Are tanning beds more harmful to you than tanning in the sun?

There is no way to tan that is healthy for you. Say hello to Melanoma.

Are stand up tanning beds the best type to use when tanning?

I feel stand up beds are much better than the regular beds. I feel my tan is much more even. Regular beds make me prespire and then the tanning lotion comes off on the plexi, and my tan is uneven.

What is the difference in HOME tanning beds and COMMERCIAL tanning beds? Or is there a difference?

They both help you get skin cancer...

How are tanning beds much worse than tanning in the sun?

Tanning beds utilize UVA rays also as known as the rays that don't burn. UVA penetrates and damages the skin much more than the UVB rays. UVA are also more likely to cause skin cancer because it can change the skin cells' properties. Nature aka the sun, has UVA and UVB rays, not UVA concentrated on a much higher level.

How safe is sun tanning and tanning beds and what is a good time to try?

They are compeltely HORRID for your skin. they increase your chance of getting skin cancer upto 40%. Use a fake tanner. the best is SunSilk. It comes for lighter or medium skin tones. i saw a difference within 2 days of applying it. it's also a daily lotion. :)

TanninG Beds..?

About an hour.

TANNING BEDS ???????????

i still use them. the vitamin D is good for you especially in the winter. and you dint need to go all the time and be really dark, just get a healthy tan with a little bit of color. it made me feel a lot more confident so i didn't have to wear makeup anymore.

tanning beds..?

First of all, thank you for bringing up the fact that people answer just to give their opinion against indoor tanning. There are too many people here in the skin section of Y/A that preach against tanning without even knowing the facts! They just mimic what they hear in the media, most of which is driven by cosmetics companies that want to sell more sunscreen. And then they never mention the positive benefits of UV rays, like Vitamin D, increased energy and elevated mood. Anyway, back to your question. You'll definitely want to get a base tan before going away to a sunny climate, and indoor tanning is the way to do it. Too many people are out of the sun for 50 weeks of the year, then they go on holiday to a beach and wonder why they burn!! Well a base tan is your defense against sunburn. You should bring a variety of SPF sunscreens of different strengths so you can use them as you need them. As you get tanner, you'll need a lower number, however, you may still need a stronger one for sensitive areas like face and neck. Start off with short sessions in a low level bed. Add a minute or two to each session unless you see some redness occur in your skin. After a 3 or 4 sessions of increasing times, you'll start to notice yourself getting darker. Remember to use a good lotion, moist skin tans better than dry skin. Always use approved eye protection when you tan as well. Good luck and good tanning!

Tanning Beds..........?

Those people who say there's no harm in tanning beds are dirty, stinking liars. Almost 80 percent of the first generation of tanning bed users (way back in the 60s) now have skin cancer, and the tanning beds have actually raised the rate of melanoma about 300 percent from before. For every 15 minutes (a normal session) you spend in one of those things, you raise your chance of melanoma and other skin cancers by almost 4 times, as the UV rays are MUCH stronger there than in the actual sun. There's nothing wrong with light skin. I'm black and white and have sort of light skin, and I hate to get a tan. Plus, all fake tans look just that: FAKE. You'll most likely come out orange, or about fifteen shades darker and look disgusting. Embrace your skin. Tans don't make you look healthier, or prettier, they're just tans.

Tanning beds?

sounds like you were in there too long.