How to make tagged photos from the past show up on the correct year on Timeline?

you can change the date if you want explained here

How can i stop friends from viewing photos I was tagged in on Facebook?

you need to change your settings to friends only

Tagged pictures at the top of facebook profile: How do I change them?


How do I make my tagged facebook pictures public again?

Just visit your privacy options from your facebook account. View the "How Tags Work" section and change the option as per your requirement and see the change happening on your facebook account. If you are satisfied with this answer then reply back.

How do I remove a tagged picture on myspace?

You should be able to go to, Edit photos, Click on the Move/Delete button! Then delete it that way, If that dont work, edit albums and delete it that way!

How to set it where everyone can see your tagged photos on facebook?

It atomattically goes on the news feed and say you tagged --- in your photo.

Can I block certain friends from seeing certain tagged pics on facebook?

u can change the privacy settings for each album alone from here of course u need to be the owner of the album to do so. other wise, remove ur tag from the pics like he said in the above answer

How many trees have been tagged in the whole world?

120,000,000,000,00000,00000000 TREES..... I PERSONALLY COUNTED ONE FINE DAY WHEN I HAD NO WORK...

How do I hide things my friends are tagged in on Facebook?

you would have to unsubscribe from person XXX's updates

How can I make tagged photos of myself on Facebook private?

go to your privacy settings , & go to " how tag works " . then on ' maximum timeline visibility ' you can change the privacy to " me only " .

How do you hide tagged photos of you on facebook?

Whenever you clicked on the tagged photo of yourself it should say somewhere "remove from profile"

How do I unhidde tagged photos on facebook timeline?

How do I stop friends from commenting on tagged photos of me by different people?

How to make the tagged photos in groups visible on profiles?

50 tags are the Maximum tags on facebook.

How to block all people from seeing your tagged photos and/or wall on facebook?

yu cant in new fb

How do I hide tagged pics on Facebook while letting pictures I post up show on my timeline?

you cannot hide tagged photos, you can only remove the tag

How do I keep people from commenting on a photo I tagged on Facebook?

you cannot prevent people from commenting on something

How do I share tagged photos of me on Facebook with my own friends?

Save them to your computer then upload them.

How can I get rid of the tagged photos panel on my facebook profile?

What is the time frame for a vehicle that was tagged and then towed by management of an apartment complex?

How to get tagged pictures into your photo album?

Go to edit section of the pictures and then at the bottom of the pic should be a link saying start tagging. Just tag the pic to the user it gives you.

How to block people from seeing tagged pictures on facebook?

that is not possible - you can only remove the tag

If you tag yourself in pictures, would people who are already tagged get a notification?

On the new Facebook profiles, is it still possible to hide your tagged pics from others?

Hello! This recently has become a very common question, and for good reason. Fortunately, Facebook has taken this into consideration when designing the updated profile. After deciding to switch to the new design, ALL of your privacy settings remain the same - including those associated with your photos. What this means in relation to the new feature of the five tagged photos being showcased on your profile page is that only those who you allow to view your tagged photos will be able to see them. If you have settings that prohibit certain people viewing tagged photos, the photos featured will instead be replaced by the album pictures that you allow to be public instead. In the case of your settings reflecting a choice of not allowing ANYONE to see your tag photos, the same scenario (album photos being featured) applies to EVERYONE. In reference to your question about the privacy settings, Facebook has made it completely clear that their current user privacy preferences were unaffected in this change. Hope this helps! :)

How to block tagged pictures of someone else from my news feed on facebook?

Why don't you just delete her?

How do you delete multiple tagged photos of you on facebook at once?

sorry, one by one is the only way to do it

How do you hide the tagged photos on facebook but not the tagged photos posted on your wall?

you cant.

How do you add a tagged page onto your Tumblr page?

Oh it's simple! :) Well, make sure that you have all of the pictures of yourself tagged as "me" and then you just do a regular link code! If you need the code go here: You can just copy and paste that code into your description! All you'll need to change is 'yourtumblr' to your actual URL. Also, you can change "My Face" to whatever you want it to say when people click on it! If you still need help, message me and I'll further help you! :)

How do I hide my tagged pictures on Facebook from a few people on the newest setting?

Easy most f your picture albums privacy settings are one setting for every picture in that album but one or two albums such as your Mobil upload album has an individual privacy setting you are able to choose for each picture , when choosing privacy settings you are given the option " custom" ... Choose that setting and decide who you eat to hide the pictures from.

How do you remove the tagged picture line off of your Facebook profile?

How do you hide your tagged photos from certain people or lists on the newest version of Facebook?

Go to the Facebook homepage (see Resources below) and log in to your account. 2 Click on the "Settings" link at the top of the Facebook homepage and go to the "Privacy Settings." 3 Choose to customize the "Profile" options. 4 Scroll down to the "Photos Tagged of You" section and click on the "Edit Custom Settings" option. 5 Choose "None of My Networks" from the drop-down menu to hide all photo albums that you are tagged in. 6 Click "Okay" to save your new security settings.

How do I prevent my tagged notes from showing up on my personal Wall on facebook?

When it asks you to Publish or Share the note, you click on Cancel or Skip or whatever. If you do not share or publish, it won't show up on your wall =) If this doesn't work (which would be weird), go on your wall & click on Remove post.

How do you delete pictures that you were tagged in in facebook?

To remove the tag from a photo that someone else has uploaded and tagged you in, simply view the photo, and then choose "remove tag" at the bottom next to your name. The photo will no longer be linked to your profile. Please note that if you tag a user in a photo that you did not upload, you cannot remove or edit the tag. Only the owner of the photo and the tagged user will be able to do so. Please note that you can set your notifications so that you always know when someone tags you or one of your photos. You can control this setting from the "Notifications" tab on the Account Settings page.

How do you hide a tagged picture on facebook?

Hey Yade No, this is not possible - I think so. If you do not want certain people to see them then you must remove your tag or either block those people who may not see the tagged pictures. Sorry to say but that is how it is ;) Regards

How do I move tagged pictured to an album on facebook?

How do you make tagged photos from facebook normal when you print them out?

Ask your friends to email it to you. They are reduced for FB when they are uploaded, so there's no way to get around it other than having them emailed to you.

How do I make all my tagged photos private on fb?

How do I make tagged posts visible on my wall?

Change "Photos Tagged of You" to "Customize" and select "Only You". The friend who tagged you will still be able to see it.

How do you block only certain tagged photos of yourself from facebook but not others?

I'm pretty sure they've added a remove tag feature recently.

How to hide tagged photos from certain people on Facebook?

Control Your Default Privacy This setting will apply to status updates and photos you post to your profile from a Facebook app that doesn't have the inline audience selector, like Facebook for Blackberry. Friends of Friends Friends( tick ) Custom

How can you save a tagged photo from myspace?

right mouse click and click "set as background"

How do I make tagged photos private without making location tags private?

there is no way around it

How do I block comments to tagged facebook photos?

Account ---> Privacy settings ---> Sharing on Facebook ---> Customize settings ---> Things others share ---> Can comment on posts Includes status updates, friends' Wall posts, and photos ---> Customize ---> Save changes Click the Preview my Profile button

How can I make photos I have been tagged in on Facebook private without blocking tagging all together?

How to remove tagged photos on your facebook wall without actually de-tagging yourself?

after tagging yourself just remove the post in the wall you said it shows individually so on the straight ot that right side a cross mark will be shown so if you click it that post will remove from wall means alert but the photos remain there

How do you make the tagged pictures on tumblr only go to the tagged page instead of you actual page?

Not sure if these will help: How to link tagged posts: Adding a Tag List to your Tumblr Sidebar: How to tag your answers : Ron

How do you keep tagged photos private but other tags such as check-ins public in Facebook?

no, that isnt possible

How do I make tagged pictures on facebook viewable to all my friends?

If they are your photos, then you can go to your privacy settings and change your photo settings. If they are not your photos, then you can't do anything--the owner of the photo's privacy settings are what is keeping them out.

Tagged ???

Got me there..when you find out pass it on this way


it may just be that ur computer is messed up. my computer doesnt show the photo comments. if it's not ur computer, send a msg to customer support.