Syracuse basketball jersey? this is the only site i could find

Syracuse University has only one official school color; orange. What other college has only one official one

North Texas Mean Green. Their colour is green.

How would I get to NYC if a friend is driving to Syracuse?

Well, taking I 81, while the easiest route with the least traffic, is not going to get you close to NYC, unless you take Amtrak from Washington DC. But, if you could at least persuade your friend to drop you off in Philadelphia you can take the train from there, and the drive to Syracuse from Philadelphia is not a bad one. The problem with going up I 95 closer to NYC is that there is traffic. Bad traffic. I'm not sure your friend will appreciate it!

I have an orange Carmelo Anthony Syracuse jersey. Any takers?

It's not the same. He is giving the Nuggets a chance to get something for him. He's a free agent after this season and could leave then without the Nuggets getting anything. Im sure the Cavs WISH Lebron would have given them that option.

where can i find a white syracuse non-fitted hat with an orange S that is not wool?

If you are at SU, try Manny's. Nike makes tons of SU stuff.

is Syracuse still in the big east championships?

good luck

Why did Syracuse university change their name?

Because it was OrangeMEN and they felt that it should be gender neutral. OrangWOMEN sounded lame so they went with Orange. Edit: Also Nike had a hand in it: Say goodbye to the Orangemen -- and the Orangewomen. From now on, Syracuse University's athletic teams will be known simply as the Orange (the color presumably, not the fruit) and have the same logo, an interlocking SU. The school announced the change as part a result of the identity design program recently completed with partner Nike. “The goal of the project is to create a very clean, refined and unique identity that by design fuses elements of the past with the aesthetic values of the future,” said Christopher McClure, creative director for Nike Team Sports. “We want to respect the past and represent the future.” Nike has been working on the idea for two years and presented it to Syracuse for consideration. SU consulted with the men’s and women’s basketball coaches, men’s lacrosse coach, and football coach about the change. The new Orange will sport an orange that is a bit brighter and a blue that is slightly darker. Helmets design will not change. No word yet on how long before the new Syracuse logo appears in stores. OK, to the idiot who claimed it was a Native American issue, please cite a source, any source to support that.

Where can I buy a Syracuse lacrosse jersey? Im referring to the orange/white one that they wear on gameday.?

Check out the Syracuse bookstore: If they don't sell it online, call and ask

anywhere i can watch all the 2003 ncaa mens championship run for syracuse?


why did the university of syracuse change their name from orangemen to just the orange?

It was done in part as a way to save money, and build brand awareness. Before the change, women's teams were called the Orangewomen and the various athletic teams had their own logos. (Such as the football team having an interlocking SU and the basketball team having a stylized S in a baskeball) The name Orange is gender neutral, and now all SU sports use the same block "S" logo. As for the other responses, The named wasn't changed because it was considered racist, because it's origin had nothing to do with race. In 1890 the school colors were changed from rose pink and pea green to orange and blue, and because we were the only team to have orange uniforms at the time the name Orangemen stuck. What was racist though was our old mascot the Saltine Warrior, who the local Onondaga Indians found offensive because he acted like a wild man and were insulted by his behavior. He was retired in the 70's and eventually replaced by Otto the Orange when other attempts to come up with a new mascot failed.

My Syracuse Orange beat ND!!!?


About how much would it cost to ship a 1994 Jeep Cherokee from Orange County, CA to Syracuse, NY?

My grandparents had their Caddy sent to Florida from D.C. via train don't know the cost but I think it was around $300-400 dollars. Might be an option for you if there are stations.

2001 Duke Blue Devils vs. 2012 Syracuse Orange?

The best college basketball team ever assembled? I don't think so. Try John Wooden's UCLA teams.

Syracuse Orange Basketball...?

maybe sweet 16 or elite 8. depnds on flynn's performance

Will Syracuse finish top 3 in the ACC for basketball?

Syracuse will not move 2 the ACC until 2012 so its hard say. You would have 2 look each teams roster and make that determination after this season. You would have 2 see if the best players stay in school for each team and who would have the best recruiting class.

Watch Colgate Raiders vs Syracuse Orange Live Streaming Free NCAA Football - September 25, 2010?

Stop posting these.

What Syracuse Orange players will go into the NBA?

i went to high school with johnny flynn and paul harris, they were nasty. NFHS was second in the nation two years ago I vote them

do any1 think the orange of syracuse haS a great chance of winning the big east & march madness tourney OF 09?

no chance of winning it all. there are quite a few teams that can beat them and in the tourney its one and down if you lose. so one slip up and you are gone. if UNC doesnt slip up in the tourney they are winning it all unless a great team just out plays. i wish Duke wins it

hoiw much does syracuse orange rock your world cuse fans?

Not a Syracuse fan but I really enjoyed watching them play these last few games. They have showed a lot of heart and intensity. I think they are going to win the Big East tournament.

Who's better Oklahoma Sooners or Syracuse Orange?

Blake Griffin and Willie Warren are great. But my favorite team is Syracuse and i cant go against them. So Syracuse all the way. Its gonna be a great game though.

looking for a name of a Basket ball player in championship Syracuse Orange ladies basketball?

23 Amanda Adamson 34 Sara Antolick F-C 6-3 Fr (1V) 21 Jenny Eckhart G 5-9 Fr (HS) 25 Tracy Harbut G 5-11 Jr (2V) 3 Cintia Johnson G 5-4 Fr (HS) 50 Keri Laimbeer F 6-2 Fr (HS) 44 Lina Lisnere F-C 6-4 Fr (HS) 4 Ashley Mcmillen G 6-0 Fr (HS) 32 Jill Norton C 6-2 Sr (3V) 33 Mary Joe Riley G 5-9 So (1V) 14 Vaida Sipaviciute C 6-4 So (1V) 31 Brittany Smith

syracuse orange lacrosse twin bros.?

You are talking about Paul and Gary Gait. They were not black but they did go pro after graduating college. Both played for a variety of teams throughout their pro careers. Gary was a better player than his brother, and is widely regarded as the Wayne Gretzky of lacrosse. The last I heard of either of them, they were involved with the pro lacrosse team in Rochester and at some point one of them was coaching at Syracuse.

How about those Syracuse Orange?

Welcome back buddy. @kalliemallie- I think that pears are more cute. WHAT THE F*CK KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?

2012-2013 syracuse orange football predictions?

8-4 with losses to Northwestern, Pittsburgh, USF and Missouri

which syracuse orange players are wearing or have woren the number 13?


Will greg paulus be a Member of the Syracuse Orange on NCAA football 10?

syracuse sucks yes he will

What Year did the Syracuse Orangemen/Orange win their National Championship in Football?

they won in 1959

Syracuse Orange Spring Game Impressive?

I'm a former CNY resident who missed it, had to sit through ASU's in Tempe yesterday instead. It appears that Coach M is taking an honest, hard-nosed approach with G-Rob's boys. Glad to see that they are working on third and long situations, my guess is they'll see many of those again this year. Glad to see early recruits are committing to SU also!

How much did you think the orange of syracuse rock the big east tourney last night by winning in 6 overtimes?

WVU did the same thing last night as well.

Did the Syracuse Orange used to be called the Syracuse Orangemen?

YES. and........ In 1971, after a year of discussions with the Onondaga Nation, Syracuse University eliminated their the use of a Saltine Warrior as their mascot.

Does anyone think that the Syracuse orange will make it to the NCAA tournament?

The Orange have a good chance of going to the NCAA but they will have to finish over .500 in their conference. Although they lost, the Georgetown game should help the Orange chances and their confidence.

picture of an orange with syracuse stamped on it?

I would suggest googling it....

How about those Syracuse Orange, Does anyone really think Gerry McNamarra is overated?

G Mac has pulled the Orange out of the fire more than once,even has a National Championship under his belt. He's a good clutch shooter.

how much can i get for a 2003 syracuse orange national championship signed basketball framed on a stand?

What up todd close, i guess it depends on where you sell it. Ebay or a sports memorbillia collector would be the best way to get a gauge. Nickster

Did the Syracuse Orange get any great 5 star recruits this year?

nope unfortunately we didn't get anybody 4 stars or better

Who will be the next Syracuse Orange football coach?

Any decision will most likely be made after the season at the college level. If the Pres. wants him gone, he already has some names in mind.

Do you think the Syracuse Orange are going to win the national title this year?

they have a good chance but they still have yet 2 start conference play yet. they could go 5-11 vs. big east.

How do you think SYRACUSE ORANGE will do in the NCAA's?

Absolutely see them winning! With 6 OT's and one the next night they were just over worked when they lost Sat nights game. Paul Harris, Johnny Flynn, Rautins and Devendorf make the team this year and its gonna happen. With the whole city of Syracuse and all of the suburbs behind them it'll be an Orange out! (thats what we call it here) They have it this year! GO ORANGE!!

What needs to happen to bring Syracuse Orange Football back to prominence?

Syracuse really only needs to improve 4 things: 1. The offense 2. The defense 3. Special teams 4. Coaching

Will the Syracuse Orange show any improvement with Doug Marrone as coach?

The Greg Paulus thing really bothers me. When someone who hasn't played football for 4 years (I think that's right) beats out two guys who played last year, you've got problems. I wouldn't count on much this season.

Who likes the New York Yankees? Do you like the Buffalo Bills? Do you like the Syracuse Orange?


What's the deal on the name Syracuse Orange vs Syracuse Orangemen?

The ESPN reporter screwed up. The official name for Syracuse teams is the Orange as of 2004.

Syracuse Orange Basketball game in Tampa. Is there a bar where Orange fans gather before the game?

Was wondering the same thing. Last time I went to see them at USF we went to Gators Dockside on Fowler before the game and there was a lot of Orange there. Like you said, different location. Im wondering if Hooters in the Chanelside district might be decent before the game. Something in that area would be ideal.

What is Syracuse Orange record in NCAA First Round basketball games played on Friday nights?

That's a good question. My guess it that their winning percentage is around .500.

Where can I buy a Syracuse Orange Basketball Jersey?

I just bought one off the bandwagon

How good will the Syracuse Orange be Next Year?

and don't forget Donte Green and Johnny Flinn. In other words, explosive and dynamic. With HIbbert going to the draft, You have to put them as Big East favorites ---- if Devendorf stays healthy, because he is the nucleus and key swingman on the team.

Can someone help me find a Syracuse Orange lacrosse jersey on the internet?

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Does the Syracuse Orange owens New York City in ncaa Basketball?

A lot of New Yorkers like Uconn, too, and they lit up MSG last season. They're like tied with 'Cuse.

Where can I find a uniform store/provider who can design a jersey like the Syracuse Orange's, mainly the short?

idk walmart? DO YOU EVEN LIVE NEAR SYRACUSE? or the walmart in syracuse cuz i l go to a walmart in this one town where they have a college and they have all the colors of that college and even some college apparel

Syracuse Orange..?

this is the basketball section