Shavodrick Beaver decommits from Michigan and chooses TULSA?!?

I'm not at all surprised. It's something I would expect from a guy named Shavodrick. Glad to see your keeping you sense of humor about it, playboy. :-)

What is your take on Clemson as far as how good of a football team they really are?

i love Clemson i think there a great team. but yes there overrated how do you get DESTROYED by a N.C State team?? after getting destroyed by SC i really lost confidence in them so i predict V. Tech wins 42-17

9er fans give me your mock drafts?

In 2014 who will be the starting QB's for each NFL team?

LOL at Jay Cutler not on the list. List seems legit @ Legfu: I care if there are African American quarterbacks would like to see more of them at the qb position.

Isnt it awsome! i just found a girl that really like football?

Just be ready to go on defense if she converts a play late in the 4th on a discussion of marriage. Otherwise you could a personal foul - 15 year penalty

Football: Am I the only one who thinks the Browns made out well in the Richardson trade?

Will the Miami Hurricanes win their first long awaited ACC title this year?

They shouldn't have a problem winning the Coastal Division.. They have lots of young talent. Florida St. is rebuilding.. Clemson and the NCAA sanctions are the only things that could prevent the Canes from reaching the Orange Bowl..

what teams get what qbs in the draft?

We already know Jacksonville wants Bridgewater.

What QB should the Bengals take in this upcoming draft?

lol, like your comment about dalton shriveling up. anyway, you're right, dalton is a douche, we learned that when he was grooving to his whiteboy music in the locker room on hard knocks. this year they should be the heir apparent to the division, but still they probably wont win it. so who to pick, will mccarron be available at about 20? btw marvin lewis also needs to be replaced.

Who do you think will be 2013 Heisman Trophy Finalists and why?

My finalists are: 1. Johnny Manziel- I don't really think I have to explain this pick 2. Braxton Miller- the guy's just as talented as Manziel; probably gonna go undefeated tis year again 3. Jadaveon Clowney- he can hit hard as fuck and is just an all around beast 4. Marcus Mariota- might lead Oregon to undefeated season this year; only troubeling game is against Stanford and UCLA 5. Chuckie Keeton- he's playing in a pretty bad division and he plays at Utah St. Gonna have a breakout year. He's Heisman material Left out Teddy Bridgewater, probably deserves to be in there

Two weeks from GT vs Clemson in Death Valley?

No, I do not see Georgia Tech going on the road and defeating Clemson, especially if Clemson loses to Florida State. I just do not see Clemson losing two games in a row.

Top 10 Qbs in the Draft?

Yes. You got them.

Out of the 4 who's better?

Georgia Aaron Murray QB

Who are you top 5 Heisman favorites?

If Boyd can pull off a win tonight, I think he wins the Heisman. Miller looked flat today, but still put up stats and won, so he didn't really hurt his chances. Murray isn't the best college player, but he will be a good pro QB, imho. Best player I saw today was the linebacker for Buffalo. Dude is a beast. Turn a couple plays here and there, and he beats the number 2 team in the country almost all by himself.

Does anyone have a link to Clemson's athletic all-time records?

You can probably find these records by going to the Clemson athletic website.... Good luck.....

Chick Fil-a Bowl, Who will win?

Surprise, surprise.. Clemson won 25-24.. Your team pulled it out with a FG in the last few seconds of the game.. Congrads.....

Top 10 heisman candidates? Not in order but if u want?

It's a decent list... I'll have to agree about Manziel.. He keeps this crap up he may not be considered... He may not even be playing...

what does between the hashes mean?

It's the butt crack.. That's why they call them hash marks on your skivvies....

Who is preformed the best right now?

My money is on Boyd of Clemson although the others have done well. I think he will be a force hard to beat this year in college.

HELP!!! Tajh Boyd signed my shirt. Ugh! That fatass no good football playin quarterback signed MY SHIRT!!! Ew!?

If it is so disgusting then why did you hand it over to him to be signed... I assume no one held a gun to your head did they.. If you think it is that bad then toss the shirt and get another one just like it.....

Browns-Colts trade opinions?

Quick comment on your argument. The fact that Richardson is tied with Jim Brown in that category is impressive, but I think it speaks more to the Browns' historical lack of talent than it does for Richardson's abilities. That being said this is a horrible move. The Browns are going to be a bottom 5 team anyway, and will presumably use that pick to get a QB, possibly Tajh Boyd or Teddy Bridgewater. A rookie QB needs help, and Richardson would have provided that. Now whichever poor bastard gets drafted by them is going to be thrown into a lions den. On the other side of the trade, the Colts are laughing their asses off right now. They already have the best young QB in the league (notice I didn't say best QB. I'm talking in terms of potential.) Now they add a young RB who has had success in a division with some very tough defenses, while playing for one of the worst teams in the league. The Luck-Richardson combo could prove very fun to watch.

Who do you think will win the heisman this year and why?

Collin KleinQBKansas StateSr.13110072 Kenjon BarnerRBOregonSr.11022055 AJ McCarronQBAlabamaJr.1136131 Manti Te'o LBNotre DameSr.0163230 Braxton MillerQBOhio StateSo.0132421 Johnny ManzielQBTexas A&MFr.010128 Marqise LeeWRUSCSo.000135 Tajh Boyd QBClemsonJr.000022 Teddy BridgewaterQBLouisvilleSo.000011

Who's a better QB, Matt Barkley or Andrew Luck?

Id say Luck in almost every category, but where Luck really stands out is in his ability to be mobile in the pocket, Barkley is anchored down in that pocket and when it collapses hes screwed, Luck is a play maker and a hard nosed athlete and can move from danger when in the pocket... Barkley is not as coveted as the media portrays him in my opinion, he was hardly a top 10 QB last year and I think there are still a few QBs that can easily out perform him this season like Tyler Wilson of Arkansas, Tajh Boyd of Clemson and Geno Smith of WVU

Clemson ACC 2011 title?

I think Clemson has the potential for an extremely potent offense if Tajh Boyd and his receivers (both current freshmen and incoming freshmen) click. Harper (if he returns), Ellington, and McDowell will also be a force at running back, and I think there's an incoming freshman RB who's all-everything too (Bellamy?). Not sure what the OL will look like, that will be the key--if they can't protect the QB or open up running lanes, it's gonna be a long year. We also desperately need a TE who can get open. Defense is really questionable next year, though. We're losing at least one of our best linemen in Jarvis Jenkins, and Da'Quan is all but gone. We're also losing McDaniel and some other good secondary players--and I'm really not sure there are underclassmen who are ready to fill those roles without a performance dropoff. So we'll see. Next year may be one of those years where we just have to hope our offense is powerful enough to score at will and rack up enough points to offset a weak defense. Here's to hoping. So overall, i think we have a chance at at least the Division, but it's not likely. FSU is reloading, Maryland has talent (though I'd be surprised to see them contend with a first-year coach), and if Russell Wilson comes back to NCSU they'll be a force too.

Who are the top 10 players in CFB?

Not in any particular order and according to a so called ESPN Heisman Watch: A.J. McCarron-Alabama... Marcus Mariota-Oregon Jameis Winston-Florida St.. Javelin Clowney-South Carolina Tajh Boyd-Clemson.... Derek Carr...Fresno St.. Johnny Manziel - Texas A&M... Mike Evans-Texas A&M... Teddy Bridgewater-Louisville.... Bryce Petty-Baylor....

Top college QB's? 2013-2014?

Not a big college football fan but here goes. 1. Teddy Bridgewater 2. Tajh Boyd 3. AJ McCarron 4. Johnny Manziel 5. Marcus Mariota 6. Braxton Miller 7. Aaron Murray 8. Stephen Morris 9. Logan Thomas (I like him a lot) 10. Bryan Renner

Who are your top 5 qaurterbacks of all time?

In college? Arron Murray #1 Georgia Dylan Tompson #2 USC AJ McCarron#3 Alabama Tajh Boyd#4 Clemson Marcus Mariot#5Oregon

Who in your opinion are the top QB's in CFB?

A.J. McCarron of Alabama.... Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M..... Aaron Murray of Georgia.... Tajh Boyd of Clemson.. Marcus Mariota of Oregon.... I believe David Fales is the kid you are trying to remember from San Jose St..... Hope this helps....

Quarterbacks for Ohio State?

Ohio State will have 3 QB's including Terrelle Pryor, Joe Bauserman, and Ross Oltorik, but Tressel is also pursuing Tajh Boyd for the 09 class.

Tajh Boyd to Pittsburgh?

It's possible I guess.. Big Ben is getting old...

Is Tajh Boyd of the Clemson Tigers a legitimate Heisman candidate?

He certainly could be. He has to continue to put up extraordinary numbers. With only 1 or 2 more really tough games he has to lead them through those and he gets into the conversation.

Who is best quaterback?

1. Geno Smith 2. Denard Robinson 3. tajh Boyd 4. tyler Bray 5. Jordan Rodgers 6. Conner Shaw 7. tevin Washington 8. Logan thomas 9. taylor martinez 10. Colin klein

Did Tajh Boyd commit to any college yet?

If distance is not a factor, then he will choose Oregon. A lot of kids say distance is not a factor, but they do not really mean it. But if distance is not a factor, then the offense that best suits his abilities by far is Oregon. Chip Kelly's offense speaks for its self. Ohio St. has a boring offense and is more known for its great defense. If he visits Clemson, I would not count out Clemson. That being said, if he wants to play and win lots of games then it should be an easy decision. Oregon Ducks.

When do you say Tajh Boyd will commit and where?

on signing day. and ill say osu. and you proably wont hear inside scoop. most people that actually know won't give out scoop for the player's sake

To any Mountaineer football fans, can someone tell me who this kid is?

The QB they got was Tajh Boyd, they also got a commitment from a WR Logan Heastie.

Do you think Clemson QB Tajh Boyd will win the Heisman?

He should be in the conversation, but he probably won't win it. For one, he'll get serious competition from his own teammate Sammy Watkins. For another, voters seem to have a problem with giving consideration to Clemson players with Heisman potential--note the low votes for CJ Spiller his senior year, when the dude was making jaw dropping plays in literally every game he played in.

my three favorite qb's are tajh boyd, aj mccarron, and teddy bridgewater.?

Teddy Bridgewater is the top QB on just about everybody's Mock Draft right now, that's who I'd go with, Boyd isn't far behind him though & McCarron will probably be a late 1st Round or early 2nd Round Pick

Who do you like to win the Heisman this year?

I think Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins are both great players, but the likeliness of them winning isn't very high compared to some players like Luck and Richardson. We can always hope for Tajh (who is moving up in the polls) and before their careers are over, I would imagine Boyd and Watkins would be pretty close to (if not) winning it.

Who will land Tajh Boyd?

i think he will choose clemson even though i would love him to come to ohio state

Teddy bridgewater vs tajh boyd who better at quarterback?

I think Bridgewater has the better chance of playing in the pros than Boyd....

Teddy bridgewater vs tajh boyd?

You won't find your target audience by choosing Australian Football as a category as opposed to American football. Nevertheless, I'll give you some feedback. Firstly to Westerner, the Louisville Cardinals are a college team, the Arizona Cardinals are an NFL team (it does get confusing). I would take Bridgewater as he is the more sure-fire prospect as a polished pocket passer. I also personally prefer pocket passing QBs. Boyd certainly has the athleticism of the zone read quarterbacks now infiltrating the league in the same mould of Kaepernick and Newton, with a good arm as well. I think this will end up being Luck Vs RG3 2.0 with Bridgewater finishing the higher of the two and maybe above Clowney who will simply drop due to the unrealistic pre-season expectations. Either way, the teams who draft both will probably have found franchise quarterbacks