Am I right to say that Bangladesh have beaten every ICC Cricket Nation at least Once?

Bangladesh will always loos the game

Isn't it weird......?

Yes it is very weird but then again cricket is a weird game. KP on current form Ashraful Anderson How can people insult the great Rahul Dravid. He's just going through a rough time but I'm sure he'll be back, better than ever!

Trademark cricket shots?

1. Brendon McCullum- Flash through the off-side (driven or cut) 2. Kevin Pietersen- Flicked through square leg 3. Graeme Smith- Leg glance 4. M S Dhoni- Lofted drive (straight or square) 5. Suresh Raina- Classy player of his legs 6. Dwayne Bravo- Straight drive or flick through the leg-side 7. Misbah-ul-Haq- Un-orthodox player, good player down the ground 8. Tamim Iqbal- Flashes through the off-side usually aerial 9. Mike Hussey- Cover drive 10. Kumar Sangakkara- Cover drive, he is an expert cover driver Nice to see you around Asif

The nominatinons were out.what do you think about this?

Cricketer of the year-Sachin-His impressive runs in both ODIs and tests. Test player of the year-Hashim-He has played more than consistently. ODI player of the year-Dhoni-His average above 50 proves he has played wonderfully at recent times. Emerging player of the year-Mohammad Ameer-No debate. Associate and Affiliate player of the year-No idea. T20 intl performance of the year-McCullum-116* vs Australia. Women's cricketer of the year- No idea. Umpire of the year-Simon Taufel-He's outstanding.I think he has been taking this award each time after the inception.

whats ur opinion about sachin test performance this year?

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Those who say these runs have come in the sub continent are numbs. Are the SLs,who have played 80% of their games here,are inefficient? If our pitches are flat,why does Ponting averages a meager 36 in the sub continent?

take ur pick..........?

1. james Andersen or Stuard Broad.....?====Stuart Broad. He is looking really promising these days. Somebody who looks like who can get ya wickets when the captains needs him. Besides he is always full of energy & ready to give his 100% 2. Tamim Iqbal or Ashraful......?====Ashraful. To be honest, I dont know much about any Bangladeshi players. We can hear Ashraful's name & please call him talented. So, I am going for him based on that. 3. Graeme Smith or Jaques Kallis...?====At the moment I would choose Greame Smith. A few years back prolly Kallis would have been the choice. But now Greame is one of the best batsmen in the world & his leadership skills are good too. Cant look past him at this juncture, mate. 4. Shahid Afridi or Herschelle Gibbs......?====Herschelle Gibbs. Surely, he is way more consistent that Afridi. He also has shared a few double hundred opening stands with Smith in the past. Tremendous ODI player as well. He is better than Afridi even with Afridi's bowling prowess. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you.

your picks.......?

1)Andrew Strauss-is a bit more experienced, as Strauss has played more matches, has a good technique, and has more centuries to his name. 2) Mohammed Ashraful-undoubtedly the better batsman of the 2, and arguably the best and the most experienced batsman of the Bangladesh team. Is doing a decent job as a skipper, and can also bowl unlike Tamim Iqbal. 3) MCG-looks like this one is almost unanimous. MCG is the most beautiful cricket ground of Australia, and truly cricket paradise. 4) AB De Villers-As a fielder only currently De Villers is ahead of Punter.

What are these happening in Bangladesh cricket?

After the selectors select Tamim, the president omits him from the squad. Ridiculous. This sub continental politics sucks. I mean there is politics in every board but to come out this openly is ridiculous. Akram Khan should not have gone public firstly and secondly the president should not have omitted Tamim after the selectors had selected him. IMO Tamim is a good player and he should have been selected.

who is going to be superb batsman in years to come ..?

virat kohli is going to be superb batsman in years to come. he has shown his talent by winning 2matches for india .he did win world cup under his captiency

What you think? Super India couldn't stop these fantastic Bangladeshi teenager getting over 50 in their match.

you are wrong..sachin and dravid ran across the ground with bare hands whenever those guys played a strock.. like honey-bees were biting them

Who is your player of the Month after WC?

H.Amla- He has been in a superb form:)

Which 2 young talents will come out to be the best in 1 years time?

Amir and Morgan because these two have the temperament to play all the versions of the game be it Test,ODI or T20. Finn, Parnell and Smith are also promising talents. Mithun has not impressed much.Akmal is a good shorter version player but lacks temperament to play long innings. And I don't consider Tamim as the contender. Ashraful was a very talented batsman than him but where is he now? He's been in and out of the team recently. Bangladesh simply don't have the infrastructure to nourish their players' talent. Tamim is good but I don't see him flourishing.

Who is the best batsman who can play spin bowling very well ? See the list below and pick one.?

Firstly I say thank you to the Allah. All players are playing very good in your list. But Inzamam ul haq is the best.

Wow!Tamim "Chamatkar" at Mirpur!How good were his shots today?

Yes it really was good to see him play so well, but he still has a way to go. He gets rather impatient sometimes. Very critical of somone who's just scored 151 i know, but Bangladesh arent short in talent, they need to play with more and caution and not try hit everything for 4. It really does get frustrating to watch so much talent and potential and the players just thorw their wickets away. but Today really was great to see him play so well. I look forward to a more cautious and composed innings from Ashraful and Shakib tomoro and hope that insha'ALlah Mushfiq and Mahmudullah can keep up their good work.

Who do you think is the best "new" current opening batsman for South Asian Nations?

3.Sri Lankan - Upul Tharanga with out a doubt & he is a classy opener.easing to drive the ball wow.~

Tamim ton Gives bangladesh back to back series win?

Dats just bad bowling and fielding dat lost dem the the time wen dey dropped an easy catch ( i think of tamim iqbal or raqibul hasan) wen the bangladeshi's wer buliding dere innings and poor bowling at the depth of the not taking any credit away frm bangladesh,but i think zimbabwe should have won it.its just sad dat u make 194 and end up in the losing team.i think the score was better dan it should have been.but hard luck 2 zimbabwe and i hope dey come back strong in the next match.

Did Tamim Iqbal of Bangladesh display poor sportsmanship?

Everyone will have different opinions on where the "line" is. For me, i always like to see people showing some modesty and humility. If Tamim Iqbal did say this, then to me it sounds like, "They are nothing, we can push em over easy" and i dont like this overconfident attitude. And i also think it is being disrespectful. He could have said the same thing in a much nicer way. He could have said "Zimbabwe have good players and we expect them to fight hard, but we are have a pretty good batting line-up and we are confident we can get the score". That is saying the same thing, but with more respect. Respect is hard to gain, but easy to lose. I wouldnt say Tamim Iqbal was being a bad sport though. His comments are just rude and disrespectful.

How Realistic Is This 'Goal' Of Tamim With Regard To His Talent?

After watching his innings today at Lords I genuinely cannot see any reason why he won't fulfil his dream, hard to believe he is only just 21. He is part of a very young Bangladeshi side who are continually showing that they are developing into what eventually will be a consistently competitive side.

Who is better: Sehwag or Tamim Iqbal?


What do you think of dashing Bangla opener,..Tamim Iqbal's 154?

Jayasuriya should have scored 200+ cause when he got out he had antoher 3 odd overs!!!! and isn't it a coincidence that Jayasuriya & Anwar scored those biggys against the Indians!!! astute mind~~~

what do you guys think about tamim iqbal of bangladesh team?

I liked fearless approach of Tamim Iqbal's batting. However, he needs to learn to control his temptation to hit big and leave the crease without much respect to the wicket-keeper. What a pathetic stumping done by Brendon McCullum of NZ. Full name Tamim Iqbal Khan Born March 20, 1989, Chittagong Current age 18 years 17 days Batting style Left-hand bat Tamim Iqbal is one of Bangladesh's most assured young batsmen. His most notable innings came for the Under-19s against England at the end of 2005 when he smashed 112 from just 71 balls to help Bangladesh cruise to victory. Tamim is the younger brother of Bangladesh international Nafis Iqbal Khan and nephew of former Bangladesh skipper Akram Khan. The 17-year-old left-hander is regarded as one of the most exciting prospects in Bangladesh cricket and is arguably the hardest hitter of the cricket ball in the country. He made his one-day debut against Zimbabwe in February 2007 and was included in the World Cup squad after playing just two matches.

Which one is better batsman of Bangladesh "Tamim Iqbal or Imrul Kayes"?

Tamin iqbal.

Who is better, Sakib al Hasan or Tamim Iqbal?

Tamim Iqbal

What happened to average India bowlers when Tamim Iqbal smack them like in last W.C?

Nalaka, are you really MBTM's grandson? Who cares? India will win this test easily.

IPL teams need to sign up tamim iqbal?

yes its a shame that ipl didn't take a player like him . srk should take him after he give bi bi to ganguly .cz i think kolkata would love a Bangladeshi player in their team and don't forget we Bangladeshi and kolkata speak the same language and with same culture just divided by a border

Why oh why did Bangladesh fail Tamim Iqbal again?

Because they are useless.

Will hard hitting Tamim Iqbal do it again for Bangladesh today?

Australia will easily win. Edit: 50 for Tamim Iqbal. Australia made a low score because Bangladesh did very good swing bowling.

Where was born the cricketer of Tamim Iqbal?

Tamim Iqbal Khan Born March 20, 1989, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Is Tamim Iqbal becoming the next Ashraful?

no tamim iqbal is a talent player in bangladesh .........//

Now Tamim Iqbal is out of Bangldesh Cricket team in Asia Cup .What will you say?

Tamim is a good player,But before some match he could not play good.All Player not always play good And have off form.I think team should include him.

Is Tamim Iqbal's family originally from India?

All Bangladeshis were Indian before 1947 so yes.

Do anyone think that Tamim Iqbal deserves the man of the match for todays game?

Shafiul Islam,for his bowling figures of 4-21 at a crucial stage,should be the Man of the Match.

will tamim iqbal give explosive start vs Australia?

It is possible, but it may not serve much of a purpose....... because the Aussies are headed towards a total of 250 plus which would be very difficult for the Bangla batsmen to chase successfully at Mirpur where the pitch is likely to slow down considerably in the 2nd innings.

What do think abont Bangladeshi skipper Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal?

Both are good players, untill they open their mouth.

Is Tamim Iqbal good enough to play in the IPL and become one of the best batsmen in the world?

whtever happen.if he is selected for any team.tht would be a greate opportunty for he could get in touch with many greate batsman. And learn some patience frome thm.he is good striker bt need to be more cool headed and clever. I hope it get selected in a team.where he would atleast get chance to prove hmself.hope he dnt get chance in tendulkar or other indian stars tht might make it more harder for hm to play

What was the performance of Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal in Bangladesh vs West Indies, 2nd Test, Dhaka?

Shakib Al Hasan is fair his wonderful (73) batting and bolling grate 5 Wicket and 12 median but Tamim Iqbal not good only 14r.