What kind of swivel does Manny Pacquiao have on his speed bag?

Ringside or Title boxing...Grant Super swivel

Where is the best place to buy swivel snaps (in bulk) for lead ropes?

ebay. check for wholesale hardware. you can usually get them pretty cheap.

How well do the Swivel Sweepers that you see advertised on tv work?

yEAH MY mom, aunty, and uncle bought the swivel sweeper it works sooo good ! Yuh can just buy it at yuhr local mall Myrvyn's sels them still i think ! They can carry glass, lint, thumbtacks, pins, paperclips, hair, pet hair ! Works on tile and carpet. And yuh need to charge it only for like 1 or 2 hours and it works long its so LIGHT too ! You can even boss your lil sister,bro,cuzzin to clean cuz its so easy and light and no extension cords your FREE And aalso Just after using it take the hair on the brushes under the swivel sweeper so yuh can keep it for a long time and it wnt git tangeled ! website:: www.Swivelsweeper.com ^^official website

How reliable is a Lenovo IdeaPad Swivel Screen?

How do I raise the height of a swivel chair?

It would help to see the chair. I dont believe that part controls the height of the chair. Typically it is a gas cylinder with either a leaver under the seat or piece of the seat. There are chairs that you spin to adjust height but considering your chair is massaging and heating, i would assume it is raised and lowered with the gas cylinder. If the gas cylinder is not working it may not be making a good connection. (when you pull the lever it pushes a button on the top of the gas cylinder which causes it to raise/lower) If you put the chair together yourself I would make sure that the gas cylinder is pushed all the way into the under chair bracket. Otherwise contact the manufacturer and they should send you the replacement part.

What is the best versatile swivel design camera to get? We currently have an outdated Nikon Coolpix 4500.?

my suggestion go to this link for help http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-camera-buying-guide/ http://www.sears.com/shc/s/dap_10153_12605_DAP_Holiday+Splurge+Camera?adCell=W3 http://www.bestbuy.com/site//olspage.jsp?id=pcmcat157400050015&type=category http://www.adorama.com/alc/

who manfactures the swivel sweeper?

http://www.asseenontv.com/prod-pages/swivel_sweeper.html There you go!!

I have an 84 camaro berlinetta and I'd like to install an in-dash cd player but mine came with a swivel radio?

see if they make an adapitor plate that fits the hole and turns it into a single din stereo hole.go to wall mart to the car audio area and tell them the yr make and model of your car and they can tell you if they have it. if not any audio installer will give you this infomation they make these for many other installations.hope this helps.a dash kit adapitor,its about 18 bucks.hope this helps you out.

When fishing with spoons should I use a Swivel?

I would use a swivel-so no controversy from me, lol ive been adding a swivel for years, its makes it a lot easier to fish with as changing spinners is quick and simple, ive found the difference between using them and not using them to be very little.

How do I put a swivel on a TV I want to hang on the wall??

purchase one from Target and it swivels around But make sure you get one that fits a 42 inch tv and check your wall for the studs

Where can I find a swivel screen laptop?

Something like this one http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/pcw_page.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0037827737.1240160241@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccfgadegmlhkfehcflgceggdhhmdgml.0&page=ProductList&category_oid=-27757&show_all=true#(any):(any):3%20GB:(any):(any):400:1900:PageNo_0:SortOrder_DOWN

How to make a swivel cord not swivel!?

Besides dogs, tape is a wo/man's best friend(:

I need to know how to work my swivel beltclip for my phone.I ordered one from ebay with no directions?

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what is a good jogging stroller (with swivel wheel) for almost 4yr old?

How to lock swivel wheels on a stroller?

Which stroller is it? Do you have the instruction manual? There is usually a little lever just above the back of each front wheel that you can step on to click on and off. You can have the wheels set straight or swivel. Actually, once baby's in there it is easier to push in swivel mode. Good luck

How can I make a passenger seat in my Chevy S10 swivel for handicap access?

73-77 Chevelle, Laguna and Monte Carlo's had a swivel bucket seat option--my 75 had em. You could try doing a web search for them or try some local salvage yards and see if they can locate one for you. Only other thing I can think of would be a swivel boat seat mount---some shop would have to fabricate a mounting plate for it either way and the car swivel seat has the feature of locking in forward facing position whereas the boat seat swivel may not---not sure if anyone will do it because of liability laws but some handicap conversion company might.

Which knot should you use when tying a trace wire to a swivel?

The Grinner knot is an excellent choice. I have had the best luck using Surflon-Micro Supreme Wire (see link and info below.) You may also use the half-blood knot or half blood 2. A description of how to tie it may be found in this link: http://www.sea-fishing.org/Fishing_Knots.html This is the leader material I am referring to: http://www.cabelas.com/fryprod-0/product--Surflon-Micro-Supreme-Wire--741794.uts.shtml Great for use when fishing for toothy fish. Nylon-coated, miniature, 49-strand stainless steel wire that is extremely flexible and kink resistant. Conventional knots (clinch, uni-knot, nail, etc.) can be used to make all necessary attachments. Low stretch and high sensitivity allow quick hooksets.

Where can I find swivel lanyard or hook snaps?

McMaster-Carr in Chicago will have that. Shop their hardware catalog on line

do I have to buy a swivel if I want to hang a heavy bag?

Do you know how to work with wood or how to weld? If not you can probably get a good hook from your hardware store and just bend it closed and hang it from a rafter or somethin.....it will do the same thing

Do these brand of Televisions have a swivel stand?

The Samsung has a swivel base. Probably 15 to 25 degrees either way.

How can I identify an antique rolling swivel chair that I own ,if the little brass plates on the back are miss?

The F-FDTL was established in February 2001 and currently comprises two small infantry battalions, a small Naval Component and several supporting units It has a medium sized body (17–27 millimetres or 0.7–1.1 inches), which is dull black with a long, yellow petiole (waist).

What is the advantage of swivel front casters on a self propelled lawn mower?

tighter turns

What are the steps to a swing dance side swivel?

Dance moves have different names, so I am not sure I know exactly what move you want to work on. If you just want to work on the basic follow swivel step that happens at the end/beginning of a lindy whip, you can look here:http://www.idance.net/movedetail.php?clip_id=267 This is a great site that shows hundreds of moves. They have four free ones a day. There's a lot of great stuff for follows. Basically, the follow starts the swivel on the &8 of the previous move and does three swivels (on the 1 and 2 of the next whip). The first swivel is with the right foot turned out to the right. Get your hips into it. then the left foot points left, while the right foot pivots. Finally, the right foot steps right, while the left foot pivots. It's hard to teach with text. You should really have someone show you. For the ultimate swivels, check out Jewel McGowan on youtube. You are supposed to move your hips like her. She's amazing. This is a good one but watch them all (there aren't that many): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDeJHvEwUIE

How to attach speed bag to a Swivel?

http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/everlast-worldwide_1930_38560766 ^If its that one all you need is a pair of pliers. The little metal thing on the side comes off.

Where can I get a clear acrylic swivel chair?

i think its gonna run you more than 100 dllars . sorry to say try craigs list or give nextag dot com or ebay a shot this isn't a common thing you see every day hope you luck out _ i think its gonna be tough (i could be wrong)

How to fix a squeaky swivel chair?

Yes, use WD-40. Put the chair on some newspapers or somewhere where dripping oil wouldn't harm or stain the floor underneath, then spray generously. Work the moving parts to get the WD-40 worked in well. Wipe off any excess with a cloth or paper towel. Just use plenty at first to let it soak in.

Where could I find an old Mcdonalds booth with two swivel chairs?

ebay! if that dose not work. look aroung at local auctions that kind of stuff comes up all thin time.

How do you attach the UTG Tactical Op Bipod to swivel stud?

First off, make sure you tighten up your rail screws frequently and you won't have a problem with the bipod falling off. If you have all the correct pieces, it should be pretty intuitive. Alternatively, I would look up the instruction manual online, you'll probably find a pdf file of it. Otherwise, I would try bringing just the rail and the stud to Home Depot or somewhere similar, they might be able to help you out quickly and practically. Good luck!

I have a Hand carved Cheval Mirror and i need to find very decorative swivel ?

I'm currently building a Cheval mirror and ordered the hardware you are looking for from "houseofantiquehardware.com." Very nice selection

Is there a wall mount swivel arm that will carry a load that is greater than 50pds?

I see them used all the time with 40 inch TV sets....You sure they're not rated 50 Kg? (110 lbs) Look them up online....

How do I mount a 42" plasma tv with a swivel mount when I have single wood studs?

i hang TVS for a living and you can cut open a rectangle out so you have access to 2 different stubs the u use a a 2by 6 and screw it into both studs then mount the swivel mount onto the 2 by 6 that way its grabbing both studs i can draw it out email me at jackzworld@aol.com

Are swivel sweepers as great as they show on TV?

no it just smears the dirt and dust around especially on wood floors does ok on linoleum

How do I put my speed bag on the Everlast Professional Swivel?

Scroll down and check out the section "Chain Link Swivel" on this website: http://www.speedbagcentral.com/ssp/speedbag_swivels I followed that advice and was able to change speed bags fairly easily on that swivel. But if you don't have the retaining ring pliers, then you are just going to have to spread one end of the locking pin with a small screw driver and then use you hands to remove it, once you get the hang of it it is pretty easy.

Best way to attach swivel studs to my 12 gauge?

u can do it ureself but if u don't know what ur doing u will mess it up...... my advice would b call ur local gunsmiths and get a price adn see what they will charge u to do it....then determine if by u doing it if its worth risking messing up ur gun....if it is go for it if not take it to gunsmith..... basically would base it on what u paid for gun + what gunsmith gonna charge u...... if say u bought gun used for 150 and gunsmith wants 200 to do work then would tell u to risk trying it ureself..... btw look in u-tube there are some videos on how to put on swivels......also u can search google for instructions...

What is a swivel on a jogging stroller?

A jogger without a swivel means the front wheel is fixed. If you plan on running or using it on uneven surfaces, no problem. If you want to use it as a daily stroller as well, get one that has a locking front wheel that you can release for light walks or lock for running.

How and where on my fishing line do I tie a swivel on?

I use swivels between my fishing line and my leader. I use an improved cinch for most of the knots I tie. You can learn knots here: http://www.netknots.com/html/fishing_knots.html

What is the name of the ab swivel chair?

a chair has a name wow

How do I attach the Front Sling Swivel to my Echo 1 Platinum M4?


How could I make a pipe swivel on a pipe parallel to it?

look for something like this http://www.harborfreight.com/air-tools/air-accessories/1-8-eighth-inch-x-1-4-quarter-inch-z-swivel-flexible-hydraulic-connector-91880.html

How do I make a water swivel for a water well drill?

You might make it down 6 ft, thats it. Not enough power and your shaft is way too small.

What kind of knots should I use on my swivel?

Use a Palomar knot for everything, the swivel and the hook. http://www.animatedknots.com/palomar/index.php?LogoImage=LogoGrog.jpg&Website=www.animatedknots.com And I think you're both thinking CLINCH.

what do I need to pay attention to a swivel jogger before buying?

Check the instructions of which ever models you are looking at. Some of these three wheel models are not meant for jogging. For instance, the Jeep three wheeler plainly says not to use it as a jogger. The swivel wheel is not stable enough for jogging.

What is the best swivel wall mount for a LCD TV?

Try this http://www.eHDMI.com/mounts.html

has anyone got the new swivel sweeper?

yes and it actually works great . Does pick up all even dog hair which is one of the toughest things to pick up . I love it great .

What type of swivel connector can be used to make a spinning 1/2 in diameter copper pole?

You sound pretty competent. You must have a ball bearing swivel if your spinner is to move in light winds, and probably the easiest to get is a bicycle hub or pram or wheelchair hub from a discarded vehicle. You will have to attach the spinner arm to the hub, maybe making up a plate which bolts to the old spoke holes and then bolts to the spinner arm. The axle will be threaded so make up a matching threaded socket to fit into (or over) the top of your pole and pin it to stop the thread unwinding if the wind blows the wrong way. You could do it the other way - bolt the spoke holes to the pole with three small right angle brackets and put the axle through the spinner arm and pin it which might be easier. Can't tell without seeing the job.

how do you make a recliner chair swivel?

Put the recliner on a large "Lazy Susan" and go at it! Other than that I don't see any "easy" way to do this!

What is the cheapest digital camera with a swivel LCD screen?

Below is a link that lists current model digital cameras with a swivel LCD screen. Hope this helps. Mark

How to take apart a chain link swivel and put it back together?


What is a small swivel barrel for a floating rig?

Go to the freshwater section, get the smallest swivel they have. sand fleas, minnows, other baitfish are the best. preferably live bait. use a number 3 live bait hook - the small 3- and float it around rocks and piers and such.

Paintball: Swivel fittings connected to bottomline will work?

Yep, you can. In fact, swivel is easier to deal with.