I used the Versa Spa..I found that it worked pretty well but it didnt last that long at all.. maybe 4 days it was noticeable.. I followed all the instructions that were given to me and made sure to shave and exfoliate before using the machine. I also made sure to keep myself moisturized and I didnt shower for atleast 6 hours after being sprayed. They will supply you with a barrier cream that you put on places that you dont want spray tanned( in between fingers, knees etc) I found it to be a little un-even on places like my hands making the spray tan more noticeable. Next time I would try a place where they actually have a person spray tan you because that way you end up with a more even spray

What are the best tanning products to use while going to a tanning bed?

i like maui babe tanning lotion and australlian and european gold. oh and supre hemp! happy tanning

Can I build up a base tan using sunless tanning products, then start tanning outside for better results?

A sunless tanner will not act as a base tan. A base tan is your own bodys built in SPF. The build up of melanin created by tanning, (which turns brown) is what protects your cells from bursting. What we call a sun burn. If you are going to even build a base tan, I would recomend doing it indoors. Tanning salons are controlled environments. The sun, is not. Also, using a self tanner, will inhibit you from being able to visually control your tan as well. Any sort of "pinkish" colour is dangerous to your health. So, start low. Very low. And gradually move up minute by minute. Also, pick out a lotion that includes something like "melaboost" which will help your body produce more melanin. Remember, tanning in moderation is smart tanning. If you're just looking for fast results, use a self tanner only. And skip the real thing. Remember to wear an SPF out doors, and moisturize daily. The less skin you shed, the longer your fake tan will last. (Also the use of a body wash that is sulfate free will help)

How can I even out my tan without going to a tanning salon?

put sunscreen on the tanned parts and tan in the sun, so you have a less extreme tan line. i did that to my foot cus of flats tan line and stuff, it works.

What is the best tanning accelerator for fair skin in a tanning bed?

Nothing. You do realize that although you may get a slight tan right now you are damaging your skin for the future,right? I know 40 may seem like years away, but when you are there and your skin looks "old" think back to now. Stop tanning or you will end up with nasty brown spots all over your face (very difficult and expensive to remove) and dry, wrinkly skin (ewww). Your skin is a certain color with certain quantity of melanin. Use the spray tans instead. You WERE NOT MEANT to be TAN! Really.

What does tanning do to your skin exactly?

Short term - it darkens your skin to provide you with a tan. Long term - if you burn while tanning (indoor or outdoor) you may not realize the long term effects that happen to your body YEARS later! it prematurely ages you causeing fine lines and wrinkles to appear earlier then they biologically should. It can also cause hyperpigmentation to areas the sun sees everyday. If you don't wear an SPF every day this can increase your chance of hyperpigmentation. The skin gets cooked which can cause a leather like appearance to the skin. It can also increase your chances of skin cancer. It breaks down your collagen and elastin quicker as well (after 30 years old you lose 1% of collagen and elastin yearly). This list really can go on longer but this is just a general idea

What is the best way to get tan quick without going tanning?

HI I have tired all sorts of tanning lotions and sprays and the best one so far I always use are the tanning wipes, as they are cheap and if you apply them right then you will get a natural tan brown look not orange look. I wouldnt recommend the sprays or lotions for your first time use as they just to tricky, creams and lotions tend to streak and rub off and the sprays no matter how much you exfoliate the tan sticks to every littlest dry patch there is on the body and you are left with patchy tan skin all over. I applyed it a week before a wedding I had to go to, and it was still on my skin no matter how much I exfoliated every shower it was still all patchy a week later. So I love the wipes, always remember to use gloves and use one wipe per part of body you get about 30 wipes in a pack for about £2. I use one on each lower leg, each thigh,each arm and so on, so that the tan on the wipe gets all over that body part and not run out and streak if using it on the whole body part etc, I even used on single wipe on the tummy and lower back and top of the back. I have recommended to loads of people these wipes and everyone loves them even the cereal tanners that are always getting fake salon tans lol I am dying to try fake bake but no sure weather or not to yet, as its quite expensive but have read reviews and have been told that the tan is natural which is what I always want. If you dont want to try the wipe lotions or sprays, then go for the moisturisers with a hint of self tan, I love johnsons its great but I know loads of people say its rubbish and it streaks but it never does on me, I love the stuff and you get a really nice tan in a matter of seconds. there are loads out there you can try, its just having the time to apply them and see what you prefer, load of people recommended me Dove tanning moisturiser but I felt it too thick and didnt rub in and it streaked on me alot so I didnt use it after that. So if your going to try any of the above this is what I recommend before applying any type of tanner moisturiser one or not 1, Shower and exfoliate dry areas especially like feet, knees ankles and elbows 2, apply a little oil free lotion to the dry areas like feet knees and ankles and elbows to stop the tan clinging to the dry patches more than the rest, making them seem darker that the rest of you. 3, ALWAYS where gloves when applying fake tan, sprays as you still have to rub them in, and even the moisturising lotions as they tend to get in places where you cannot see even after washing hands you have stains from the product etc 4, Moisturise everyday to keep your tan longer.

What are some really good tingling tanning lotions,and what are some tips?

Swedish Beauty products are really good tingling factor lotions, and some have bronzers in it. Speaking from experience, I would not do the tingle factor stuff. I would find a lotion that has a lot of bronzer in it, and I would go into the VHR beds or stand ups, instead of a regular stand up/bed. The VHR or a high intensity bed will make you tan faster, and the tan stays longer. Good Luck!

How to tan fast without a tanning bed and lighten blonde hair without dye?

With tanning you wont get really dark unless you lay out by the pool/beach several times a week. I like using a tanning bed because you get better results faster and without all the sweat. The Sun-In works quite well. What I used to do was spray it in and then blow dry it. It worked just the same as laying in the sun. If you don't like the results then just dye it!! What are you so afraid of? Good Luck ♥

How do I get a good tan without tanning oil?

Yes laying in the sun is bad for you but we all do it. My best favorite is baby oil its cheap smells lush when your finished and works a treat. The oil absorbs the suns heat really quickly which makes you tan faster and it also keeps your skin extremely moisturized at the same time which is essential. If you've got quite dark skin then it will work really well but remember this method is actually cooking yourself so be careful. Hope this helps x

How can i get a good tan without using fake tanners or going 2 the tanning salon?

tanning oil is kinda dangerous. try hawaiian tropic golden tanning lotions. it comes in light medium and dark shades and has some sunscreen in it so you dont burn. i have the medium one and i love it! edit: its not a fake tanner either. its just a lotion you put on before you go out in the sun so no streaky mess or w/e

How to get the darkest tan in a tanning booth tips ?

cancer aside.. here is my advice: I would join somewhere that gives a one month unlimited membership. They are usually about $35 a month for a basic bed. Also, try and find a UVA bed, instead of a UVB bed. This will make burning less likely too. Start out with very low times.. with a very mild lotion. (Swedish Beauty makes a good one) be sure and use sunscreen on your face. Gradually increase your times... because you don't want to burn, or you will have to start all over again! [[[[[[[[[edit]]]]]]]]] I see someone suggested tingle lotion. Don't use this on sensitive/pale skin! The science of a tingle lotion is that it stimulates blood flow, to all the areas it is applied to, and makes tanning even more intense... I would HIGHLY suggest not using it on your skin.

What is the difference between tanning oil and tanning lotion?

Tanning oil does not have any moisturizers for your skin which is essential when applying a tanning product. I would highly recommend that you check out Booty Butter by Bikini Kitchen. They are an all natural tanning lotion, straight from Hawaii and you can order it online.

How do I keep a tan from a tanning bed longer?

You want to use an INDOOR tanning lotion, for INDOOR tanning only. You don't want one that contains SPF. "Cheap" and "tanning lotion" don't really fit into the same sentence.... At salons, the best ones sell for $60-$80 a bottle, and I have seen them on e-bay for around $30 + shipping.... "Designer Skin" is the best indoor tanning lotion label, IMO.. it comes in many varieties.. I like "Brilliant" and "Epiphany"... Some of the more hardcore lotions tingle your skin to promote the production of melatonin (what makes you tan) - so be aware if you have sensitive skin... you don't want to get one that's too tingly....

What is the best and quickest tanning lotion used for a tanning bed?

Three days is not enough time to get the perfect tan. I would suggest buying a lotion with a bronzer in it. Australian gold has several and are available at most tanning salons. Try like bearly legal or cheeky brown or xox. They should cost less than $30 each.

If I shower immediately after tanning and and using tanning lotion will it still work?

There could be something in the lotion that makes you break out. Try one that is fragrant free and paraben free. There are also some brands that make tanning lotion for the face. If you choose not use lotion, you should use a salon grade moisturizer after tanning. The over the counter ones may contain ingredients that block the sun. These will prevent you from tanning. The majority of people I know do not use anything on their face. Some prefer to cover their face with a towel. If you use a bronzer on your body you need to leave it on for a couple of hours before showering. Don't forget to use a salon grade moisturizer.

What is the tanning lotion called and do you have any favorites?

There are so many different kinds of tanning lotions that help you tan. Don't get any lotions that say "heat" or "tingle factor". Those bring the blood to your skin and make you red, rashy, and look burnt. You'll feel burnt as well and be miserable for the rest of the day and possibly longer. However long it takes to wear off. Designer Skin is a great brand but it's a little expensive. It will take some testing and trying out, but you'll need to find a lotion you like. There are lotions with bronzers in them and lotions that don't. Be careful with lotions with bronzers because they can turn your hands orange. They have a hint of sunless tanner in them. Most tanning salons have tester lotions that are enough for your whole body for just one tan. They range anywhere from $3 to $20 testers. Find one you like, start tanning at less minutes and gradually work your way up to the max. We don't want you burning! Good luck and get your tan on !

How do I keep my tan without using tanning lotions?

Well if your wanting to keep your tan throughout fall and winter, then only way is the tanning bed. And yes .. too much is damaging! :)

How do celebrities get really tan without going to the beach or refusing to go on a tanning bed?

most of them get spray or airbrush tans. Some of them use sunless tanning lotions. Just cause you go to a tanning bed doesn't mean your going to get cancer. Don't let yourself burn, whether your tanning indoors or out in the sun.

What time intervals to go tanning to avoid sun burn?

First, you need to know what type of bed/booth your using. There are certain "levels" of tanning. Also, the lamps are different as well. UVA is more bronzing and penetrates the skin more, resulting in a darker tan. These rays are also said to cause wrinkles faster. UVB is kind of like the sun, you may get red easier in these. Tanning lotion helps ALOT to gain color, but it gains no sunscreen whatsoever. So if your face burns easy, put sunscreen on your face. Start out with low times, each bed/booth has different maximum time limits. Depending on how easy you tan or burn, that's how you decide the time intervals. The booths generally will give you NO tan lines, as long as you hold your arms in the air (your armpits will be WHITE if you don't). The beds sometimes will give you weird tan lines depending on where your pressure points are. Be sure to ask as many questions as you can at the tanning salon before you do anything. If the place looks sketchy or the employees seem dumb, I suggest you find another place.

How long is a good time to tan while using Hawaiian tropic dark tanning lotion?

i used that, but the oil spray one.. i laid outside for like an hour.. 30mins on each side.. i did this everyday for a week.. and at the end of the week i was so dark.. everyone was asking me where i just got back from.. lol

How do I get tan without going to the tanning bed?

You need to buy (or if you dont already have) some good tanning lotion with high SPF! Then go outside and tan - You want to spend an hour atleast outside tanning Do your front side for 30 minutes then your back for 30minutes Dont stay out any longer than 2 hours you can get seriously burnt. I recomend mixing your tanning lotion with face moisturizer (or regular lotion that isnt perfume scented) so you dont start to peal.

What is the best tanning lotion to use?

No doubt about it, if you haven't tried Booty Butter by Bikini Kitchen, you have to! I found it a few years back and I have never used anything else since. It is made from all natural ingredients from Hawaii. I know it is made with Kona coffee and that is what makes it smell much better than other tanning lotions. Also, the other thing I like is that it soaks into your skin instead of sitting on top and allows yout to use an SPF of your choice. Anyway, that's my favorite, hope that helps.

What level of indoor tanning is good for building a base tan?

Level 1 is the least intense level of bed, and is good for beginners or really pale individuals. You should always start on level 1. The person who told you that level 5 is best, is probably trying to get commission. Slowly make your way up to level 5, otherwise you will be tomato red if your skin is not ready for intense tanning.

How much time to spend tanning in the sun?

natural sun and even tanning bed gives vitamin D... we need atleast 15 - 20 mins a few times a week of natural sun without sunscreen.. if i were u i would tan for 20 mins everyday... that way for sure u are not getting too much... and u get a gradual tan.. then for those days where u want to hit the beach.. u can use your spf 8 - 15

How long after fake tanning can you go real tanning?

24hrs is best. It can take up to 4hrs to know if & how burnt you got while in the tanning bed. Fake tanning does not act as a sun block. What happens is when you tan your skin darkens & "becomes used to the sun", so the darker you get the longer it takes for you to burn. However, it does not act as a sunscreen, you can still get burnt, still get sun poisoning, & still get cancer.

What is good way to tan for light to medium skin tone without going to a tanning bed? Lotion? Spary tan?

you should try the myst on tan.. they have it at most salons.. and usually at all tanning salons they have some sort of spray tan.. whether it be by machine or by hand.. there are profressionals that are working at salons waiting to help you, i'd try a salon.. i used to work at one.. thats why i suggest this... goodluck either way!! i'm sure you'll look beautiful either way!!

How safe is sun tanning and tanning beds and what is a good time to try?

They are compeltely HORRID for your skin. they increase your chance of getting skin cancer upto 40%. Use a fake tanner. the best is SunSilk. It comes for lighter or medium skin tones. i saw a difference within 2 days of applying it. it's also a daily lotion. :)

Is it better to use tanning oil or tanning lotion in a tanning bed?

TANNING OILS DO RUIN TANNING BEDS. Please do not use an oil in a bed. Be careful where you buy your lotion from. Most salons severely jack up the price on lotions. To find a wide variety of lotions at reasonable prices, look on ebay. I buy all of my tanning lotion from there. It's also extremely safe to order off there when you pay with paypal. I do not like lotions with a bronzer or tingle. I just like accelerators. The classic is australian gold accelerator. It's great; should cost about 15 on ebay, but 20 in a salon prob. I have tried a few lotions from the millenium tan line and have been disappointed. I would not recommend them. California tan is a line with some good lotions. Have fun shopping for lotions!!

Beginning tanning. What is the best tanning lotion and appropriate amount of initial tanning time in a salon?

Why waste money at a salon when the sun is free?


a tanning bed. use a moisturiser when going under the sun/lamp, and after you tan a few times your body gets used to the procedure, will stop flaking andpeeling, and eventualy just tan. good luck! :)


I fail to understand the importance of a tan. You'll regret it when you look older then you are when you're in your 30's/40's. Sun damage cannot be reversed. Ageing and early wringles, anyone?


Olive oil

TANNING, :) ? ? ?

I use to go tanning all the time before summer.. i go to LA tan and my tan is pretty nice. It's 19.99 for level one unlimited for a month, and 39.99 for level 1 & 2. But for now, i'd suggest the sun.


Ask this question at the salon. They know the strength of the bulbs in their tanning equipment and will be able to best answer this. Choose a stand up booth for the fastest tan. The beds take a long time. You need to buy eye protection-tanning goggles and tanning lotion for indoor tanning. They sell both at the salons.


The first time you go tanning go only for like 5 minutes. Return a couple of days later, or maybe even a week and go for 8 or 10 minutes. DEFINITELY use a tanning lotion. At the beginning I didn't use anything and I would start peeling everywhere like crazy! but now that I use a tanning lotion I don't peel at all :-) Now , on with the "tanning is bad for you". It is. This is the 3rd topic I've posted this on, but I just feel like sharing my experience. I'm 24, I have been tanning (always outdoors) since I was born. I just started going to the tanning salon like 2 months ago and last week I went to the derm and he told me I have sun damage in my skin! what is sun damage? its what old ladies get! and i'm 24! Fortunately, because I'm young, the damage is reversible. Just be careful when tanning ok? Use spf of 30 or more if you can. It 'll take you more time to get tanned but it'll protect you more.